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The Streamyard streaming software is the easiest way to create professional live broadcasts right from your browser. Streamyard is cloud-based, easy to use, affordably priced, and packed with tons of features that made it a popular choice among YouTubers and podcasters. Check out what makes it one of the best streaming software at the moment in this detailed Streamyard review!
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  • Limited free plan
  • No audio mixer

With people spending more time indoors than ever, live streaming has become the go-to realm of social interaction. From concerts and comedy shows to conferences and classrooms, everything has gone virtual.

At the forefront of the live broadcasting revolution is Streamyard streaming, one of the newer products on the market.

This detailed Streamyard review outlines why this browser streaming platform quickly became one of the best live streaming software since its launch in 2018.

What Is Streamyard?

Streamyard is a web-based studio that allows you to stream and record audio and video directly from your browser.

Amateurs and professionals can use Streamyard to go live and produce live shows, conduct interviews and discussions, and even interact with their audience. Streamyard can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more.

Streamyard Features

Streamyard bases its success on powerful features that elevate live streaming to a brand new level.


Besides live broadcasting, Streamyard also has a recording function that allows people to create content without going live. This feature simplifies recording and downloading audio and video files to be repurposed for podcasting, among other things. It also gives people using a Streamyard virtual camera to stream to LinkedIn and Facebook groups an easier way to download their content.

Customizable Branding

Streamyard allows you to put your own flair on your live streams by adding custom overlays, banners, brand colors, images, GIFs, videos, and even your personal logo.


With multistreaming, you can broadcast to multiple platforms, and Streamyard allows you to stream to up to eight destinations simultaneously. If you’re a gamer, you can use Streamyard for Twitch, YouTube gaming, and Facebook Gaming at the same time.

Audience Engagement

Streamyard shows real-time metrics like watch-time frequency, audience retention, and others. It also allows you to interact with viewers by showing comments on the screen and adding a call to action in the live stream.

Chroma Key

With the chroma key compositing (or chroma keying) feature of Streamyard, you can layer multiple streams, images, or videos together. If you aren’t broadcasting from a studio, this is a great way to make your streams look more professional.

Types of Streaming

Streamyard streaming works excellently for social media live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, and Twitch. The platform allows you to create seamless, professional-looking broadcasts from your browser on your desktop or mobile phone. With multistreaming, you can broadcast simultaneously to several destinations, including your own website. All you need for the latter is web hosting, and you'll be good to go.

Ease of Use

If you’ve read any Streamyard review so far, then you’d know that it’s the easiest way to create professional live streams. 

There aren’t any special Streamyard system requirements. You only need a laptop or desktop with a microphone (the Blue Yeti USB mic is recommended) and a webcam (the Logitech C920 webcam is recommended), a recent Chrome or Firefox version, and a strong internet connection.

There is no need to download or install the product; the app works straight from your browser. No particular version of Streamyard is required for Windows or Mac. The only thing that Streamyard recommends for Mac users is to operate it from Safari.

The interface is pretty intuitive, too; setting up a broadcast takes three easy steps. Once you get to the main dashboard, everything is clearly labeled for maximum ease of use. 

Plans & Pricing

The Streamyard Free plan is excellent for basic streaming needs. It allows screen sharing, a green screen, and up to six on-screen participants. However, you can only stream up to 20 hours per month, and all broadcasts have the Streamyard branding on them.

Basic plan
$20/month or $240/year

It has everything included in the free plan plus unlimited Streamyard streaming, no branding in your streams, and up to 10 on-screen participants. It’s great for online interviews, virtual meet and greets, and it’s a good substitute for Zoom.

Professional plan
$39/month or $468/year

With this plan, you get everything in the Basic plan, including backgrounds, overlays, and custom RTMP destinations. It also allows recording and storing up to eight hours of audio and video files for repurposing, streaming in full 1080p HD, and multistreaming to eight destinations. This plan is perfect for YouTubers and Podcasters who regularly do virtual live shows.

Streamyard Support

Streamyard has a chat support function linked to a knowledge base. If your questions aren’t answered in the extensive FAQ section, you are automatically connected to a live chat with a support staff member. 

Streamyard also has email support and a vibrant social media community on the Streamyard Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Another useful source of information is the Streamyard Reddit community. It is relatively active and helpful although it only counts just over 100 members.

Streamyard User Reviews

Although the studio is new to the market, most Streamyard reviews emphasize its stability and ease of use, giving it an excellent reputation among users.

The most informative Streamyard review on Reddit praised its barebones efficiency and performance and the short learning curve.

Another Streamyard review mentioned that the browser sometimes couldn’t recognize the Streamyard virtual cam. They also criticized the products’ lack of advanced features but acknowledged that it is built to meet basic streaming needs.

