Brand24 Review—How Can This Service Boost Your Brand?

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Brand24 helps you identify new consumers online by monitoring and analyzing comments and mentions. It gives you insights into your competitors' internet presence that you can use to your advantage. Let’s dive deep into Brand24 and review how it can be useful.
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14-day free trial
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Ease of use, social media monitoring and analytics, multiple OS supported, sentiment analytics
Starts at: $49/month
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Best for:
  • Sentiment analytics
  • Runs on multiple OS
  • User-friendly interface
  • Social media monitoring
  • Slightly expensive
  • Requires strong English proficiency

Do you know who is following you on social media and what they’re saying about your business?

Social listening is an essential component of internet marketing. But monitoring the Web for every single mention requires time and resources that most businesses lack.

Brand24 is a platform that helps you keep an eye on your company’s social media.

We decided to create a full-fledged review of Brand24, analyzing its features, price, interface, usability, and competitors.

What Is Brand24?

Brand24 is a social media listening and analytics tool that allows you to watch your brand’s online presence. You can also use it to gauge people’s interest in your competitors and monitor the keywords related to your industry.

Brand24 works on both desktop and mobile devices.

It’s compatible with macOS, Windows, Linus, Android, and iOS.


User reviews for Brand24 often praise the app’s interface and usability. Brand24 has a simple dashboard with a freshly redesigned user interface (UI) to simplify navigation, setup, and use.

There’s also a Help Menu that includes a video tutorial, webinars, a fan page, a demo project, and FAQs.


Brand24’s goal is to keep you up to date on people’s interest in your brand so that you can take advantage of this information, improve your business and gain customer loyalty.

That’s why Brand24 offers you the following features:

Mention Analytics

Through your Brand24 dashboard, you can see a real-time count of how many times your brand is mentioned throughout the Web. Plus, you can exploit the buzz quality and quantity analyses to devise new marketing strategies.

The Mentions Feed allows you to see what is being said and address any possible issues. Plus, if you want, you can configure it to notify you of sudden increases in interest.

Influence Score

The Brand24 software can help you identify the key influencers in your business. This is important because external validation from the right people is one of the most effective strategies to draw customers in.

So, if your business is associated with prominent influencers, you’re likely to reap the benefits from social proof and lead generation.

Sentiment Analysis

This is perhaps the most intriguing of Brand24 features, as it can determine emotion in social media comments—it distinguishes between positive, negative, and unbiased mentions in over 90 languages.

This allows you to gain a better understanding of how people perceive your product and take proactive measures to cultivate a positive image.

Discussion Volume Chart

This feature helps you track how much people are talking about your brand.

With it, you can easily spot troublesome situations before they become more serious, and make the most of the exposure you're already getting.


The alerts are customizable.

You can set them up to help you keep track of your brand’s discussion volume, notify you if it’s dropping, or if the buzz has surpassed a certain milestone, or whatever else you need to know.

You can get notifications on your Brand24 mobile app and react instantly to what people are saying.

Data Exporting

Brand24 allows you to export data from your projects. For example, the volume of mentions and interactions, sentiment analysis, social media reach, quotes, most active profiles, most influential profiles, trending hashtags, etc.

You can review Brand24 data as PDF reports, easily manipulate it as an XLS file, or present it as an infographic.


With this tool, you can narrow down your findings, dig deeper into your statistics, and easily pull up the information you need.

You can filter your data based on sentiment analysis, mentions, visits, and other criteria in Brand24.

Hashtags Analytics

Brand24 allows you to search for hashtags that are effective and applicable for your business. It also provides you with hashtag monitoring services and statistics, which means you can see how many times a hashtag has been used, who is using it, and where.

You can keep track of your hashtag performance by going to your Brand24 desktop dashboard and customizing the alerts and email reports you want to receive.


Brand24 helps you track your business’ social media performance (e.g., social media reach, mentions volume, consumer engagement, and influence metrics) in one place.

You can see your data in multiple formats, including various interactive charts and analytical dashboards.

You can apply different filters and visually appreciate each data segment effect. Plus, you can always export all this info as a PDF report.


One of Brand24’s shortcomings is that it doesn’t have any cooperation tools. There isn’t a feature that would allow a team of community managers to see all comments and responses in one place at the same time.

Fortunately, one of Brand24's integrations solves this issue: Slack.

When you set up your integration with Slack, you can easily create channels for different divisions of your company.

Each channel then acts as a feed that everyone sees at the same time, so your team may react collectively and assign individuals to manage issues without the risk of overlapping or compromising consistent brand voicing.

Plans & Pricing

If you want to try out the service before investing in it, you can sign up for the Brand24 free trial. It lasts 14 days and doesn’t require your credit card details.

