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Looking to manage your passwords in a safe and convenient way? Sticky Password keeps your login credentials in offline storage for maximum security. What’s more, it lets you sync them over a local connection for complete coverage. Check out our Sticky Password review for the full details.
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  • USB Portable password vault
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  • Secure password sharing
  • Lifetime plan
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  • Saves manatees
  • No dark web monitoring
  • No emergency contact features

If you’re like us, you’re probably juggling a bunch of passwords. For how important they are, people rarely make an effort to store them safely.

Often, they just put them on a sticky note or reuse the same password.

At best, they’re risking data loss; at worse—compromised online security and ID theft.

Sounds scary?

It’s time to ditch the sticky notes and choose one of the best apps for password management instead. (Mind you, an ID theft protection suite doesn't hurt either.)

Join us as we analyze one of the best options available in our detailed Sticky Password review.

What Is Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is an encrypted password manager. It will help you create long, secure passwords and safely store them for use at the touch of a button.

It also has a range of other features, such as a digital wallet and portable password vault.

But before getting stuck into the technical details, let’s check out the key Sticky Password functions.

Sticky Password Best Features

Sticky Password’s best features focus on security, convenience, and affordability for the long haul.

Local Password Synchronization

Many services sync passwords between your various devices.

The Sticky Password manager is unique in that it lets you sync data over a closed WiFi or LAN connection.

With this feature, your data will never leave your devices or touch the web.

It’s offline storage at its most secure!

Secure Password Sharing

Many users criticized the solution in their Sticky Password reviews for lacking a password sharing feature.

Luckily, developers listened. Now, you can securely share passwords with your contacts.

You can choose whether to give them full or limited rights. The latter allows them to simply use the password, while with full rights, they can edit it too.

Better yet, you can revoke access as need be.

Digital Wallet

Moreover, you can use your Sticky Password account to store billing information in a digital wallet.

Just enter your banking details into the password manager to make checkouts easier.

Sticky Password will autofill the information without letting online stores save it.

You can pay with your mobile or the portable password vault. Apart from being a very secure payment method, this saves you the trouble of carrying around physical cards.

Portable Password Vault App

This feature is really cool.

You can create a portable Sticky Password password vault on the Windows version, then use it on a USB or memory card.

Just navigate to the options menu on the desktop app and select “portable.”

This will create a copy of your Sticky Password app that you can boot from the stick and use on any computer.

This is perfect for students or employees using public terminals.

You can even merge your home and portable apps to keep both updated with any changes you’ve made.

Sticky Password Setup

Sticky Password doesn’t offer a web-based experience.

To begin, we had to download the Sticky Password desktop app. The installation was quick.

Next, we had to create a “Sticky ID” (an email address) and a master password—pretty standard.

We were pleasantly surprised by the next step, though.

The app detected all browsers on our PC and offered to automatically import the passwords we have saved on them. You can untick browsers you don’t want the app to access.

Finally, Sticky Password asks for the license key you get when you subscribe.

If you want the free forever version, you can skip this step to start a 30-day trial of the Premium product.

Password Management

Up next in our Sticky Password review, we look at the specifics of the password management process.

Password Generator

The password generator, accessible either from the desktop app or the browser extension, can create complex passwords of up to 99 characters.

By default, they contain upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. You can customize them to your liking.

The passwords are hidden. You won’t even see them on your screen, so there’s no need to worry about screen watchers.

Password Change Capabilities 

To change your login credentials for a certain profile, you have to go to the site/app in question and use Sticky Password to generate a new password.

The password manager will then automatically save it for the next time you need it.

Password Capture and Importation

As mentioned, upon start-up, Sticky Password will offer to import your login credentials from the browsers you use.

This is where most new users keep them.

You can also import passwords with CSV files if you have used another password manager previously.

Once you’re up and running, you can capture all new logins on the go. Sticky Passwords will automatically save them.


The autofill function works like a charm for both web logins and forms.

It’s no secret that some password managers struggle with obscure sites or with web pages with heavy frontend coding.

Luckily, Sticky Password reviews any form it encounters and lets you tell it which piece of info goes exactly where.


Sticky Password’s security is solid in terms of encryption and authentication.

That said, it lacks account recovery and emergency access.

Sticky Password Encryption

Sticky Password is protected by industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

Decryption occurs only on your device.

So, if hackers were to hypothetically get your data from Sticky Password, it wouldn’t be of any use to them.

Should your personal device get compromised, the passwords and all associated data, including credit cards, will be safely encrypted.

Multi-factor Authentication

Sticky Password offers two extra protection features to go along with your master password.

The first is two-factor authentication.

With the Google authenticator, you can set a timed one-time pin that you enter when you log in.

The second form is biometric authentication.

It allows you to use your fingerprint on Android and iOS devices to verify your identity.

Full Control over Account Recovery

The Sticky Password services don’t include full account recovery options.

For security reasons, Sticky Password doesn’t save your master password.

If you forget it, your only option is a recount reset.

This will give back access to your account, but mind that you’ll lose all of your data.

But here’s the kicker: Sticky Password offers an emergency contact feature.

You can select someone to get access to or inherit your account in case you’re unable to access your password vaults for whatever reason.

Sticky Password on Desktop

The desktop versions are Sticky Password’s primary experience.

It trades a web-first experience to provide better local capabilities, making it one of the best offline password managers.

Sticky Password on Windows

The Windows version performs very well.

For starters, it provides access to the portable password vault feature. Plus, the interface is neat and easy to navigate.

We noticed no major issues or slowdown during our testing.

Sticky Password on Mac

The Mac version performs well, too.

The main difference with the Windows version concerns the app logins.

We discovered that the Mac version was better at recognizing third-party platforms, meaningless looking through the directory.

Sticky Password on Mobile

Sticky Password is available for both Android and iOS.

