Kafkai Review—A Content Metamorphosis

Updated · Jun 16, 2022

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Looking for a web content generator that’s easy to use and cuts down production time? Kafkai is perfect for beginners and advanced users who want to produce content in multiple languages quickly. Read our full Kafkai review to find out all about this neat AI writing software.
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WordPress plugin, multilingual, fast generation, blog writer
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  • Blog writer
  • Multilingual
  • Fast generation
  • WordPress plugin
  • Requires a lot of editing
  • Lack of advanced features

Online, content is king. Whether you have a blog, run an ecommerce store, or are promoting a service, this is what will draw people to your website.

Unfortunately, generating content can be time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, an AI-powered website content generator can cut time and costs significantly.

Stick with us for our Kafkai review as we evaluate one of the simplest, most effective generators on the market.

What Is Kafkai?

Kafkai is a blog content generator that creates articles automatically in a matter of minutes. It offers multiple niches/topics you can choose from and generates original content each time.

It receives frequent updates in the form of new niches and boosts to its performance. Before we jump into details, let’s take a quick look at pricing.

Kafkai Pricing Plans

All Kafkai price plans offer the same features but differ in the number of articles you can create a month. The higher the plan, the lower the price per piece.

Here’s the full breakdown:


100 articles per month; 29c per article


250 articles per month; 20c per article

1,000 articles per month; 13c per article

2,500 articles per month; 8c per article

Kafkai offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel its output isn’t up to your standards.

Kafkai Best Features

This program focuses on producing written content. In this best features round-up, we look at how it does that. We discuss a few extra features that’ll save you some money and streamline your content rollout.

Kafkai Text Writer

The text writer is extremely easy to use. You simply choose a niche, select how many articles you need, and click “generate.” After a few minutes, your content is done.

If you want, you can use the “advanced” setting and provide a sample paragraph for the program to work with. However, we recommend ignoring this instruction and filling in a set of keywords instead.

Through testing, we found the Kafkai essay writing tool demonstrates better natural language generation capabilities. In other words, it is more focused when fed a few words rather than a full paragraph. The articles produced from paragraphs tend to be jumbled and scattered—a point we return to later in our Kafkai review.

39 Niches

At the time of writing, the program has 39 niches you can choose from. These include casual topics like gaming, dogs, gardening, and gambling, as well as professional ones like SEO, trading, and automotive.

New niches are constantly added. Soon, you’ll be able to use the Kafkai language processing tool to create blogs in the legal and pest control niches.

These niches are common SEO topics, and Kafkai is built with SEO in mind. You can generate confidently, knowing that the outcomes are geared towards ranking.

Multiple Languages

Kafkai supports seven languages—English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Swedish. English is the main language, but if you want to vary your appeal, the content it produces in other languages is serviceable.

We don’t recommend you to use this feature unless you know the language or have an editor that does, though. The content requires human editing, as we discuss later in our Kafkai review.

Referrals Program

If someone signs up for the service through your referral link, you both get an extra 50 articles a month. This bonus applies to every new signup, which means you can boost your output for the same price of admission.

WordPress Plugin

Kafkai offers a WordPress plugin. Through it, you can streamline posting to WP directly from the Kafkai app. By configuring it in Zapier, you can also program it to automatically create posts.

We’d suggest holding off on full automation, though. You’ll need to run through posts and edit them first. That leads us to the next section of our Kafkai review.

What We Disliked

While the service does as promised, there are some things about it we don’t like.

Namely, the level of editing required and the lack of certain features found in competing solutions.

Requires a Lot of Editing

The text that’s produced requires quite a bit of editing by a human hand.

Depending on the topic, some of the information it provides is real. On the other hand, it occasionally acts more like a Kafkai story generator and just invents anecdotes about fictional characters and scenarios.

The text also occasionally contains junk—words that aren’t real or sentences that are grammatically correct but have no meaning.

That said, this randomness illustrates the true originality of the content. Aside from giving you content you can use with some editing, it can also open up ideas you may not have considered.

