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FreedomVoice covers all crucial virtual and cloud-based services at a reasonable cost. With an exceptional support team, tons of positive FreedomVoice reviews, and incredible ease of use, this company is among the best VoIP providers on the market. Read on to see where it excels the most.
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Affordable, easy setup, 99,99% uptime, great customer support
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  • Easy setup
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  • 99.99% uptime
  • Excellent customer support
  • No 24/7 support
  • Certain features cost extra

Whether you own a small online business or a large enterprise, you need to separate your personal from your business communications. 

And if you want to take it a step further and provide top-notch customer support, you need the best VoIP phone service.

A glance at FreedomVoice reviews reveals that this company fits the bill perfectly.

But is it suitable for everyone?

We tested it to find out.

What Is FreedomVoice?

FreedomVoice is one of the best VoIP providers for small businesses.

It groups three services: CloudNumber, CloudPhone, and CloudPBX. Each includes a variety of features, allowing different users to enjoy them.

FreedomVoice Features

Although it covers a wide range of services, you won’t see it on any listing of the best residential VoIP provider, as it’s not intended for home use.

It is designed to serve nearly all business users.

Let’s see what it has to offer.


Thanks to the softphone, desktop and mobile users can make calls and send messages directly from their devices. This eliminates the need for actual VoIP phones. Additionally, you can stay operational outside of the office if you download the mobile app.

The FreedomVoice phone systems rely on the specialized softphone software Bria. The platform is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Conference Calling

The CloudPhone and CloudPBX plans include three-way conferencing, but that’s it. Video conferencing is not supported at all.


The FreedomVoice voicemail feature is outstanding. It’s available with CloudPhone and CloudPBX.

With it, you can:

  • Get email notifications on all extensions
  • Protect your voicemail sent via email with a password
  • Use the Voicemail Transcription feature to get a written copy (note that additional fees may be applied)
  • Zip email voicemail so it takes less space

Call Forwarding

With the FreedomVoice phone service, you can transfer a call to another extension or number or send it directly to voicemail.

Hold Music

FreedomVoice lets you use hold music to keep callers entertained while waiting.

You can choose between four premade tunes: Easy Listening, Rock, House, and Jazz. With CloudNumber and CloudPhone, you can select a tune or message of your own instead.

Auto Attendant

With the automated attendant, it almost feels like you have a virtual receptionist. With this FreedomVoice app feature, you can play pre-recorded messages, transfer callers to the right team, and even check your voicemail and faxes.


FreedomVoice allows you to send and receive faxes from fax machines. However, they are stored online, which means you can also get them via email as PDF files.

As we mention in the pricing section of the FreedomVoice review, this feature is available with all plans.


With availability scheduling, you can set the time you want to forward calls. For example, you can transfer callers directly to voicemail during your off-hours.


Similarly, you can queue incoming calls when you’re receiving multiple requests at the same time.

Call Recording

For an additional fee, you can record all of your FreedomVoice calls for review and training purposes.

FreedomVoice uses WebLink, an online service that lets you customize your account. From here, you can access your text messages, update your billing info, or run reports.


There are basic analytics tools, but they’re not what you’d expect from the best VoIP service in 2022. For example, you can use FreedomVoice to review caller info and call patterns.

You can also lookup the names and addresses of customers, but this will cost you an extra ten cents per caller.


FreedomVoice is compliant with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks, but not with HIPAA.

It has just a few security features, such as age restrictions and integrations with “Do Not Track” functions of web browsers.

For more information, check out the software’s privacy policy.

FreedomVoice Prices

This VoIP provider consists of three different services, as we mentioned at the beginning of this FreedomVoice review.

CloudNumber Start

This is a phone number service only. You can get a 1-800, vanity, or local phone number and enjoy most FreedomVoice features. With the mobile app, you can manage calls and voicemails and even customize greetings. CloudNumber is the simplest of all FreedomVoice plans. Its cost depends on the minutes available. The Start subscription offers 400 minutes for $9.95 per month.

CloudNumber Edge

The Edge package gives 1,200 minutes for $19.95 per month. Otherwise, it includes the same features as the Start plan.

CloudNumber Max

The Max package removes the limit altogether and costs $29.95 per month. Otherwise, it includes the same features as the Start plan.


