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With unrivaled flexibility, unique features, and solid services, the MemberPress subscription management software is the go-to solution. Join us to see exactly why that is the case.
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Flexible subscription management, groups, reminders, coupons, analytics
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  • Very flexible and powerful
  • Solid customer support
  • Awesome integrations
  • Unique features
  • Only offers advanced analytics with integrations
  • Pricing plans aren’t monthly

Are you running a subscription-based business? Then the best recurring and subscription billing software for 2022 can help a lot.

But how do you choose from the variety of solutions on the market?

MemberPress seems to combine both and does that very well. But is it the best? Read on this MemberPress review to find out where it excels and what its shortcomings are.

What Is MemberPress?

MemberPress is both a recurring billing system and a subscription billing system. This WordPress plugin is great for people who want lots of freedom when editing their website’s customer base.

MemberPress Features

MemberPress is among the best subscription billing software, so you could already expect it to have loads of features.

Here are some that caught our eye.

Types of Payments

MemberPress provides some interesting billing options.

When you create a new product, you can manage the pricing model and decide on the billing interval and type. Keep in mind that, in this case, the product could also be an online service, like a course.

This is also when you choose the billing cycle.

You can go with one of the options from the MemberPress app or up with special buying cycles on your own. For example, you can grant lifetime access to your online services after a certain number of payments have been made.

Subscription Management

Expectedly, the MemberPress subscription management features are at the core of the subscription billing platform. It offers a great variety and flexibility of tools for this purpose.

For starters, it divides memberships into recurring and non-recurring (one-time) payments. You can also filter them in other ways—by their unique ID, membership level, payment method, transactions, etc.

The MemberPress list of payment gateways includes all the big names—Stipe, PayPal,

Subscriptions and transactions can be added, edited, or removed at any time.

You can export either records from a certain page or from all of them as a CSV file.


As we already mentioned in this MemberPress review, this plugin comes with a few unique features and creating groups is one of those.

MemberPress allows you to design plan comparison pages where your users can see which option is right for them. This way, you can make sure your customers will stay subscribed longer.

The many group settings allow you to customize the pages yourself. Whether you want to use standard pages and/or pop-up windows is entirely up to you.

Finally, if a subscription expires, an error occurs with a payment gateway, or a MemberPress payment fails, you can automatically downgrade your users’ plans, possibly keeping the customer lifetime value.


This is another feature that is unique to this subscription billing service. Reminders enable you to send automated emails to customers for certain events.

MemberPress will review upcoming events and notify users automatically. You can set the timing of the email. The system can remind your customers about an expired subscription, a renewed one, or an expired credit card, among other things.

You don’t have to send these just to the end-user. You can also send them to an admin or to certain membership levels only.


You can manage coupons in various ways, further boosting your MemberPress ecommerce. Besides creating and deleting them, you can tweak numerous other settings, such as the validity date and coupon code.

The system also lets you manage discounts, determine the discount percentage and expiry dates, and set manual overrides.


The MemberPress invoicing features saves a lot of time.

This website billing software can generate a PDF invoice for each transaction. Consequently, you can send said invoicevia email to each of your customers so they can download it.

Customer Retention

This is one of the most important services MemberPress offers, as it allows you to improve your customers’ experienceand prolong their membership.

You can organize promotions or offer to downgrade a user to a lower-tier plan to prevent them from unsubscribing altogether.

With this option, you’re bound to improve your MemberPress membership management in no time.


Even without the mighty Zapier, which secures connections with hundreds of apps, this recurring billing service has nearly 60 integrations available with all pricing plans. Zapier doesn’t figure in the Basic plan.

Integrate seamlessly any popular payment gateway you wish and harness their power through advanced mailing services, online stores, and affiliate modules.

Naturally, payment flexibility is the most important, as it allows for a more diverse choice of MemberPress payment processing methods.

MemberPress Analytics

The people behind MemberPress recommend using a dedicated service to keep track of your customers and their behavior.

Fortunately, you can still do that with this subscription payment service.


The MemberPress reporting services are rather basic. Still, you can keep track of all your subscribers and monitor payments and refunds. You can sort the information by time period and subscription type.

MemberPress also calculates membership lifetime value and your total NET income. Lastly, you can use the dynamic view on your WordPress dashboard or export the report as CSV.

MemberPress Ease of Use

Customers love the straightforwardness, user-friendly design, and sleek UI of this subscription and recurring billing service. Given that it’s a WordPress plugin, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

The setup process is fairly simple, integrations are spot-on, and the MemberPress subscription management features are great.

