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Updated · Jun 16, 2022

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Copysmith is a web content generator with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities. It creates a wide range of content—from blog posts to social media adverts and even landing page copy. For a full rundown of its features, read our in-depth Copysmith review below.
Free version:
Machine learning:
Key features:
Blog & advert writer, branding suggestions, plagiarism checker, file sharing, multilingual copy
Starts at: $16/month
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Best for:
  • Machine learning
  • Original, coherent copy
  • Native plagiarism checker
  • Versatile content generation
  • Buggy interface
  • Occasional text clutter

Every website owner needs solid copywriting.

Even if writing isn’t your main business, you still need copy to advertise products, announce new features, and create a smooth experience for your clients.

All of this requires a lot of time and a lot of writers. Is it possible to get the same results quicker and with a smaller team?


To find out how, read our full Copysmith review below.

What Is Copysmith?

Copysmith is automated writing software powered by GPT-3 artificial intelligence. It boasts the most versatile feature set we’ve seen in products of this kind.

It can fulfill all sorts of requests—blog posts, social media adverts, and even product descriptions via the Shopify integration.

The feature set is so big, it’d take multiple dedicated Copysmith reviews to cover them all. As such, we round up only the best tools for your consideration.

But first—a look at pricing.

Copysmith Pricing Plans

Copysmith has four price plans, with a 15% discount with annual billing.


This is the basic plan. It gives users 50 credits a month, which is about 650 pieces of copy. It also provides access to 20 plagiarism checks, most content types, and email support.

In addition to all the features of the previous plan, this one offers long-form content generation, 100 plagiarism checks a month, and third-party app integration. This is also the first of the Copysmith plans with unlimited credits.


The only difference with the previous is that this one lets you add other members to your account at an extra $49 per month (or $42 with annual billing). It also allows for 500 plagiarism checks a month. 

Custom pricing

This plan allows you to use account white labeling, a dedicated account manager, custom templates, and bulk data importing and exporting.

Copysmith Best Features

Copysmith creates original, coherent copy and tailors it to your specific needs

 In this part of our Copysmith review, we analyze its main features in detail.

Copysmith’s website content generator is multifaceted. It’s entirely browser-based and has a menu system that’s simple to navigate.

The types of content are broken into categories, such as blogs, adverts, brainstorming, and branding. All of this is backed by the system’s AI, which is our first feature for review.

Machine Learning

Copysmith uses GPT-3, a natural language generation engine that produces human-like text. As such, the Copysmith language processing capability is great.

It has a natural writing style with correct syntax and continuity between points. The content of the writing is sensible too.

Unfortunately, we did notice nonsensical clutter showing up from time to time. For example, in one sample blog we created about fly fishing, one of the paragraphs contained a series of numbers and references to pixel counts.

We review this Copysmith weakness in greater detail further down.

Blog Writer

The AI can generate entire posts, outlines, or intros for you. Creating a blog requires a little setup. You enter a title, a few lines to indicate the style you want, and then lay out a rough plan.

After this, the Copysmith text writer takes care of the rest.

For the best results, use strong keywords for SEO purposes.

The advert writer creates both advert copy and product descriptions.

It works similarly to the blog creator, but the setup is quicker.

You can choose to format the content to some major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

Shopify has a dedicated integration with Copysmith. This allows you to generate product descriptions while in your Shopify store for faster implementation.

Just note that Copysmith will charge you a separate fee for the integration.

Besides, the program doesn’t include a media scraper, so you’ll have to source images and videos personally.

Branding and Other Needs

The branding category lets you commission things like slogans, taglines, copy for landing pages, and SEO metatags. The branding generator will produce a few options for any request.

Interestingly enough, they vary from high quality to useless. We explain why in the next section of our Copysmith review.

You can also create other items, such as YouTube video descriptions, FAQ ideas, sales emails copy, event press releases, etc.

Article Rewriter Software

Copysmith has rewriting software that can spin existing content or copy you’ve created with the program. It works well.

Instead of simply rewriting a chunk of text, it produces multiple variants for you to choose from. Similarly to the branding copy, the alternatives vary wildly in quality.

We always found one that was fitting, though.

Plagiarism Checker

The checker allows you to review chunks of text to make sure they’re not plagiarized. Simply highlight the text you’d like to scan and click the little fingerprint icon.

The scans are very quick. The system’s output is consistently original—when we used the checker, we consistently found little to zero instances of plagiarism.

