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A simple and potent live streaming platform that powers countless broadcasts, XSplit Broadcaster is the perfect suite for creating rich video content. Its professional production features, stream management tools, and robust engagement widgets help you get the most out of your craft. Check out the compelling details in our in-depth XSplit review below!
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YouTube, Facebook, Skype, StreamShark, and Player.me
Starts at: $5.83/month
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  • Affordable
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  • 24/7 customer support
  • Automatically recommended settings
  • Windows only
  • Limited free version

Over the last decade or so, live streaming has become a fundamental part of online content creation. From entertainment and recreation to business and marketing, audiences are more eager than ever for live and interactive content.

Thanks to the XSplit streaming software, creators can produce professional and engaging broadcasts and stream live to numerous platforms. A simple yet powerful piece of software, XSplit Broadcasting makes streaming easier and better.

Check out our XSplit review to see what makes it one of the best live streaming software on the market.

What Is XSplit?

XSplit Broadcaster is a live streaming, recording, and video mixer software mostly used for Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. You can also use XSplit for Twitter, Twitch, Mixer, and more and broadcast live events for small-to-large teams and organizations.


XSplit Broadcaster has a slate of powerful video-production features that help level up your stream. This is the main difference between XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster – the latter has more features to help you improve the quality of your stream.

Unlimited Sources

The paid Premium plan gives you access to unlimited sources, unleashing your creativity to create the perfect broadcast. You can add things like your gameplay, XSplit cam, graphic overlays, and widgets to your presentation.


These are various plugins that improve your overall broadcasting experience. XSplit Broadcaster comes with four pre-installed widgets – Image Slide Show, Media Slideshow, Video Playlist, and Whiteboard Annotations – but you can always add more. There are also special XSplit Facebook widgets to make your stream more engaging, like live comments and reactions.

Projector Mode

This feature allows you to display various scenes to any device connected to your PC’s GPU. It is useful if you want to use XSplit for Twitch and share your video feed to a large screen or have multiple screens in one window. This feature can be used for eSports competitions if you want to project the feed for an audience or perhaps to commenters.


This feature is only available with a Premium XSplit subscription, and it allows users to broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously without using a third-party app. You can send XSplit multiple streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and tons of other custom RMTP destinations.


XSplit provides plenty of opportunities to monetize your stream through affiliate program sponsorships and partnerships. The XSplit settings for Twitch and YouTube include useful tools for engagement like Super Chat and Super Stickers – great tools to help start earning through the YouTube Partner Program.

There are also several ways to make money through Twitch. One of them is Twitch Donations – a tool that allows viewers to give you cash in exchange for an animated alert or a shout out. You can set up donation alerts and trackers to gamify your goals as extra content to better interact with viewers.

Ease of Use

It’s fairly quick and easy to download and install XSplit. We’ll cover the entire set up process in more detail in the next section. For now, just know that if you’re a beginner, you won’t have to worry about the XSplit settings – everything is automated so that you can jump right in. 

Whatmore, the platform is intuitive and easy to use and everything is automated under the hood, so you don’t get lost in the menus. This lets users spend less time setting up and more time creating content.

How to Set Up XSplit

Before you start setting up the software, you need to ensure that your PC meets the XSplit system requirements. At the time of writing this review, XSplit for Mac is still not available, but it’s coming soon. If you go to ideas-xbc.xsplit.com, you can suggest and vote for the changes you want to see in the software. Although the Android app and XSplit Linux version are the two most popular suggestions among users, they aren’t available yet.

The only available version of the software at the moment is for Windows, and next, we’ll explain how to set it up.

You can download an older version of XSplit Broadcaster or buy one of the paid plans. Either way, the installation is straightforward and easy. Once you install XSplit for Windows, you can register an account using Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube (and countless other sites supported with plugins).

If you’re transferring over from OBS Studios, then XSplit Broadcaster lets you import your OBS scenes. If the import fails or you’re not porting over from OBS, you will have to redesign everything from scratch. Luckily, the XSplit Scene Editor is not that difficult to use.

Next, you will be taken to the main XSplit Broadcaster user interface, where you can check out the user manual, watch tutorials, or get started right away with one of the available templates. These include pre-prepared scenes for PC Gaming, Console Gaming, Online Talk Shows, Podcasts, or Presentations, and are great for beginners. More experienced streamers can set up their own unique scenes and overlays.

Once you’ve chosen a template and edited it to your liking (or manually set up your own), the real fun begins. You can start by adding backgrounds, images, scenes, and overlays, and then move on to setting up the webcam, microphone, and a capture card if you’re using XSplit for gaming. Make sure you have proper lighting if you’re planning to use a green screen instead of a background image.

With this, you’re almost ready to go live! At this point, everything you need will be in the top left corner of your screen. If you’re using XSplit broadcaster for Twitch, then a Setup Wizard will automatically find the best server for your stream, so you don’t have to worry about the technical part. The wizard will also scan your computer and internet to determine the best XSplit settings for Twitch. Now, you’re ready to go live!

Plans & Pricing

You can use XSplit Broadcaster for free, but there will be restrictions and some missing features.

Streamlabs Plans at a Glance

A good option to test the waters.

For only $11.67 you can start building your streaming audience.

For $5.83 per month you can get an annual access to one of the best streaming software out there.

If you are serious about streaming, the lifetime access is a no-brainer.

A free XSplit license comes with the following limitations: 

  • Content will be watermarked when you set a resolution higher than 720p and/or a framerate higher than 30 fps.
  • Streamers cannot use the content for commercial purposes.
  • Presentations are limited to four scenes max.
  • No multistreaming.
  • The virtual camera feature will be watermarked.

