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Easy to use, good at keeping track of your clients, excellent customer retention tools—this plugin will expand your user base in no time. See how MemberMouse makes subscription management easy in this in-depth review!
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PayPal, MailChimp, Zapier, 15 integrations
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Subscription-based payments, smooth setup, discounts, fraud protection, dunning management
Starts at: $29/month
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Best for:
  • Fast to set up
  • Very easy to use
  • Good customer retention
  • Amazing customer support
  • Few integrations
  • Not the easiest setup

The rise of internet marketing made way for various subscription services and websites with customer bases. Still, somebody has to do the dirty work and keep a keen eye on a rapidly growing user base.

This is why subscription and recurring billing solutions are so popular right now, especially if one can combine them both.

Join us as we check whether this ambitious service manages to do exactly that in this MemberMouse review.

What Is MemberMouse?

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin that handles subscription billing on websites with a customer base.

Good at both subscription and recurring billing, it can be tailored to nearly every business.

MemberMouse Features

This automated billing system has many great features. Here are some of the best ones.

Recurring Payments

The recurring billing system of this automated billing software heavily relies on the card-on-file functionality. Unfortunately, this means that if a payment gateway doesn’t support it, MemberMouse can't do much to help.

It's up to the payment services to rebill customers.

However, if the gateway does have this feature, the MemberMouse payment processing gets much neater. The MemberMouse plugin and central server do all the heavy lifting.

Every 12 hours, the server notifies the plugin about pending requests so that it can forward them to a gateway.

The most popular payment processor that supports card-on-file is Stripe.


The MemberMouse subscription management tools allow you to monitor the subscription purchase date, its status, membership level, product name, and additional billing description and actions you can take.

The billing description includes things like trial periods and special buying cycles. The next rebill date is also available, but only if there's a card-on-file option present.

Of course, you can also cancel billing and access rights, remove billing, or edit the rebill date. The latter is only available for the Advanced plan and higher, though.


MemberMouse excels at member management.

The menu is very easy to grasp, giving an insight into customer names, emails, phone numbers, membership levels, engagement, and statuses.

The status can help determine if one's subscription is active, locked, paused, canceled, and more. From the menu, you can also create, edit, import, or even delete members.

On top of that, you can sort customers by any of the aforementioned criteria, either in alphabetical or numerical order.


Other than member and subscription management, MemberMouse offers product management features.

Naturally, we're not talking only about physical products but also services and online content. There's a lot you can do here—manage the pricing model, set up trial periods, subscriptions, shipping, and more.

The Product Settings menu is similar to the Manage Members menu, showing you everything in well-selected columns. It also lets you create, edit, or delete products at any time.

What's particularly good about it is that you can see exactly which bundles and MemberMouse subscription levels offer a certain product.

Billing Information

You can edit the MemberMouse billing info in numerous ways. The customer name and email address are included by default. You can also add the billing address if necessary.

This subscription payment service allows for manual overrides, so you can change the customer details available as you wish. For instance, you can add your company name or VAT number while excluding other info, such as the customer's name.

With MemberMouse invoicing, you can generate an invoice as a PDF file and send that invoice via email.

Naturally, the subscription billing system lets you decide which of the aforementioned info will end up in the PDF.


MemberMouse is good for ecommerce.

Create, edit, delete, and filter coupons or access archived and expired ones. You can also access validity dates, coupon codes, and the number of coupons a customer has used.

Coupons offer fixed or percentage discounts but can also make a product free.

In the case of subscription products, you can decide whether you want to manage coupons just for the first payment or all of them.


Without integrations, this website billing software lacks certain features. As part of this MemberMouse review process, we wanted to test the best external software to improve its performance.

Unfortunately, MemberMouse doesn't have many direct integrations.

The email and payment gateway integration options are the only big ones. Still, the list of MemberMouse payment gateways is long, including Paypal, Stripe, Coinbase, Braintree, ClickBank, Authorize.Net, and

Also, this service can connect with more than 2,000 other apps through Zapier. This extends the possibilities, enabling, for example, affiliate tracking.

MemberMouse Analytics

In this part of the MemberMouse review, we at Web Tribunal evaluate the analytics and reporting tools of the subscription billing platform.

Note that some of these may differ between plans.


No matter the plan you have, this subscription and recurring billing platform has quite a bit to offer in this regard. It shows you the total number of your customers, the pages they visit on a daily basis, and how much time they spend there.

Another notable MemberMouse reporting feature is a graph that shows how many new members you receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The total, average daily, and average monthly analytics show you your profits for these time ranges. The total revenue report takes into account refunds too.

If you decide to upgrade to the Advanced plan, you'll have access to much more information. You can directly compare membership levels, see which payment method is the most profitable, and check the customer value.

Member History

With the MemberMouse app, you can monitor your customers’ behavior.

You get to see their past purchases, activities, and much more or check an individual customer's history.

Member Behaviors

This set of MemberMouse usage analytics helps you determine how long an average subscription lasts and how much users interact with your website.

Additionally, it shows you at what rate you're losing your customers.

Customer Retention

One of the most important MemberMouse subscription management features is the so-called "Save the Sale" page.

Should a customer decide to stop the subscription altogether, you can offer them to downgrade to a weaker plan instead, manage discounts, or offer promotions.

Transaction Reports

Thanks to the Quickbooks and Zapier integrations, the MemberMouse software can pass the required data to your accounting software as soon as a sale is made.