Lack of Advanced Features

The program lacks a lot of the more advanced features of competing services. For one thing, there’s no article rewriter software.

Plus, you have less control over the word count and can’t set specifics. For instance, you can’t decide whether you want to create a description or a story. Media scraping is also absent.

A benefit of this is that the system isn’t overwhelming in terms of mechanics. With two or three clicks, you can have an entire set of articles on a subject. With a few more, you can have several on every subject.

Kafkai Support

Most customers describe the support team as fast and friendly in their Kafkai reviews. They’re quick to respond—it can take a few minutes or hours, depending on the time of day.

In addition, the team provides constant feedback in the form of automated emails. You’ll receive them when you’re setting up your account—which takes seconds—and when you need to do anything else.

Of course, you can also use the emails to get in touch with a live agent if need be.

Kafkai Reviews by Users

As always, our last stop is a look at Kafkai reviews by users. The service has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot. Customers appreciate the program’s ability to create multiple articles simultaneously, saving them lots of time.

Some did experience issues with billing, but it’s unclear whether it was Kafkai’s fault or because users misunderstood the process.

We also searched for a Kafkai review on Reddit, but unfortunately, nothing turned up.

We Recommend Kafkai For

Kafkai is the easiest automated writing software we’ve used.

As such, we recommend it for individuals who need to boost their content creation output quickly.

We’d like to reiterate that the content will require editing on your part. Still, this will help you hone your own skills and might even give you ideas for future content.

Kafkai Alternatives

If Kafkai isn’t for you, then check out this list of alternatives we’ve prepared. You can also read our article about the best AI content writers to see what else is out there.

Kafkai vs AdZis

AdZis and Kafkai both work on a “credit” system, allowing you to generate a certain amount of content per month. The big difference between them is that while Kafkai focuses on blog content, Adzis generates product descriptions.

As such, your choice comes down to what you’re looking for. If you want AI writing software that can generate blog-style content, go with Kafkai.

If you need descriptions for your ecommerce store, choose AdZis. Adzis works out to be slightly cheaper, but the content is shorter, so it balances out.

Kafkai vs Copysmith

Copysmith is the best AI writing software we’ve used. It produces original content and has a native plagiarism checker. It has some of the same issues as Kafkai in terms of text cluttering, but it produces a higher-quality copy.

Copysmith is cheaper, but Kafkai is easier to use. It’s a question of paying a higher cost for more convenience with Kafkai.

Kafkai vs Article Forge

Article Forge is another solution that’s similar to Kafkai.

It has a lot more advanced features, but the entry price is higher than that of Kafkai. We recommend both programs for individual users. The big difference comes down to ease of use.

Kafkai is easier to use, cheaper, and better for beginners.

Article Forge is more advanced, though, and provides more utility, especially with SEO and keywords.

When deciding, consider how in-depth you want your content to be.

Our Verdict

That’s all for our Kafkai review for 2022. To close out, we want to reemphasize that this is an extremely easy-to-use automated writing solution.

Its referral program offers the possibility to extend your usage, and it’ll definitely boost the volume of your output.

That said, remember that you’ll still have an active role in content creation, editing every piece it produces. Lastly, all Kafkai plans come with a free trial, so you can give it a go.

Is Kafkai worth it?

Yes, Kafkai is worth it. It’ll boost your content production and is extremely easy to use. With its referral program, you can also add to your monthly allowance. That way, you can scale up your production at no extra Kafkai charge.

Is Kafkai better than a human editor?

No. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence just isn’t there yet. All content produced by Kafkai has to be reviewed by a human and edited before it’s fit for publishing.

However, that’s true for all automated content writing services. See how Kafkai performs compared to some of them in the Alternatives section of this Kafkai review.

Is Kafkai good for SEO?

Yes, Kafkai is optimized for SEO work. Users praise this feature in many Kafkai reviews. It’s not as straightforward as one might think, though. For the full details on how it works, please see our full review above.

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