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BrandYourself is a reputation-management service that enhances your Google rankings, safeguard your privacy, clean up your social media, and improve your brand. Read our full BrandYourself review to find out more.
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If you’re looking for a reputation management solution that can help you improve your online presence, push positive reviews, and gain traction in your niche, then BrandYourself is a go-to platform for you.

BrandYourself reviews tell a collection of success stories—from impressive revenue growths due to Google discoverability improvements, to relief-loaded testimonies about reputation revival.

Do you want to find out what BrandYourself can do for you?

What Is BrandYourself?

BrandYourself offers automatic tools as well as managed services to safeguard your data and online reputation.

Its scanning technologies look for risk indicators in your social media posts and Google search results. The company also provides the tools and services required to clean things up and ensure your personal brand is as good as can be.

With BrandYourself, individuals and businesses may control what Google reveals about them so they can increase their visibility, acquire momentum in their respective sectors, and build their reputation up.

Note: BrandYourself is not HIPAA compliant.


The majority of users appreciate the interface's modern look on the BrandYourself website.

Once you log in, you can keep track of your reputation score and online reviews on your dashboard, which is simple and easy to use.


BrandYourself's objective is to keep you informed about people's interest in your brand so that you may capitalize on it, develop your business, and earn customer loyalty.

To do this, BrandYourself provides you with the following services:

Reputation Management

BrandYourself is mainly a reputation management tool. This means that it offers you different features so you can take control of your online image:

  • Reputation Report: It indicates how positive and professional your online presence is. It gives you your Reputation Score (which is like your digital footprint’s grade in terms of professionality) and access to the Earnability Calculator, which estimates the impact your digital footprint has on your earning potential.
  • Social Scanners: They check the images and posts in your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The BrandYourself software compares its findings against a recognized database of red flags that employers typically use to evaluate you, and gives you the option to remove the potentially problematic content from your online profile.
  • Content Takedown: The Google Removal Audit will determine whether your results ought to be de-indexed from search engines. While uncommon, this enables the possibility to entirely remove them from Google.
  • Personal Brand: The approach includes frequently producing blog articles, social media updates, and rich media. This continuous generation of content keeps your positive content on top and keeps fresh negatives from appearing.

Review Management

If your business is struggling with bad customer reviews, BrandYourself managed services can help you by continually monitoring review sites, suggesting how to address the negative comments, and finding the appropriate ways to reach your happy customers.

If, however, you’re having a hard time with employee reviews on Glassdoor, BrandYourself can help you develop a custom strategy to deal with the situation.

The expert team will help you claim your Glassdoor page, improve your company’s profile on the site, and directly respond to the negative feedback.

Overall, we could say the BrandYourself review management approach is to increase the visibility of positive comments and nurture chances for getting organic positive reviews.

Employee Branding

Boosting your employees' online presence is another method to market your company. BrandYourself’s team of experts takes care of this by:

  1. Running an Employee Brand Audit, to determine how key members of your team are impacting your online reputation.
  2. Cleaning up any negative results, so that your employees can become brand advocates.
  3. Cultivating a positive image, that is, creating professional online profiles for your employees and ensuring they’re the first to pop up when somebody googles them.
  4. Positioning your employees as leaders in their field and promoting them on social media.
  5. Making BrandYourself software available to your team, so they can manage their personal brands.

Privacy Protection

BrandYourself also monitors the Web for your personal information and helps you deal with privacy breaches. This is an automated service that you can add to your DIY subscription.

With BrandYourself, you can remove your personal information from 35+ data broker websites and monitor your data so that it doesn’t reappear soon.

You can also get real-time Dark Web Alerts if any of your information is exposed.


Another BrandYourself feature is Google Visibility.

It scours through the search engine, looking for anything associated with your name that could put your career at risk. It also tracks how the positive stuff associated with you is ranking on the search results and keeps you updated.

On top of providing you with your Reputation Report—which, by the way, you can get for free if you sign up—the BrandYourself Reputation Builder takes your personal branding score and designs a Customized Action Plan.

The plan comes with suggestions on how to improve your online presence and boost your score.


The most popular BrandYourself integrations are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After using the platform, it became clear that the software supports Shift, too.

The company is working to integrate more solutions, including Salesflare, in the near future.

Plans & Pricing

BrandYourself's prices are specific to your needs.

Pricing Plans

BrandYourself gives you two options: its team of experts will manage your online presence for you (managed services) or you could handle it on your own with the BrandYourself DIY software. If you choose the first, you’ll receive detailed monthly reports and regular check-in phone calls from your assigned expert team. These plans are customized, so the cost varies depending on your needs. An approximate starting price for BrandYourselfconcierge services is $599/month. If, however, you choose the DIY option, we suggest you use the free version first and get the hang of it, as the solution can get quite pricey and has a no-refund policy.