Expectedly, you can also browse and filter transactions.

MemberMouse Ease of Use

This recurring and subscription billing software is all about ease of use. This is one of the brightest points of this 2022 MemberMouse review because it just does everything right.

First of all, this is a WordPress plugin, and, as such, it is very simple to set up. It is also very flexible, requiring you just to add your product(s) before your project goes live.

On top of that, MemberMouse is meant to increase the ease of use for your customers. They have individual home pages, which gives them the freedom to manage their own subscriptions. This is a common point of praise in subscription billing software reviews and is key for user satisfaction.

Lastly, if you have a CSV file with a customer list from one of the MemberMouse competitors, you can import it here and make changes.

MemberMouse Plans at a Glance

So far, this subscription billing service hasn’t disappointed us in any way. We’re glad to say that didn't happen here, either.

For starters, unlike other rivaling software, it has a 14-days free trial. Better yet, the MemberMouse pricing model is fairly simple with its three distinctive plans.


The most basic subscription includes pretty much any payment method there is, a staging license, and email support. Not to mention all of the core features it offers. The only thing missing here is advanced analytics. This is an excellent deal, especially considering the MemberMouse cost of this package. It stands at $29 per month, but with an annual subscription, that falls down to $24.08 per month.


The price of this subscription is considerably higher, but it’s well worth it. For $79 per month or $65.58 per month with a yearly subscription, you’re getting access to all analytics, reporting, and affiliate settings. You also get priority email support and the option to manage billing dates so you can handle collections more easily.


If you want to experience everything that the MemberMouse subscription billing system has to offer, this is the subscription for you. You’ll get phone support, as well as the integration, but at a huge cost. The fee of this package is $199 per month or $165.17 per month with an annual subscription.

MemberMouse Support

Considering what other SaaS billing software like MemberPress, for example, have in store, the MemberMouse support seems quite underwhelming.

The most basic plan comes only with a knowledge base and a ticketing system. The advanced package comes with priority email service and the premium subscription—with phone support.

If we put this aside and look strictly at the quality of customer service, this has to be the best subscription billing software. Not only are the reps knowledgeable and kind, but they also provide thorough explanations and detailed answers.

They even go the extra mile, including links to resources you might find useful. Our experience with one of the agents quite possibly trumps every other encounter with a support team we’ve had.

MemberMouse User Reviews

The majority of MemberMouse recurring billing software reviews by users are positive. The customer support team and the overall performance of the app are the most common points of praise.

The only downside is the occasional ease of use issue. More specifically, MemberMouse’s clients believe that it’s not hard to use per se but rather tricky to set up.

There is barely any MemberMouse review on Reddit, but positive comments can be found. The feedback users leave on the platform is similar—it works like a charm, but the setup is a bit tricky.

When to Use MemberMouse

The question here should be when not to use MemberMouse.

It probably won’t be appreciated by integration fans, but it’s a great all-in-one solution.

It’s hand-down one of the best subscription management software, perfect for all users that don’t need an open-source system.

MemberMouse Alternatives

MemberMouse is great, but it’s not without its flaws. If you’re not impressed by it, think about some of the following alternatives.

MemberMouse vs. MemberPress

The biggest competitor to MemberMouse is MemberPress—another subscription billing app with very similar features.

It has fewer features than MemberMouse, but it’s also much cheaper because of its low single-year price.

MemberPress, on the other hand, is much more customizable and has open-source code.

If you’re looking for the best recurring general payment systems, however, you’ll be more interested in the following two solutions.

MemberMouse vs. Chargebee

Chargebee is a recurring billing service, above all, so this isn’t really a proper comparison.

MemberMouse is an all-in-one solution, but Chargebee specializes and excels in one particular area.

Chargebee is the best recurring billing software in every aspect except one—its pricing model.

There’s no trial version, and it gets very expensive very fast. Still, if you’re not turned away by this, and you need lots of features, such as write-offs, perhaps it’ll suit you well.

MemberMouse vs. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is recurring billing software for small businesses, and it comes at a very small price.

It pales in comparison to Chargebee, but the cost alone is attractive enough.

Do keep in mind that Freshbooks is accounting software that can be extended to an automated subscription payment system with higher-tier plans.

Final Verdict

Our MemberMouse review journey was extremely pleasant. We were impressed with its capabilities and delighted it delivers on its promises.

The program does exactly what it’s supposed to with ease and without unnecessary complications.

It’s not especially customizable but has nearly everything you might need within it. Still, the small number of integrations is a bit disappointing, but that’s the only big downside.

Everything else, starting with customer support, completely overshadows this.

What does MemberMouse do?

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin that can be used as a subscription billing system and a recurring billing system. It helps you run your membership-based websites.

How much does MemberMouse cost?

Prices range from $29 per month to $199 per month. This can go further down with annual plans.

Is MemberMouse a good company?

With such a good product, it’s hard to say it isn’t. Being a good company and having good customer support tends to go hand in hand.

What companies use MemberMouse?

According to its website, thousands of companies use this service. Some notable examples are Option Alpha, Pencil Kings, and Gluten Free Daily.

Who are MemberMouse's competitors?

MemberMouse and MemberPress are pretty similar, with only a few subtle differences. Check the alternatives section of this MemberMouse review to find out more about this and other competitors.

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