AdZis Review—Is This eCommerce-Focused AI Writer as Good as Advertised?

Updated · Jun 16, 2022

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AdZis Review—Is This eCommerce-Focused AI Writer as Good as Advertised? Image Visit Website
AdZis can write product descriptions for your entire catalog in minutes. You can supplement that with social media and blog posts, and even videos! Best of all, it supports most ecommerce platforms and sports a dedicated team of copywriters to assist you. For more details, read our AdZis review below.
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Managing an ecommerce store is harder than it looks. There are often finer details of critical importance that a first-timer might forget to consider.

Details like product descriptions.

If you have hundreds of products, writing accurate descriptions of them all will be labor- and time-intensive. Luckily, we’ve got a service that can help—AdZis.

Check out all the details about this solution in our in-depth AdZis review below.

Discover how it’ll speed up your product description writing process and what else it can do for your online business.

What Is AdZis?

AdZis is a web content generator that focuses on creating product descriptions and blogs for ecommerce stores.

Better yet, it integrates with many big platforms, such as Shopify. You simply input your specifications, and the system will do the rest. For additional support, you can choose the DFY option.

How much will all this cost you?

Find out in the next section of our detailed AdZis review.

AdZis Pricing Plans

AdZis runs on a credit system. Each price plan is essentially a “credit pack”—the larger the package, the lower the price per credit.

Best of all, regardless of the plan, you get access to all features.

20 credits

200 credits

500 credits

Do For You pricing is custom and only applicable to product descriptions. It also scales depending on the number of your products and the length of each write-up.

DFY AdZis plans start at $60 for 100 short product write-ups and go up to $2,500 for 2,500 long descriptions.

AdZis Best Features

AdZis boasts a refined feature set with a strong focus on compact product descriptions complete with spec-lists.

We round up the most important tools below.

Product Descriptions

The Adzis text writer can create single write-ups or produce them in bulk. You can even upload entire catalogs as a CSV file, which the writer will draw from. Depending on the size of the catalog, you can have descriptions of all your products in minutes.

For the most accurate write-ups, you need to provide information about each product. The level of details needed differs depending on the product.

For example, when we requested a few descriptions of shoes, the AdZis language processing tool produced accurate pieces with little info.

But when we selected the cosplay option, the program requested a lot of additional details about the product. For instance, we had to identify the film, show, or game the costume comes from.

Blog Posts

AdZis doesn’t offer essay writing, but its blog posts are quite good. When you select the blog post package, the program detects the theme of your store automatically. It then suggests preset blog topics you can choose from.

There are a couple of hundred options available for more common subjects like clothing. Fewer topics are available for more niche themes.

The articles are fine overall, although they might require some editing and spicing up to make them more your own.

AdZis “Do For You” Service

AdZis offers a basic DIY setup and a DFY (Do For You) package.

With DFY, the AdZis artificial intelligence generates product descriptions, then the experienced copywriters proofread and improve them. You’ll have humans working on your content instead of just an article rewriting tool.

For the most part, the descriptions are contextually correct. The system generated relevant adjectives from the titles we provided and used them in the text.

Syntax and variety are a problem, though.

A lot of the descriptions followed a handful of templates and contained errors. As such, a human touch is necessary.

We review this AdZis limitation in greater detail further down below.

eCommerce Store Integrations

The program offers integrations with some of the most popular ecommerce platforms. For example, Shopify and WooCommerce have direct integrations. With them, you can log in to your Shopify or Woo storefront and upload your product catalog directly to AdZis.

For other platforms, such as Squarespace, OpenCart, and Magneto, you can upload CSV files, as you’d do for unlisted stores. The only difference is that you need to tweak the latter. Some users mention this slight inconvenience in their AdZis reviews.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with AdZis customer support through the ticket system and live chat option. The ticket system is very efficient. It requires you to input your website and contact details, so agents can get up to speed and address any concerns immediately.

Unfortunately, the live chat isn’t as good. We knew the response would take a while when the chatbot offered us to play FlappyBird in the chat window while waiting. This was a nice touch, but still not what we hoped for.

When we did manage to get through to an agent, they were attentive to our needs.

Users’ evaluation of the quality of customer support varies a lot.