BrandYourself Support

When you hire BrandYourself concierge services, you work directly with a brand strategist, a social media strategist, and a professional writer. They’re there to guide you every step of the way, helping you handle negative reviews and using their expertise to create a customized plan of action for your online presence.

If however, you chose the DIY route, the BrandYourself help center is a great place to start when you’re looking for answers. It has a FAQ section for you to consult and find out more about how to get started, build your profile, handle a negative search result, etc.

Plus, there’s the BrandYourself University, which has lots of educational material on the personal online branding topic.

You can contact the support team via live chat, email, and phone calls. We tested their response time by texting the BrandYourself customer service team through the live chat, and we got a reply in less than five minutes.

Customer representatives are only available from Monday to Friday between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM (ET).

Ease of Use

BrandYourself is simple and easy to use.

The set-up process is very straightforward and requires very few details to start.

Plus, all the icons and text are easy to understand.

BrandYourself User Reviews

BrandYourself reviews are mostly positive. The solution has a 3.8 rating on G2 (based on 17 reviews) and a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot (based on 47 reviews)—in fact, more than 70% of these reviewers have given the company a solid five-star rating.

BrandYourself users have praised its great customer support, easy-to-use interface, top-notch analytics, and amazing privacy-protection feature.

However, no software is perfect. A few criticisms are floating around the internet about the platform. More than one user pointed out in their BrandYourself review that the add-on are quite expensive.

Other complaints are that it requires a big-time commitment and has no mobile application.

Is BrandYourself Worth It?

It is totally worth it.

BrandYourself is a strategic brand reputation management solution that helps you build a better version of your business.

Its strategy to push down negative content on the results page by optimizing positive and professional-looking content is quite efficient. Plus, it allows you to be in control of what people see when they look you up online.

It's an amazing, if slightly expensive, investment for parties looking to improve their reputation and strengthen their online privacy.

Alternatives of BrandYourself

Nowadays there is multiple software available to help you make the most of your online presence. The best thing is that not all of them focus on the same things.

Depending on what your goals are, there might be a different company that can meet your current needs better.

Here are a few alternatives:

BrandYourself vs LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a live chat solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. The subscription price starts at $15 per month, though there’s a free version available as well.

LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk software that enables you to add customization to your client interactions, whereas BrandYourself is a reputation management software that doesn’t include any customer service features.

BrandYourself helps you take control of your virtual image by managing your brand’s online reviews and your employees’ profiles.

BrandYourself vs Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the world's most popular social listening software, designed to help businesses implement a social media strategy across numerous networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. The price starts at $19 per month.

Hootsuite is a comprehensive tool that helps you schedule, monitor, and update your social media posts in terms of efficiency.

BrandYourself, on the other hand, scours your social media content to help you clean up any problematic content and thus improve your brand reputation.

BrandYourself vs Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an email marketing tool that allows you to engage with your contacts and develop stronger consumer connections through targeted and relevant communication. The price starts at $25 per month.

There is a free version available that can handle up to 300 emails per day.

For comparison, BrandYourself doesn’t do marketing campaigns per se.

BrandYourself review and reputation handling services help you create positive professional content and position it on the top search results so that more people can find you, be suitably impressed, and act in consequence.


BrandYourself is a DIY internet reputation management and personal branding tool.

The program guides you through the process of enhancing your online presence by informing you on which websites you should be present and how to improve them so that they rank highly when people search your name.

As we highlighted throughout our BrandYourself review, it can also safeguard your personal information, boost your employee’s profiles, and ensure a professional image for your brand.

All in all, BrandYourself is a very useful tool that will make managing your online reputation a seamless endeavor.

Is BrandYourself a good company?

Yes, BrandYourself is a solid company that has been on the internet since 2010. It was named one of the fastest-growing companies in 2018 and praised as one of the top young national startups by the White House.

How much is BrandYourself monthly?

BrandYourself pricing is quite different from other platforms. There’s a free DIY version available for the solution. However, if you want additional features, you have to integrate add-ons that start from $14.99/year.

There’s also the Premium Plan, which costs $99/year, and customized concierge services. If you’re interested in these, you can call (646) 863-8226 and get a free consultation.

Is BrandYourself worth it?

Yes, it’s an amazing company that has helped over half a million people around the globe improve their online reputation.

Numerous BrandYourself reviews praise it as a sophisticated, trustworthy, user-friendly solution that not only removes the bad stuff but highlights all the good things about you.

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