CloudPhone is a business VoIP phone service best suited for smaller teams. It comes with an unlimited number of minutes and the Bria integration. With it, you also get preconfigured phones and can make calls to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. This FreedomVoice pricing plan costs $29.95 per month for Polycom VVX 250. If you opt for Polycom VVX 350 or VVX 450 phones instead, the additional charge is just $2 and $3, respectively.


A cloud-based phone service, CloudPBX comes with unlimited international calling. Contrary to CloudPhone, this one is geared towards large and growing businesses. However, you need to contact FreedomVoice to get information about its price.

FreedomVoice Support

If you have any questions about FreedomVoice, you can check out the FAQ section on the website. Although it could be more comprehensive, it offers useful insights.

If you don’t find an answer there, you can contact the support team. The service is quick and straightforward and the agents are willing to go the extra mile.

Although the FreedomVoice customer service phone line is only available during business hours, you can always reach the team via email.

Ease of Use

Many FreedomVoice reviews by end users praise its tremendous ease of use.

The setup process is simple and quick. Plus, the VoIP phone service for businesses offers preconfigured phones, so we have no complaints in this regard either.

Still, having to use a third-party softphone app might turn people away. But Bria is an excellent application, which integrates with FreedomVoice seamlessly. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

FreedomVoice User Reviews

FreedomVoice is one of the best business VoIP phone service providers. Almost 95% of all FreedomVoice customer reviews on Trustpilot have four or five stars.

The support team is by far the most frequently praised aspect in VoIP phones reviews. Even when people had issues with the software, they remained satisfied, as the reps helped them tremendously.

While there isn’t a full FreedomVoice review on Reddit, the occasional comment about the service appears.

Like with other business phone systems, these are very rare and mostly mixed. Some praise the service’s features, while others report crashes despite the 99.99% uptime.

Is FreedomVoice Worth It?

All in all, this is an amazing service with hardly any downsides.

Hard as we tried to find something to criticize in the service while preparing this thorough FreedomVoice VoIP review it held up remarkably well to our scrutiny.

It’s the best VoIP service for your business if you’re looking for a reasonably priced solution with a solid amount of features.

If it provided 24/7 support and didn’t charge extra for call recording, one of the most important features that a business internet phone service can have, it’d be perfect.

Still, FreedomVoice is fantastic. Although it isn’t suitable for home use, it’s perfect for small businesses and even provides solutions for growing and large organizations.

FreedomVoice Alternatives

If FreedomVoice lacks a feature you need or if you’re looking for a home VoIP phone service, one of its competitors might suit you better.

FreedomVoice vs Nextiva

Nextiva is often at the top of the business VoIP lists. It’s only fair as it has more features than FreedomVoice, but it’s much more expensive. If you need advanced functionality and don’t mind the higher cost, Nextiva may be perfect for you.

Both services have useful tools for businesses and excellent customer support. But if you need the best residential VoIP service, look elsewhere as that’s beyond their scope.

FreedomVoice vs Grasshopper

Grasshopper is widely considered to be the best business VoIP service for small companies, but FreedomVoice might be even better.

The latter doesn’t require an existing phone number and has more features. However, Grasshopper is the more affordable solution for growing businesses, as it doesn’t charge per user.

FreedomVoice vs RingCentral

This comparison is similar to the first one—RingCentral has more features than FreedomVoice, but it’s more expensive.

However, If money is not an issue, RingCentral is the better choice.

Apart from being among the best VoIP service providers, it’s also possibly the best residential VoIP service of 2022.

Final Verdict

We tested the software thoroughly for this 2022 FreedomVoice review to make sure it truly is among the best solutions.

This cheap VoIP service has all essential features, an incredible support team, and excellent uptime. That’s not to mention the ease of use and the convenience of the preconfigured phones. On top of that, it has the best quality-price ratio.

Is FreedomVoice legit?

FreedomVoice is a secure VoIP provider with excellent functionality. Founded in 1996, the company has accumulated tons of positive FreedomVoice reviews from numerous satisfied users.

Who owns FreedomVoice?

The website and cloud hosting provider GoDaddy owns FreedomVoice.

How long will it take to set up FreedomVoice?

The FreedomVoice setup process is a breeze. Since you just need to connect a preconfigured VoIP phone, it takes several minutes.

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