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Updated · May 26, 2022

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Looking for a sleek web content generator to produce a steady stream of automatic articles? We have the solution for you—browser-based automated writing software with automatic WordPress posting that generates content in seconds. Read all about it in our in-depth Article Forge review below!
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Coherent writing, WordAI integration, bulk article creator, passes Copyscape, WordPress scheduler
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  • Coherent writing
  • WordAI integration
  • Original composition
  • WordPress scheduler
  • Struggles with context
  • Occasionally omits keywords

Whether you want to increase your ad revenue, promote your business, or spread the word about something important, you need articles—and lots of them.

Generating content requires a lot of time and money, but there’s a way to streamline the process.

With an automatic writer like Article Forge, you can create tons of articles in no time. How much will that cost you? Is that good enough to boost your rankings? Can it replace your human writers?

Keep reading this Article Forge review to find out the answers to these and other questions.

What Is Article Forge?

Article Forge is a browser-based website content generator that focuses on written content. It uses AI writing software to produce original articles of varying lengths that pass Copyscape checks.

You can then edit the pieces, export them in several formats, or upload them directly to WordPress. Article Forge also boasts WordAI integration.

 We get into more detail below in the Features section of the Article Forge review.

Article Forge Pricing Plans

The company keeps it simple. You can choose between Article Forge plans.


40,000 words/mo

$57/per month

This plan includes all Article Forge features, from the writing AI to the blog auto poster, plus full integration with WordAI.

$324 or $27/per month

This plan cuts the monthly price in half and offers all Article Forge features.

You can test the service with a five-day free trial before purchasing a plan. While Article Forge doesn’t charge for it, billing information—credit card or PayPal—is required.

Article Forge Best Features

Article Forge’s features are streamlined, with a focus on producing original written content drawn from the keywords you provide. In this part of our Article Forge review, we analyze the main functionality of the software.

Article Creator

Using the article creator is simple—you just have to select the main keyword and a set of sub-keywords. The latter helps the artificial intelligence understand the article’s intention and tailor the writing better. The program generates several keyword suggestions that you can enter in the correct syntax for better results.

We were happy to discover that Article Forge creates pieces with continuity between paragraphs and naturally flowing ideas. The program’s writing style is quite organic, too. Of course, the results weren’t perfect, but more on that later on.

Additionally, you can combine articles to give them volume, but the program just puts them in the same document separately. You’ll have to edit them for full fluidity.

Keyword Interlinking

You can set the Article Forge text writer to interlink URLs to keywords of your choice automatically. These don’t have to be the ones you selected for article creation, but they’re more likely to appear if they are.

When planning articles, you can choose whether you want to link the URLs to every instance of a keyword or only the first one. You can also decide whether to include interlinking in titles.

Additionally, you can choose to substitute placeholders for the URLs.

Post Scheduler

Once you're done with the Article Forge story generator, it’s time to post. To schedule posts for upload, you have to add WordPress blogs via the WP section of the web app.

You can choose whether you want to add specific URLs or multiple sites associated with a single username. You can then set a default blog to make the process even easier.

The post scheduler is serviceable and saves you from having to export articles. However, for more advanced uploads, it's best to go through WordPress directly.

WordAI Integration

Article Forge doesn’t have native article rewriter software, but it does have direct integration with another piece of automated article writing softwareWordAI. To connect the two platforms, you’ll need a WordAI account and a unique API key.

Once activated, WordAI can create ten unique variations of every article you generate with Article Forge. This will boost your stock of content, making it easy to choose pieces that work for you.

Speaking of stock...

Bulk Article Generator

Article Forge’s bulk article generator lets you create multiple articles at once. While there is no limit on the number of individual pieces, bulk articles can’t exceed 200,000 words a month.

As you can see, the offer of the Article Forge essay writing is quite generous. Still, if you do run out of words, you can buy extra at 25c per 1,000.

In terms of article length, you can choose between very short (~50 words), short (~250 words), medium (~500 words), and long (~750 words).

The program isn’t too strict in keeping the word count, though. For example, when we selected the medium option, it produced articles between 418 and 577 words. For 750, it created ones between 597 and 822.

Affiliate Program

By default, Article Forge gives you an affiliate link to share.

You can use it in Article Forge reviews, videos, etc. If anyone signs up through this link, you receive 25% of their payment. This includes each time their subscription renews!