Our own experience coincides with the majority of user reviews - the apps are superb.

Here’s the breakdown.

Sticky Password for Android

The Android app has a 4.6-star rating on the Google Play Store.

It offers all the features of the desktop version.

It is stable, quick, and intuitive, allowing you to boost the security of your Android device manifold.

Sticky Password for iOS

On par with the Android version, Sticky Password iOS has a 5-star rating on the Apple App Store.

It performs well.

Naturally, as is often the case with iOS apps, it syncs with the Mac version seamlessly.

Sticky Password Extensions

Sticky Password supports 17 browsers.

The usual suspects are there—there’s Sticky Password for Safari, Chrome, and Edge.

Plus, it adds some obscure freeware and open-source browsers, like:

  • Brave
  • SeaMonkey
  • Comodo Dragon
  • Pale Moon

The Sticky Password browser extensions must be added manually through the official site.

We primarily used the Sticky Password Chrome extension. Unfortunately, our experience with it started on a negative note—we had some trouble setting it up.

The extension wasn’t detecting the desktop program running. After closing and opening both the app and browser a few times, the problem appeared to be fixed.

This was likely an isolated issue as we found only one user reporting installation difficulties; most end-user reviews, as discussed below, praise the ease of use.

We had no more issues afterward.

The extension gives you quick access to all your website logins, identity forms, bookmarks, and Sticky Password’s password generator.

What We Disliked

While we like Sticky Password, we do have one major complaint about an absent feature.

No Dark Web Monitoring

Sticky Password has no dark web monitoring or breach reports.

So, if your credentials have been compromised because of a data breach, Sticky Password won’t notify you about it.

Still, you can use free tools like Have I Been Pwned to check on the security of your logins.

Plus, Sticky Password reviews your passwords’ strength, which is still useful.

Sticky Password Pricing Plans

This is a password manager with a free-forever plan. Once you activate it, you can start a 30-day Premium trial as well, without any payment details needed. Sticky Password is quite flexible across the board and cost management isn’t an exception.

The Free Plan offers most of what is mentioned in the review. That said, it lacks some key features, such as cloud and local sync and password sharing.

Premium Plan
at $29.99/year

The Premium Plan offers everything mentioned in the review. As a bonus, some of the money you pay will go towards a charity for manatee conservation.

Lifetime Plan
at $199.99 once-off

The Sticky Password Lifetime plan is the same as Premium in terms of features. The only difference is that you get lifetime access for a single price.

Teams Plan
at $29.99/user/year

The Teams Plan offers all of Sticky Password’s features. Plus, you get a central admin toolset to control the permissions of all plan users.

Academic Plan
at $12.95/year/user

With this package, students and teachers can get all Premium plan features at a huge discount.

Sticky Password Support

Support is offered via email, with paying members being given priority.

We sent an email to test the waters. The response arrived in one business day, which is the estimate they provide.

The rep answered our question in depth.

We asked if a bundle deal with Ivacy VPN that we saw mentioned was still available.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Sticky Password UsersReviews

Sticky Password has 4.7-stars on Capterra and 4-stars on G2.

We noticed that support agents are active on review sites to address complaints.

Users praise the ease of use and the ability to sync devices online or locally.

The complaints we saw mentioned difficulty with the Android app and the aesthetic of the interface.

On Reddit, we saw some skepticism toward the service.

The only detailed Sticky Password Reddit review we found on the platform was from 2015, though. Everything we saw in 2022 points out that all these years later, the password manager continues to improve.

Is the Sticky Password Worth It?


It’s a neat service that offers great offline storage for maximum online security and all-around superb password management.

The only thing holding Sticky Password back is the lack of breach reporting and emergency access.

Still, given that there’s a free plan, the service is worth at least trying.

Sticky Password Alternatives

If you are still wondering whether this is the right password management tool for you, check out some alternatives to Sticky Password.

We have detailed reviews for them as well, but here is a brief comparison between the services.

Sticky Password vs 1Password

1Password is the safest password manager for businesses, thanks to its Secrets Automation feature.

If you’re interested in personal use, however, Sticky Password is the way to go. It is quite good for business use as well, thanks to its granular access settings.

Besides, it is cheaper when the cost is broken into months.

Sticky Password vs Dashlane

Dashlane is probably the best cross-platform password manager we’ve looked at.

The difference between the two centers on offline vs. online storage.

Dashlane prioritizes web-first, while Sticky Password focuses on offline storage.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to this.

Sticky Password also costs less than Dashlane.

Sticky Password vs RoboForm

These two services are quite similar in terms of their feature sets.

The main difference comes down to price.

RoboForm is cheaper per year, but Sticky Password offers a lifetime plan. It depends on how long you need or want a password manager fo.

Keeper vs Sticky Password

Keeper and Sticky Password are both privacy-conscious password managers that offer hardware solutions.

Keeper has a slicker overall presentation and offers family plans.

Sticky Password, on the other hand, is cheaper for solo users.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is one of the best password manager solutions.

We recommend it for users who are looking for offline storage but still want to take their passwords with them wherever they go.

It is an affordable solution with granular control to access and sharing. That makes it one of the most secure options available in 2022.

This wraps up our Sticky Password review. We hope it will help you boost your digital security right away.

Is Sticky Password any good?

Sticky Password is great for offline storage in particular. It lets you sync passwords between your devices over local WiFi or LAN, ensuring your data never rests on the net.

What is the best password manager 2022?

The quality apps for passwords are numerous. That said, for our part, Dashlane is king in 2022.

Is Sticky Password free?

Yes. Sticky Password offers a generous free plan. For yearly payments or a once-off lifetime fee, you can get Sticky Password’s premium version.

For a full pricing plan breakdown, please see our in-depth Sticky Password review above.

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