The XSplit free version also restricts access to the following features:

  • Audio Source
  • Local Streaming
  • Stream Delay
  • Source Transitions
  • Projector Mode
  • Preview Editor
  • Audio Mix Preview
  • Skype Video Camera
  • Express Video Editor

The XSplit cost for the Premium version is broken down into four subscriptions. They all offer the same benefits – their price varies based on their length. When you buy XSplit Premium, all watermarks and restrictions are removed and you get top-notch features to produce professional streams.

Here are the costs:

  • One-Month License – $20/month
  • Three-Month License – $35 or $11.67/month
  • Twelve-Month License – $70 or $5.83/month
  • Lifetime License – $230 once-off

XSplit Support

XSplit offers 24/7 customer support in 10 different languages to its users, which is virtually unheard of in today’s customer support. The live chat is available non-stop and gives users the option to communicate with a customer service representative via chat on the website and move to email, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter if they want.

Our XSplit Broadcaster review showed that XSplit also has an extensive knowledge base that is extremely helpful. There, users can learn the ins and outs of the software through articles, user manuals, frequently asked questions, and bite-sized video tutorials. Plus, you can join the XSplit community via the website, Discord, or Reddit to engage with and get assistance from other users. 

XSplit User Reviews

XSplit Broadcaster is one of the highest-rated streaming software, and it’s no surprise that there are many positive XSplit reviews online. We at HostingTribunal combed through some of them to get a sense of how users feel about the platform.

It was deemed the best streaming software on Reddit by many users. They praised its ease of use, great features, and stability, among other things. Some non-specific complaints that came up in a particular XSplit review on Reddit highlighted how the software lags or sometimes doesn’t work at all. This complaint seems like an isolated incident, though, and not the consensus of XSplit Reddit reviews.

Based on the overwhelming number of positive opinions online, we are confident that ours won’t be the only good XSplit review in 2022.

What We Recommend XSplit For

The XSplit setup is quick and painless, and the software is fairly easy to use, so it is appropriate for beginners as well as for more advanced users.

We recommend XSplit Broadcaster for anyone that’s looking to create professional-looking live streams. The production features like whiteboard and stream annotations, in particular, are perfect for live events and shoutcasting (eSports commentary) as they help provide live analysis and illustrations. Stream management tools like the Scene Preview Editor, Macros Extension, and XSplit Scene Switcher allow pro streamers that love tinkering to take control of their streams and continuously make them better.

XSplit Alternatives

Our XSplit Broadcaster review showed that this might be one of the best streaming software on the market. Still, if you’re not convinced it’s the right one for you, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

XSplit vs Livestream

Livestream is backed by the powerful corporate machine that is behind Vimeo. Just like XSplit Broadcaster, it was built to serve a particular function.

Livestream works as a world-class production video switcher software with which it is easy to create engaging virtual events and reach remote workforces. You can also create a subscription channel to connect with employers and customers and build a community. 

XSplit Broadcaster can do all that too, but the company offers another software specialized in personal streaming for gaming and vlogging – XSplit Gamecaster.

Streamlabs vs XSplit

Streamlabs and XSplit are two top-rated streaming services that, although very similar, approach the industry from two different angles. XSplit focuses on making the quality of streams as good as possible with its top-shelf tools and features. Streamlabs is all about the user experience and, through OBS, promises unbeatable customization.

Wirecast vs XSplit

Wirecast is one of the most widely used platforms because of its high production value with quality rivaling that of a sophisticated TV studio. It works on both Windows and macOS and has built-in presets, reducing the time needed to set it up. 

Even though it only works on Windows, XSplit costs less than Wirecast (a lifetime license is only $200, while Wirecast will set you back $599). Both software have similar functionality, but XSplit is more user-friendly with a shorter learning curve.

XSplit or OBS

With a paid Premium subscription, XSplit has more advanced features and capabilities. For example, you can upload streams directly to Skype, YouTube, and Twitch. This feature is handy if you stream massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. XSplit also allows you to edit videos on the go and has powerful engagement tools like multistreaming and the YouTube Super Chat. 

The biggest advantage of OBS is that, as a community-driven project, it is entirely free. It also has far greater support for extra plugins for a customized experience.

Final Verdict

Our detailed research and analysis that preceded this thorough XSplit Broadcaster review clearly showed that this is one of the best Twitch streaming software on the market.

Its intuitively designed and easy-to-use suite of creator tools make professional streaming a little easier. With its cutting-edge tools and features, creating pristine quality content is a cinch.

Whether you’re a gamer, a business owner with live-video-production needs, or a live events organizer, we hope this XSplit review has shown you why XSplit Broadcaster should be at the top of your list of streaming software to try in 2022.

How much is XSplit?

There are four XSplit price plans – a one-month license for $15, a three-month license for $30, a 12-month license for $60, and a lifetime license for $200.

What is XSplit?

XSplit Broadcaster is a trusted live streaming and recording software for gaming, presentations, and live events. Read the rest of our XSplit review to learn more about its features.

Which XSplit should I use?

It depends on what you want to use it for. XSplit Broadcaster is made primarily for gaming and live event production, while Gamecaster, now a separate entity from XSplit, is predominantly for streaming gameplay.

Does XSplit cost money?

Yes, it does. There's a free version of XSplit, but it has some limitations.

Is XSplit worth it?

The biggest argument against paying for XSplit Broadcaster is that tons of free and freemium platforms offer the same things it does. That’s not entirely true. As we discuss in detail in our XSplit review, XSplit Broadcaster has some outstanding video-production features and stream management tools that free platforms like OBS cannot offer. XSplit goes a long way to help you create professional-looking broadcasts.

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