The article rewriting tool will take care of it if it does arise.

What We Disliked

We’re very impressed with Copysmith. It’s in the running for our best article generator software in 2022.

That said, we do have two minor complaints. One of them is really just a limitation of current technology, but still worth mentioning.

Jittery Interface

The interface can be a bit unresponsive.

Sometimes we’d have to tap a button a few times to get it to respond. This caused the plagiarism checker to run twice our piece. Although not detrimental, this did slow down the Copysmith essay writing process.

Additionally, some of the drop-down menus overlap occasionally, getting in each other’s way and making work awkward. Admittedly, this problem wasn’t frequent.

Still, when it did arise, we couldn’t do anything but wait for it to stop on its own.

Occasional Text Clutter

As we mentioned earlier in the review, bits of junk text would show up in the copy sometimes. The GPT-3 engine is great, but we noticed that it can get confused.

The richness of the Copysmith text writer is offset by its potential to go off track. In other words, it promises higher returns but with a bigger risk of getting bits of junk in the copy.

In comparison, weaker AI writing software tend to produce more consistent copy but of much lower quality. Copysmith’s output is more in-depth. Unfortunately, this means that mistakes are more common too.

Luckily, you can solve this problem by reviewing the output carefully and eliminating junk when it arises.

Copysmith Reviews by Users

User reviews of Copysmith are mostly positive across the board. Customers appreciate the quality of the content it produces and the ease of use of the program. The most common criticism we noticed was about the price.

Copysmith has an affordable entry price coming in at under $20. But if you want the full feature set, which you most likely will, the cost jumps to $50+.

Competing services in this arena, which we discuss below, usually offer all-inclusive pricing regardless of plan tier.

We tried to find a Copysmith review on Reddit but, perhaps unsurprisingly, the service was mentioned only in the GPT-3 subreddit. The comment we found specifies that the program is powered by GTP-3 and lists the types of products it generates.

No evaluation of its quality is present.

We Recommend Copysmith For

Copysmith is perfect for multimedia users looking for a versatile tool.

The program covers advertising, blog posts, and broader campaigns like email and YouTube. It’s great for teams too, offering the ability to collaborate on projects.

The full feature set is a little pricey, and it still requires human input. Nonetheless, it will streamline and speed up your content generation.

It’s among the best AI writing software we’ve seen.

Copysmith Alternatives

As always, we prepared a round-up of some alternatives in case Copysmith isn’t what you’re looking for.

Copysmith vs Kafkai

The two services have similar pricing. The main difference is that Kafkai’s plans limit the number of articles per month.

This is because Kafkai focuses exclusively on article creation, with a wide range of specialist categories. If you only need this type of content, Kafkai may be the better choice.

Copysmith vs SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine’s strength is its raw scraping power. It gathers tons of content—copy, images, and videos—related to keywords of your choice. That said, its output is patchwork. You’ll have to do a lot of shaping to work the content into something worth publishing.

Copysmith’s basic plan is cheaper than that of SEO Content Machine. However, the latter offers all its features at the base price.

Copysmith is the better choice for automation and SEO Content Machine—for bulk content.

Copysmith vs Article Forge

Article Forge is something of a middle ground between Copysmith and SEO Content Machine. It combines some of the media scraping of SEO CM with higher quality writing closer to Copysmith.

Article Forge is more expensive than Copysmith short term but offers a full feature set with a greatly reduced price for an annual plan.

Copysmith’s writing is better, but if you want automated uploading, Article Forge is the right choice.

Our Final Verdict

To end off our Copysmith review for 2022, we want to emphasize again where it excels and falls short.

Copysmith is a fantastic blog content generator with some of the best natural language processing capabilities we’ve seen. While its full feature set is somewhat pricey, it’s well worth it for the sheer variety and quality it offers.

Is Copysmith better than a human editor?

No. Artificial general intelligence—AI that can really “think”—is still some way off. Copysmith, like all other AI writer software, requires human input and proofreading.

It is, however, faster than a human writer, so you can publish more content with less effort.

Is Copysmith good for SEO?

Yes, you can feed Copysmith keywords, and it will generate content focused on them. The program’s ability to produce SEO-ready articles is attested to in numerous Copysmith reviews by users.

Is Copysmith worth it?

Copysmith is definitely worth it. It has strong writing capability and offers a lot of variety in its services. Paired with a plagiarism checker, it guarantees fresh, original content in short order.

See what else it has to offer above in our Copysmith review.

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