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Updated · May 25, 2022

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Do you need to generate a lot of content quickly while also focusing on SEO keywords and interlinking? Are you an avid WordPress user looking to streamline the uploading process? Then this service might be exactly what you’re looking for. Check out its offer in our detailed SEO Content Machine review below.
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Image & video scraper, multiple languages, bulk article creator, ReCaptcha breaker
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  • Multiple languages
  • Bulk article creation
  • Image & video scraping
  • Patchwork articles
  • Inaccurate content

Online, content is everything. With so much stiff competition out there, though, and the time it takes to write an article, automation is a good idea.

The best way to do it? AI content generators.

In this SEO Content Machine review, we examine a solution with a major focus on bulk content scraping. It gathers information from other articles and shapes it into numerous SEO-optimized pages in a fraction of the time it’d take you manually.

What Is SEO Content Machine?

SEO Content Machine is a piece of AI writing software in the form of a lightweight desktop app. It allows you to enter keywords in order to gather bulk content from Google and Bing. It also finds relevant images and videos for you to use.

You can then use this data to generate automatic articles and create a schedule for the program to upload them to your WordPress site. We cover these and other features in more detail below in the SEO Content Machine review.

SEO Content Machine Pricing Plans


One month of full access and updates.


All the features with updates for three months.


A year’s access to all features, plus updates.


Lifetime access to the program and a full year of updates. Past the first year, updates cost an additional $80 a year. Still, this is the cheapest of the SEO Content Machine plans in the long run.

What’s more, you can try SEO Content Machine at no charge for three days. No billing information is needed.

SEO Content Machine Best Features

SEO Content Machine has a host of features. We tested all of them and gathered the best ones here for you. Let’s get into the rundown.

Article Downloader

The article downloader, divided into a static and a dynamic page scraper, allows you to download entire articles. You can enter URLs to target concrete pieces or use the URL scraper to find others. Use keywords to feed the article rewriting tool.

Better yet, the program comes with a built-in ReCaptcha breaker to bypass Google captchas and access content. It runs on tokens that you can buy for $10 for 1,250 or $40 for 5,000.

If you’re out of tokens, the scrapers will simply ignore captcha-protected pages or look elsewhere if a bot-check is triggered.

Mass Article Creator

The mass article creator lets you generate a bulk set of articles.

You simply have to input keywords and the program will sift the web for related content. The SEO Content Machine text writer will then patch together pieces of various lengths. You can stipulate whether you want it to include lists, tweets, etc.

We noticed that the articles vary in terms of relevance to the topic and writing style. Too few or too many keywords lead to a lot of off-topic content. We elaborate more on this later in our SEO Content Machine review.

Writing Assistant

The assistant works similarly to the mass creator, except it focuses on a single article. It generates content based on keywords, copy/pasted text, or your own writing. Additionally, it lets you filter chunks of text by keyword or remove certain keywords entirely.

As part of our research, we conducted a little experiment. We fed the writing assistant keywords broadly related to a particular gaming console, along with others related to specific older games.

It appeared that the artificial intelligence behind the content scraper prioritized newer results at the cost of accuracy. The generated content mentioned the older games, but also discussed others, released near the end of the console’s life cycle.

The SEO Content Machine language processing tool is good at rough collection. However, you’ll need to make a lot of adjustments to narrow down the important material.

Media Scrapers

The program has two media scrapers—one for images and another for videos. The results, retrieved, of course, through keywords, are very accurate. Both tools are pretty good at avoiding copyrighted and NSFW material, but to different extents.

While SEO Content Machine reviews the media thoroughly, some NSFW results managed to slip through the image scraper.

On the contrary, the video scraper successfully avoided NSFW content, but some copyrighted material showed up. The material in question, however, was promotional footage, which is available for fair use.

WordPress Poster

The WordPress poster lets you upload content generated by the SEO Content Machine text writer directly to your WP sites.

The process is streamlined—you just have to save the article you want to upload, select where the headline should be drawn from, and schedule a time.

This method works well for simple blog-style articles. For more complicated formats, you’re better off exporting the file and uploading it to WordPress manually.

Spin and Translate

This feature lets you translate articles from one language to another and then run them through the article rewriter software. The platform works with several spinner tools and translator engines. The latter include Google, Bing, and Yandex, among others.

Translations are far from perfect, though.