MemberPress Pricing

Although this automated billing software doesn’t have a free trial version, its low price entirely makes up for this.

Besides, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the platform.

The MemberPress pricing model is very straightforward and consists of three plans. Still, some users might be disappointed with the fact that there are only one-year subscriptions.

MemberPress Pricing


With this plan, you can use the MemberPress software on a single website but with no member, course, or membership limits. There are also no added transaction fees, only those charged by the credit card processors. You can set up coupon codes, use all MemberPress subscription management features, and much more. The Basic plan costs $179 per year.


The most significant step up here is the Zapier integration, which gives you access to numerous apps. You also get other advanced integrations, developer tools, and priority support. For a MemberPress cost of $299 per year, you can use the plugin on two websites.


If you decide to subscribe to the higher-tier MemberPress plan, you’ll be able to use its services on up to five websites. You’re also getting premium support and the integration. The price of this plan stands at $399 per year.

MemberPress Support

MemberPress provides support to both customers and non-customers. Users can submit a ticket to the tech team and those without a MemberPress subscription can also send them an email.

Of course, both can access the knowledge base. Even though its layout is a bit confusing, the articles are useful for the most part. On top of all this, you can hire an expert developer for additional assistance.

As for the customer support team itself, the service is decent. Their replies could be a bit more in-depth, but at least they are fast and quite informative.

They have standard working hours, during which you will get an answer quickly.

MemberPress User Reviews

People love absolutely everything about this plugin. The majority of users praise the straightforward setup, ease of use, and overall flexibility. They are particularly satisfied with the integrations, as well as the amount of control they get, as they can handle collections better.

There is no full-blown MemberPress review or discussion on Reddit, but it’s easy to find both positive and negative comments there, especially about the support. Although there are some subscription or recurring billing software reviewson this platform, it seems MemberPress is not that popular among Redditors.

Other than customer support, one of the most common complaints is about the ease of use. Take that with a grain of salt, as an equally large number of users praise the software for that same thing.

What is more, even those who found the setup hard weren’t turned away by this and kept using the service.

When to Use MemberPress

As this MemberPress review suggests, it is a fairly universal subscription billing app. Whether you want to promote an online course, gather subscriptions, or do something else, MemberPress can probably meet your needs.

Considering the user reviews discussed above, we at Web Tribunal could only add that it is slightly more suitable for experienced WordPress users.

MemberPress Alternatives

Sure, MemberPress is a great platform, but it’s not without its limitations. Perhaps you’ll find some of the following alternatives a better fit for you.

MemberPress vs Chargebee

Both services are great at what they do, but they aren’t all that similar.

Chargebee is a SaaS recurring billing software, while MemberPress specializes in subscription billing. Still, you’ll certainly be satisfied with both. After all, they’re among the best recurring billing software for a reason.

Chargebee offers a bit more features, such as write-offs, but comes at a much higher price.

MemberPress vs Freshbooks

Freshbooks is more similar to Chargebee than it is to MemberPress, but they all do the job well.

Freshbooks is a great recurring billing software for a small business, but not much else. Unless you go for one of the advanced plans, don’t expect any subscription billing features. Despite that, it is still the best recurring payment system at such an affordable price.

MemberPress vs MemberMouse

These two subscription billing software are the absolute best at what they do. They are pretty similar, although they do have some key differences.

MemberMouse offers more features and analytics but is much more expensive and has fewer integrations. MemberPress, on the other hand, is much more customizable—not just because of the available integrations but also because it’s open source.

Final Verdict

MemberPress is one of the best, if not the best subscription management software. It’s easy to use, gives lots of freedom to its users, and has a pretty impressive feature set.

Sure, we came across some shortcomings while testing the service for this MemberPress review for 2022, like the lack of advanced analytics. But with such well-chosen integrations, chances are you won’t even notice that—they can make up for pretty much all gaps in its performance.

What does MemberPress do?

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that functions as an automated subscription payment system. It can also be used as an automated recurring billing system.

How much does MemberPress cost?

It’s reasonably priced, but its cost can vary greatly. It ranges from $179 to $449 per year.

Is MemberPress a good company?

The plugin is easy to use, offers unique features, and has numerous satisfied users, as becomes evident from the large number of positive subscription billing software reviews. It’s safe to say, for those reasons alone, that it is a good company.

What companies use MemberPress?

It supplies over 17,000 websites at the time of writing this MemberPress review. Some of them are IdeaPod, OALEADS, and SkillCrush.

Who are MemberPress's competitors?

MemberPress’s main competitor is MemberMouse. You can see how they stack up against each other in the MemberPress competitors section.

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