If, however, you want to buy a subscription, Brand24 offers four paid plans:

Pricing Plans


2,000 mentions per month, space for one team member, and updates every 12 hours.


5,000 mentions per month, space for unlimited users, and hourly updates.


25,000 mentions, unlimited users, and real-time data. No more waiting for updates.

100,000 mentions a month, unlimited members, real-time updates, the ability to check podcasts, and much more.

Brand24 offers discounts for NGOs, educational entities, and other organizations. If you think that may apply to you, contact them to find out more.


One of the most common praises found in Brand24 online reviews is how great their customer service is. The team is very obliging and can even help you set up everything from scratch.

To get in touch with them, you can email them or use the live chat on their website.

Ease of Use

Its user interface is both visually appealing and practical.

Both the app and the dashboard are pretty intuitive—even if you are not a computer whiz, you’ll have no trouble using Brand24 in either Windows, Mac, or your smartphone.

Brand24 User Reviews

Honestly, you’d barely find a negative review of Brand24 on any website.

The social media listening app has a 4.6 rating on G2 (95% of the 191 reviewers gave the platform no less than four stars) and a 4.8 rating on Capterra.

Brand24 users often praise its great customer support, amazing monitoring capabilities, intuitive interface, and cost-effectiveness. Plus, they like that a free trial is available.

The Brand24 app has more than 100,000 downloads and a 3.8 rating on the Google Play Store.

There were also a few complaints here and there.

For example, one of the users pointed out that it’s likely you’ll need more than the five keywords the Personal Plus plan offers (especially because the system doesn’t take wildcards), a couple of reviewers mentioned they’d like it if historical data was available, and there were a few people who were hoping for a more affordable version.

Still, based on the reviews, Brand24 is a go-to platform for businesses in 2022.

Is Brand24 Worth It?

While not every feature of Brand24 is necessarily critical to your brand, they are all great tools for monitoring the social realm.

In addition to creating an audience and asking customers what they need, you just need to set up this tool and keep track of how popular (or unpopular) you are.

We at Hosting Tribunal believe that Brand24 is an excellent tool for social listening (if you have the budget).

Alternatives of Brand24

If Brand24 seems inadequate for your needs, then there are other options available in the market.

Although often compared, these are marketing tools that aim to help you make the most of your brand’s online presence, they’re not social listening tools.

In other words, Brand24 is the only one out of the four that focuses on mention analytics.

Brand24 vs Birdeye

Birdeye is an all-in-one experience marketing tool for multi-location enterprises.

It enables new customers to discover the company while it also allows the company to engage with current customers and provide them with an end-to-end consumer experience.

On top of collecting and managing reviews, Birdeye also conducts surveys. Brand24, on the other hand, helps massively with social media.

There are three pricing plans for the platform. The price depends mostly on the number of messages, listings, reviews, and surveys you choose.

Brand24 vs Podium

Podium is a strategic brand reputation management platform that helps you gain reviews, collect payments, and streamline client engagement through messaging.

Like Brand24, Podium also tracks consumer sentiment.

The price of Podium is not mentioned on their website. You have to speak with the team to get a quote and price.

Brand24 vs Brandyourself

BrandYourself is a platform that helps you manage your brand reputation online.

It offers tools and services to help you outrank unfavorable search results by creating new content and websites, thus enhancing your digital presence and developing brand awareness.

There’s a free version available for the platform, but the subscription price is not mentioned on its website.

Final Verdict

Brand24 is a sophisticated tool for tracking online brand mentions that can save you precious hours.

Custom notifications keep you up to date on yourself and your rivals, allowing you to jump right in and make the most of any scenario.

Plus, as Brand24 reviews often praise: their customer support is awesome.

All in all, its straightforward, user-friendly interface combined with its comprehensive analytics features make it one of the best social listening tools available.

Is there a free version available of Brand24?

There’s a free trial option that lasts for 14 days (and you don’t even have to enter your credit card details to use it). After that, if you want to continue using Brand24 services, you’ll have to choose a paid subscription plan.

How much is Brand24 monthly?

Brand24’s pricing starts at $49/month and goes all the way up to $299/month.

Is Brand24 a good company?

Brand24 is a solid company that has been in the marketing industry since 2011. It has a 4.8 rating in GetApp based on 140 user reviews, 96% of which were positive.

In fact, one customer wrote in their Brand24 review that the company is one of the best in terms of usability, quality, and speed.

Is Brand24 worth it?

Yes, Brand24 is one of the best social listening tools. It can help you monitor your presence on social media and provide you with top-notch analyses, which can help you develop marketing strategies to improve your business.

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