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With a low monthly price, folder-based password management, AES-256 encryption, and a range of plans, Password Boss has everything needed to put you in charge of your online security. Check out its pros and cons in our full Password Boss review!
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  • Security dashboard
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  • Folder-based password management
  • No standalone browser extension
  • Limited account recovery options

Navigating the digital world can be daunting. You have to balance password safety with the difficulty of managing numerous passwords.

Worry no more—password managers like Password Boss exist to help you take charge of your online security.

Read on for our full Password Boss review to see where the service excels and how to use it.

What Is Password Boss?

Password Boss is a password manager available for both desktop and mobile devices. It works to help you create and manage strong passwords for your online accounts—all in one place.

Not only does it store your login credentials, but it can securely keep information like your passports and credit cards too.

Up next, we at Web Tribunal examine some of the best features you can get with a Password Boss account.

Password Boss Best Features

Password Boss focuses on security and convenience, making sure you get easy access to your data and protecting you from threats like ID theft.

Folder-Based Password Management

With Password Boss, passwords are organized into folders. You can create as many folders and subfolders as you need. Adding or moving items is easy—on the desktop version, you can even drag and drop them into different folders.

With this feature, you can keep passwords of one type clustered together.

That way, you can separate your personal and business accounts completely when using the Password Boss services.

Secure Info Storage

Besides passwords, you can also store personal information. Password Boss offers useful templates for this purpose.

You can save passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, delivery addresses, and even basic information like your name, place of employment, and birthdate.

Security Dashboard

In the Password Boss security dashboard, you can find data about the “health” of your password pool. Password Boss reviews your logic credentials to check which ones are weak, duplicates, old, or compromised.

The service also provides dark web monitoring. You can run scans for your passwords and emails to identify compromised information.

Built-in Two-Factor Authenticator

You can add an extra layer of protection to your Password Boss account by enabling two-factor authentication. Password Boss’ 2FA capability doesn’t end there, however.

The service comes with a built-in authenticator that you can use to add 2FA to accounts on compatible websites.

It works similarly to Google authenticator. When you add 2FA with it, it’ll automatically save and autofill it whenever you need to access the relevant account.

Emergency Access

Emergency access lets you choose contacts that can get access to your account after a delay, either because something has happened to you or you’ve lost your login credentials.

Although it is a common feature, it has a unique aspect. You can grant full access to all your items or grant access only to specific items, i.e., a particular Password Boss password.

Password Boss Setup

Setting up the software is simple. Before doing anything else, including creating an account, we had to download Password Boss and install the desktop app. Once that was done, we created an account and set our master password—the only password we need to remember.

After that, Password Boss pushed the browser extension to install and we began importing our passwords.

Password Management

So far in this Password Boss review, we discussed the basics of the app. Now it’s time to get into the specifics of how passwords are generated, changed, imported, and captured.

Password Generator

So how does Password Boss generate password sets? If you want to test the generator out without signing up, you can create up to five passwords at a time for free on

When in the app, you can create complex passwords by selecting the generator from the tools menu or the browser plugin.

Passwords can be up to 40 characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols.

Password Changing

When doing a password change, Password Boss won’t whisk you off to the site in question like some other services. You’ll have to do the leg work.

The process is simple enough, though. Just log in and use the password generator to create a new one. The Password Boss Chrome extension will automatically save it.

Password Importation/Capture

To create your password pool, you can either add passwords manually, import them via CSV files, or capture them as you go.

To facilitate the process, Password Boss offers a number of CSV templates you can download to import passwords and even other credentials, like account information.


Password Boss’ autofill works like a charm. When entering a site, the app will automatically fill in your details and log you in. It perhaps works a little too well.

If you’re not quick enough when signing out, the Password Boss app will review the site and log you back in instantly.

This can be annoying if you have multiple credentials for the same site saved in your password vault app. For the best results, you should disable the autofill function. You’ll still be able to do one-click logins and choose from your list of accounts.


Next in our Password Boss password manager review, we take a look at what Password Boss does to protect your online security.


Like any good encrypted password manager, Password Boss encryption is the industry-standard AES-256.

This means that all your data is decrypted on your side. So even if someone were to hack into Password Boss and get your data, it’d be useless to them.


You can set up multi-factor authentication, in this case, two-factor authentication (2FA), to protect your account. You’ll then need to enter your master password and 2FA code to get in.

Password Boss lets you input a backup phone number in case you can’t use your primary device and a one-time unlock code. Keep it safe.

Account Recovery

If you’ve changed your master password in under 14 days before you lose access, Password Boss reviews your account, so you can reset it and use your old master password to get back in.

This is the most you can hope for, as Password Boss’ account recovery options are limited. If you lose your master password and haven’t backed it up in the past 14 days, you’ll only be able to regain access with an account reset.

This will see you losing all your data.

Password Boss on Desktop

The Password Boss desktop app is the core tool you’ll be using with this service. As mentioned, you’ll need it to create an account unless you’re using the mobile version only.

The app is available for Mac and Windows, but you won’t find Password Boss for Chromebook.

Password Boss Windows

The Windows app downloads and installs quickly.