If you’ve ever used popular online translators, you know what to expect. The gist of the message usually is clear enough, but you’ll have to review the content to fix the grammar and syntax. Scraper

With the help of the Wayback Machine, this scraper lets you reclaim content that’s no longer available on live online databases.

It’s very simple to use. All you need to do is select the domains you want to extract pages from or use specific URLs. Then, choose the time period you want to search.

This is a handy addition to the SEO Content Machine essay writing tool. Instead of simply rewriting articles, you can use old content removed from the web and give it new life.

What We Disliked

While SEO Content Machine is good for mining content by zoning in on keywords, we do have some concerns about the quality of its output and writing style.

Patchwork Articles

The articles produced by the program are very patchwork.

We often found they are simply a mash-up of guides, reviews, and general blog pieces. The program also doesn’t just collect content for given keywords. SEO Content Machine reviews the keywords you’ve entered and includes other related words and phrases.

This can be a plus, as it might give you useful keywords ideas. It could also produce vague results, though.

To avoid that, we advise you to filter irrelevant keywords to narrow down the scope of the article.

Awkward Content

SEO Content Machine is not a story generator. The program’s writing is inorganic and contains a lot of grammatical errors and incorrect syntax. Still, nothing a good editor can’t fix.

We also noticed some of the articles it produced contained the keywords we selected, randomly strung together in certain sections.

The software is good for obtaining raw content, but you’ll have to reshape the generated articles. SEO Content Machine doesn’t use machine learning, which means it needs your input to produce desirable results.

It’s great for interlinking, though. When planning your content, you can pair URLs with keywords, and the program will automatically link them. 

SEO Content Machine User Reviews

As part of our research, we looked for user reviews to see what others think about the service. Unfortunately, customer feedback online is scarce. We found the largest number of comments on Reddit.

Most customers are satisfied with the software’s services. A typical SEO Content Machine review on Reddit goes like this: “it has become my favorite article generator to use for blog networks and link building tools.”

Like us, users appreciate the program’s ability to gather a lot of content with a focus on SEO keywords.

We did notice, however, that some customers exaggerate the software’s writing abilities—at least in comparison to our experience with it.

We Recommend SEO Content Machine For

Content creators who are looking for a website content generator focused on SEO.

While the program won’t do all the work for you, it will do the heavy lifting and find relevant content and media. With this bulk content in hand, you can then begin refining it into polished articles.

SEO Content Machine Alternatives

We’ve tested some of the best AI writing software out there. If you’re not sold on SEO Content Machine or just want a broader picture, check out these alternatives.

SEO Content Machine vs Kafkai

Kafkai is more expensive than SEO Content Machine. Plus, it puts a limit on the number of articles you can create. That said, it is better at writing content, and it lets you narrow the focus of your articles by selecting a niche.

SEO Content Machine excels at gathering bulk content and reshaping existing writings.

SEO Content Machine vs WordAi

WordAI is more expensive than SEO Content Machine. While it isn’t as good at gathering volume as SEO Content Machine, it is better at producing original writing.

Besides, WordAI can pass Copyscape checks, while SEO Content Machine struggles with it sometimes.

SEO Content Machine vs Article Forge

Article Forge and SEO Content Machine have very similar feature sets.

The main difference between them is a question of quantity. SEO Content Machine can scrape more content and is cheaper in the long term.

Article Forge, on the other hand, is better at passing Copyscape checks and produces more coherent content.

Our Verdict

We hope our SEO Content Machine review for 2022 helped you decide whether this is the right solution for you. To sum up…

SEO Content Machine’s biggest strength is its bulk scraping and keyword focus.

It has some additional perks too, like the access to the Wayback Machine and its ability to break ReCaptcha.

It also allows you to spin and translate articles, which gives you access to a massive pool of content.

Is SEO Content Machine worth it?

If you want a lot of focused content and media and a WordPress uploader, SEO Content Machine is definitely worth it. You can try nearly all its features for free with the three-day free trial.

Is SEO Content Machine better than a human editor?

No. In fact, to make the most of it, you’ll need a human editor, whether that’s you or someone else. While the software is great at scraping bulk content, it can’t do wonders with it. You’ll have to improve the raw material to create something coherent and rankable.

Is SEO Content Machine good for SEO?

Yes. It seeks content related to keywords and gives you a lot of ideas about how to use them. It also expands its intake to other related keywords you may not have considered.

More information on these processes is available in our SEO Content Machine review above.

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