It even comes with a graph section to show you how many clicks and signups your link gets each day.

Plus, a media pack is on hand if you want to promote the service on your site or social media.

What We Disliked

While the tech is sound, we did find a few things about Article Forge we didn’t like.

Issues With Context

The Article Forge language processing capability is great for the most part. Upon closer inspection, we noticed it struggles with context and consistency sometimes.

For example, we entered a bunch of keywords to generate an article about soda. Our main keyword was a popular brand name. Article Forge wrote what a great soda it is, but then went on to say it’s “not a good choice.”

In another article, it said it would be making a list of wrestling moves, but no list was present. Other lists it did make were sometimes jumbled or labeled with incorrect numbers.

Granted, these were easily fixed with some human editing. Still, the takeaway is that the Article Forge text writer does need a little help with finer details.

Omits Keywords

Article Forge prioritizes the main keyword, which makes sense. Unfortunately, it does occasionally ignore sub-keywords entirely

From our testing, it appears it does this because the main keyword dictates the direction of the article entirely. If it can’t figure out an organic way to implement the sub-keywords, it leaves them out.

You need solid keyword research and some experimentation to get the content generator tool to produce the best results.

Article Forge Reviews by Users

To get an idea of how the service is received, we looked at some Article Forge reviews by users.

Unfortunately, they are somewhat mixed. Customers appreciate the clarity of the program's writing. Like us, however, some experienced issues with the output, the out-of-context information, and sometimes missing keywords.

We searched for an Article Forge review on Reddit, but we found mostly video testimonies or comparisons with other AI writing software.

The feedback in them was along similar lines.

We Recommend Article Forge For

We recommend Article Forge to individuals looking to generate original content based on specific keywords.

The program’s writing style is natural. Plus, it doesn’t scrape content from online databases wholesale, so the output is original.

It’s not a “set and forget” program, though. You will have to review the output and fix up finer details to get the final product to your liking.

Article Forge Alternatives

If you’d like to shop around a bit more or if Article Forge isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you could consider other AI content writer services.

We prepared brief comparisons with Article Forge’s main competitors to get you started.

Article Forge vs Kafkai

Kafkai’s basic monthly plan is cheaper than that of Article Forge.

It is limited to 100 articles, though, which makes Article Forge more cost-effective in the long run.

Kafkai fights back with more natural and in-depth content, which requires less input on your part.

Article Forge vs WordAi

Article Forge and WordAi are owned by the same parent company, Cortx. As such, they have similar pricing and billing increments.

The main difference is that WordAI is primarily an article rewriting tool, while Article Forge is an article writing service.

As we mentioned in the integration section above, they complement each other. If you want new content, Article Forge is best. If you already have content that you want to rewrite, then WordAI should be your pick.

Of course, the best results can be obtained by using both.

Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine

SEO Content Machine is the cheaper option. In terms of their differences, it’s a question of quantity vs focus. SEO Content Machine can scrape large amounts of content, but you have to rework it into a coherent and rankable piece.

Article Forge gathers less, but its output is focused and requires fewer revisions.

SEO Content Machine’s biggest benefit is its media scraper, which goes through hundreds of images and videos from media sites. Article Forge can insert images and videos too, but the options it provides are quite limited.

Our Verdict

We hope our Article Forge review for 2022 helped you make up your mind about this service.

Article Forge is a great blog content generator that creates short, focused articles. The image and video options are limited but still a welcome inclusion.

Although you’ll need to refine the articles, the tool will save you valuable time and effort. Plus, you can use the WordAI integration to rewrite articles and the WordPress scheduler to upload them fresh from the forge.

Is Article Forge worth it?

Yes. The program produces coherent original writing to your specifications. It requires some work on your part, but the WordAI integration and WordPress uploader help streamline the entire process.

Is Article Forge better than a human editor?

The software works fast, producing articles in about a minute. It still requires a human to go over them, though, as it has some trouble with formatting and contextualizing information. Consider it a supplement to your human resources rather than a complete replacement.

Is Article Forge good for SEO?

Article Forge produces content by focusing on the keywords you provide it. If you feed it a cluster of related keywords gathered through research, it’ll generate some good, short articles. For a full overview of the tool’s functionality, check out our detailed Article Forge review above.

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