Despite the large number of folders in it, it’s very easy to navigate. You can sort through them and shuffle your passwords around as need be.

Password Boss Mac

The Mac version is just as easy to install and set up.

The biggest difference we noticed was that switching between desktop and mobile was more streamlined when using iOS.

This makes sense, seeing that Macs and iPhones/iPads are built to work with each other.

Password Boss Mobile

The mobile apps are all-inclusive. Simply install them and the autofill will kick in for browsers and supported apps.

Naturally, password synchronization between devices and biometric logins are available too.

Password Boss for Android

The Android app has a 3.8-star rating on Google Play. At the time of writing, the app is a bit buggy. 

The master password doesn’t register sometimes and the app crashes occasionally.

In terms of utility, though, it does have everything you need.

Password Boss for iOS

The iOS app has a 4.4-star rating on the Apple App Store. It’s available for both iPhones and iPads. The app works extremely well.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have Apple Watch support, unlike some other services.

Password Boss Extensions for Browsers

Password Boss is available on most popular browsers, like Chrome. There’s Password Boss Microsoft Edge, Password Boss Safari for Apple fans, and even a Password Boss Opera extension.

They all work in the same way. They give you access to the password generator, a quick menu for all your passwords, and even all your folders. Autofill and capture are managed here too.

What We Disliked

Although we didn’t encounter many Password Boss problems while testing the service, we do have two complaints.

No Standalone Password Boss Browser Extension

Although this is only a minor inconvenience, it’s a shame Password Boss doesn’t have a web-only experience.

The desktop app has to be active for you to be able to use the browser extension. Some of the best apps for passwords we’ve looked at offer standalone browser experiences for ease of use.

Limited Account Recovery Options

This issue is more troubling. Many other apps for password management provide emergency account access through the emergency contact feature.

It’s strange then that Password Boss offers emergency contacts but doesn’t give emergency access through that feature.

Password Boss Price Plans


This version gives you access to all basic functions for one device. You can save unlimited passwords, share with up to five contacts, and autofill billing information. Storage is restricted to local only, however.


The package includes every feature mentioned in our review, along with the ability to remove devices remotely.


The Password Boss Family Plan offers the same as the Premium subscription but for up to five users.

This package is basically the same as the premium one, but it comes with separate storage for business and personal data. Group management is also included, along with standard reporting.

The Advanced subscription offers the same as the standard, plus backup, audit tracking, and advanced reporting.

All plans are billed annually. While no Password Boss discount is available through the website at the time of writing, you can find several options through third-party stores.

Password Boss Support

Support for Password Boss users comes in the form of an extensive knowledge base and via email. When we contacted the team, the response took a few hours, but it was very thorough.

Password Boss’ phone line is specifically for sales inquiries and billing information.

Password Boss Reviews by Users

We looked at some user reviews online to see what others think about Password Boss. We discovered that customer opinions about the desktop app are scarce. It appears that more users choose the mobile version.

The company has 4.4 stars on G2 and 3.5 stars on Trustpilot. People praised the ease of use of the service but would like to see the option for a purely web-based experience.

We couldn’t find a dedicated Password Boss review on Reddit. Mentions of the company mainly appear in discussions about the best online password manager services.

Is Password Boss Worth It?

In a Google password manager vs Password Boss showdown, Boss takes the victory. It’s a solid password manager that has everything you need.

The paid plan isn’t staggered and gives you access to all features, so it’s definitely worth it. It’s only held back by its lack of recovery options.

Some folks might find having the desktop app open all the time cumbersome too.

But these are minor issues that don’t impede the overall performance of the software.

Password Boss Alternatives

In case you’re not sold on Password Boss, we’ve lined up a few alternatives.

Password Boss vs 1Password

1Password is the safest password manager for business, with its Secrets Automation feature.

That said, if you’re only interested in a personal account, the Password Boss cost is significantly cheaper, seeing as both services bill annually.

Password Boss vs LastPass

LastPass is in the running for the best cross-platform password manager. While Password Boss also offers password synchronization across platforms, LastPass’ capabilities are more seamless. When it comes to price, though, the former is cheaper.

Password Boss vs RoboForm

In terms of features, these two services are on par. The main differences are that RoboForm allows the creation of longer passwords and is far cheaper—roughly half the price of Password Boss.

Our Final Verdict

While it won’t win our best password manager 2022 award, Password Boss is a great service.

We recommend it primarily for personal use and families. Its business plans can cost as little as $3 per user and are quite alright.

All in all, we can conclude our Password Boss review for 2022 with a wholehearted recommendation.

Who makes the best password manager?

While there are many great password managers available, we believe Dashlane is the best for the range of features it packs.

How secure is Password Boss?

With 2FA and AES-256 encryption, Password Boss is extremely secure. Your data is protected on its servers and on your devices.

How much does Password Boss cost?

The Password Boss fee starts at $2.50 a month. But note that billing is annual, so you’ll pay $30 total. A free version is available. For a full breakdown of costs, please see the price table in our Password Boss review above.

How much is Password Boss premium?

This is the cheapest one of the Password Boss plans, at $2.50/month. With prices like that, you don’t even need a Password Boss premium discount.

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