Judging by the comments in AdZis reviews, the responsiveness of agents depends largely on the time of the day.

AdZis Knowledge Base

AdZis has an expansive knowledge base. It contains detailed information about SEO and ecommerce at large. This is useful if you’re new to the business or just want to brush up your knowledge.

That’s not all.

There are also other resources, such as webinars, downloadables like eBooks, and even links to store themes for your website.

Free Credit Rewards

As we mentioned, AdZis is built around a credit system.

Each description costs one credit. Every blog post sets you back 20 credits. There’s a reward system that gives you free credits when you reach a milestone, reducing the AdZis charge.

For instance, generating your first Shopify description will give you three extra credits. After your fifth description, you’ll receive a bonus of five credits.

Granted, you won’t be able to run your business off of free credits alone. All the same, they can add up, saving a couple of dollars at a time.

What We Disliked

In this part of our AdZis review, we address the few things we didn’t like about the service.

You should note, though, that the negatives are offset by positives.

Narrow Focus

AdZis has a narrow focus.

While it does blog posts, its strength is the short product descriptions department. It doesn’t have article rewriter software or many of the other features common in AI writing software.

That said, this is a specialty service, which allows it to sell its services at reasonable prices.

The program isn’t bloated with features you wouldn’t need if your focus is on generating product descriptions.

Requires Human Input

As we mentioned earlier, the system requires human input to edit and refine the content. Although this can be annoying, it’s important to remember artificial general intelligence doesn’t exist yet.

Even the best SEO article generator software out there needs some human assistance.

Besides, the incredible speed of the program partially compensates for the need for a human editor. Depending on the volume of your order, the write-ups might be ready in seconds, at the most—minutes.

AdZis Reviews by Users

For this part of the review, we looked at user feedback to get a broader idea of how others perceive the service. Unfortunately, customer opinions are quite mixed.

Many enjoy the speed and simplicity of the platform. Opinions on the pricing are also generally positive. Others, however, complained about the level of input they had to provide during the content creation process.

As always, our last stop was Reddit. Although some users were seeking opinions about the service, there wasn’t a single AdZis review on Reddit.

We Recommend AdZis For

AdZis is excellent for individuals or small businesses running stores on ecommerce platforms.

If you’re short on writers or need to roll out many descriptions quickly, AdZis is for you. Its blog capabilities are not as strong but could be a useful addition to your website.

AdZis Alternatives

If AdZis isn’t what you’re looking for, consider the following automated article writing software solutions. Each one is very different from AdZis, focusing more on article generation than product descriptions.

And if you like AdZis, but need blog content, pairing it with one of these is a perfect choice.

AdZis vs Kafkai

Kafkai is automated writing software that produces full articles. As this type of service goes, it has a very natural writing style. Its pricing model limits you to a certain amount of articles per month.

AdZis vs SEO Content Machine

Similarly to the previous offering, SEO Content Machine is a website content generator with a strict focus on articles.

Its writing isn’t as natural, but it’s great for keyword optimization. Plus, its media scraper is the best we’ve seen, providing access to thousands of images and videos.

AdZis vs Article Forge

Article Forge is another piece of automated writing software and something of a middle ground between the previous two solutions.

It has a better writing style than SEO Content Machine but a weaker bulk scraper. If you’re seeking a balanced automated article writer, this is a good choice.

Our Final Verdict

We hope our AdZis review for 2022 helped you understand whether this is the right service for you.

AdZis is specialist software focused on generating product descriptions for ecommerce. This is where its strength lies. It can create descriptions for your entire catalog in minutes. If you don’t want to review the content yourself, AdZis’ team of experts can do it for you.

It’s product description generation with scaling prices and levels of convenience.

Is Adzis better than a human editor?

No, it isn’t. You will need a human editor to get the most out of it. You can edit the content yourself or pay extra for AdZis’ writers to proofread it for you.

Is Adzis good for SEO?

Yes. The program is designed with SEO in mind. The descriptions draw on keywords and report the search volume of each one used. Additionally, it’ll suggest related keywords as substitutes/supplements to a specific piece of content.

Is Adzis worth it?

Yes, it can save a lot of your time by generating hundreds of descriptions. Although it requires some input on your part, it will cut down your workload for an affordable price. You can see the full pricing in the AdZis review above.

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