What We Recommend Streamyard For

Vloggers and podcasters will benefit the most from Streamyard. Since it improved the Super Chat integration, YouTubers can record and broadcast videos and make money from their streams.

Vloggers can use Streamyard on Twitter via Periscope, and even though it’s not officially supported, there’s a workaround to using Streamyard on Instagram. Users can also work with Streamyard for Facebook Live and LinkedIn.

Podcasters can take advantage of Streamyard’s record and store function. They can use it to record audio and video separately and repurpose it for podcasts later. They can also invite up to 10 participants when hosting live shows, interviews, and discussions.

Streamyard Alternatives

Streamyard may be one of the best live streaming platforms, but it is not the ultimate solution for everyone.

Streamyard vs Livestream

Streamyard and Vimeo Livestream have many similarities. They’re both web-based platforms that can simulcast to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, and Twitch. 

The most significant difference between them is the technology underpinning each platform: Livestream is more complex, while Streamyard is straightforward and easy to use.

Livestream also has a video switcher software called Livestream Studio that transforms your computer into a professional live production control room. A capability that Streamyard does not have. 

XSplit vs Streamyard

Comparing Streamyard and XSplit is like comparing a golf cart and a Formula 1 racing car—XSplit outpaces Streamyard by a mile! A golf cart gets you where you need to go, but an F1 car does it faster and more effectively.

XSplit has an intuitively designed and easy-to-use suite of content creation tools for gamers, businesses, events, and teams looking to create professional live shows. XSplit also has plenty of tools to help monetize your stream, like donation alerts and opportunities for sponsorships through their affiliate program.

It also offers built-in plugins, which allow you to stream to up to 22 mainstream platforms. Plus, XSplit works with all your favorite streaming gear—from Logitech to MSI.

Wirecast vs Streamyard

If Streamyard is a Prius, then Wirecast is a Tesla because it does everything Streamyard does and more. 

Wirecast is built to capture, produce, and stream high-quality broadcasts from your home office or the main stage of a concert. It offers enhanced production features, unlimited capture, and audio mixing capability, which Streamyard doesn’t have. 

The price is a little steep, but it’s a one-time purchase, with annual fees for updates.

Streamyard vs OBS

Free is hard to beat, and OBS is entirely free and open-source, making it a popular choice among streamers. OBS is one of the best Twitch streaming software. It gives you precise control of your stream’s presentation, real-time video and audio capture, and audio mixing capability.

The downside is that it requires some technical knowledge for setup and a powerful computer to work correctly.

This makes Streamyard the better choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance streaming service.

Final Verdict

Our Streamyard review for 2022 shows that it is an excellent platform. Whether you’re a creator, content marketer, entrepreneur, or an amateur streamer, Streamyard can help you create engaging content for your guests.

Its ease of use and minimal requirements make it the perfect choice for many.

Although it wasn’t rated as the best streaming software on Reddit, you can use it to show on-screen comments and brand your broadcasts with themes, overlays, and backgrounds. Streamyard suggests compensating for the lack of design options by using a third-party design tool like Canva to create logos and graphics. 

Overall, it's a solid choice.

How to use Streamyard

The platform is relatively easy to use. There are no specific Streamyard requirements, download, or installation necessary to get started; you can stream from your browser. Once you sign up, you can choose your destination depending on where your audience is. Streamyard allows you to broadcast simultaneously to up to eight destinations. You can pick whether you want to stream live or record. The rest is pretty intuitive.

How much does Streamyard cost?

Streamyard has a free version plus two paid versions. The Basic plan costs $25 a month billed monthly (or $20 a month billed annually). The Professional plan costs $49 a month billed monthly (or $39 a month billed annually).

Is Streamyard a one-time purchase?

No, it is not. Streamyard isn’t license based; it’s subscription-based, and it’s billed either monthly or annually.

Which is better: OBS, Streamyard, or XSplit?

It depends on what you use them for; each platform was built with a specific function in mind.

OBS is widely known as the go-to platform for novice streamers, mostly gamers. Although it lacks some of its competitors’ advanced features, it is free and open-source.

Streamyard streaming is mostly used for social media broadcasts. Its ability to record audio and video files makes it a popular choice among vloggers and podcasters.

XSplit Broadcaster is the most powerful of the three and is made for more higher-end live video production, so it depends on your needs.

Is Streamyard better than OBS?

Our Streamyard review showed that it depends on what kind of stream you want to run.

If you’re going to live stream games, OBS is your answer. It was built with gamers and live broadcasters in mind and can also act as video mixer software, a capability Streamyard doesn’t have.

If you want an easy-to-use platform for basic streaming and recording, then you should give Streamyard a shot.

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