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Step this way to learn about the password manager that has it all! LogMeOnce offers eight different methods for two-factor authentication, including hardware-based USB configuration. With a range of advanced features and solid support, you’ll be protected in every situation imaginable.
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Best for:
  • Good analytics
  • Anti-theft measures
  • Good web interface
  • Multiple two-factor authentication options
  • Fractured price plans
  • Too many auxiliary features

The average person has about 80 passwords keeping them safe.

That’s a lot to juggle!

Luckily, password managers are there to pick up the slack and protect us against identity theft. LogMeOnce goes one step further.

Join us for this in-depth LogMeOnce review as we take a look at what this particular solution has to offer.

What Is LogMeOnce?

LogMeOnce is a lesser-known but secure password manager.

Its zero-knowledge architecture means that your privacy is guaranteed and your passwords are protected by a master password only you know.

It has the core features you’d expect, like a password generator and storage. On top of that, however, LogMeOnce adds a few eccentric tools, such as the ability to mess with hackers that are trying to mess with you.

Read on for the full details of this peculiar service.

LogMeOnce Best Features

While the LogMeOnce password manager is at the core of the service, it has some additional functionalities that work to improve your online security and provide convenience.

Admittedly, some of these are a little out there, but we’ll circle back to that later in the review.

Encrypted File Storage

LogMeOnce offers secure storage, starting at a few MBs on the free plan up to 10GB on paid plans.

You can either use the native cloud-based LogMeOnce storage or integrate it with Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, or OneDrive to encrypt any files you keep with those services.

For convenience, you can save files in folders tagged for specific websites and apps. We’ll discuss the particulars of encryption and the offline mode later in our LogMeOnce review.

Dark Web Monitoring

Your identity could be compromised without you even knowing until it’s too late. That’s why LogMeOnce will scan the dark web to see if any accounts linked to your email addresses show up there.

Your first scan is free. We tested it out and were relieved to discover we haven’t been pwned. If you want unlimited access to dark web monitoring, it’ll cost an extra $1.67 per month regardless of what plan you’re on.

Master Password Policy

You can create a LogMeOnce master password policy for yourself and other users on your account.

This feature allows you to specify how long the password is valid for before it expires and a new one must be created. You can also set a minimum password length and stipulate what character types it should contain.

Seeing as the password generator does all the work, this is simply to help ensure even the least tech-savvy are getting the most protection on your network.

Daily Journal

This is a feature we’ve seen requested by users of other password managers we’ve looked at. The daily journal is an analytics report generated as LogMeOnce reviews your activity and password pool.

It’ll tell you how many unprotected, unsaved, single sign-on, successful, and failed logins you’ve had in a day. You can also see the total number and strength of your passwords.

Anti-Theft Measures

LogMeOnce has all basic anti-theft features, like multi-factor authentication, plus some proprietary tools, such as “LogMeOnce Shock” and “LogMeOnce MugShot.” Both of these focus on taking practical action against potential hackers.

A map is also available, so you can track the devices you use LogMeOnce on via your browser.

The “MugShot” tool will use your device’s cameras to take a photo of anyone attempting to log in without authorization.

Shock,” on the other hand, will give you limited access to a sloppy hacker’s device.

That way, you can collect data, issue warnings, blare loud music, and even vibrate their device to scare them off.

The data you gather can be forwarded to authorities if you need to take action.

LogMeOnce Setup

LogMeOnce’s setup process is simple. We began by making an account. All we had to do was create our master password and set a security question. The latter seems like kind of an old measure, but extra protection is always good.

Once that was done, we installed the browser extension. Later in our LogMeOnce review, we discuss the desktop plug-in, as there isn’t a full desktop app.

On the first startup, a tutorial overlay appeared to walk us through the setup and familiarize us with the interface. We needed it, too, as the UI is a little cluttered, and it’s easy to get lost at first. A customizable dock is available at the bottom of the screen for quick access.

Password Management

In this section, we walk you through how passwords are generated, how you can capture and import existing passwords, and how to change them if need be.

LogMeOnce password management is solid, but we did hit a few bumps.

Password Generator

The password generator lets you create complex passwords of up to 50 characters. You can choose to have uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols included.

The software will also assign each password a rating depending on how strong it is, as well as the approximate time it’ll take to crack it.

We found the time rating to be a little inconsistent. When playing around with the tool, we’d often get a password rated as “strong” even though it could be cracked in a few minutes.

Fluff aside, the generator is great and it’s often praised by users in LogMeOnce reviews.

Password Changer

For a password change, you can click passwords deemed weak by LogMeOnce and it’ll take you directly to the site or app concerned.

While it works well enough, we occasionally found it a bit slow, depending on the site. Sometimes it was quicker to open the website in a separate window on our own.

Once or twice, we received an error forcing us to refresh the page.

Password Capture

To capture passwords, you can import them wholesale from other services or your browsers, manually enter them one by one, or, most conveniently, capture them as you go.

All you need to do is log in to a site or app and LogMeOnce will save the password for you.


LogMeOnce makes logging in the easiest part of using the password manager. You simply have to click on a login box to allow the software to fill in the information automatically.

But the autofill option isn’t limited to passwords. The software also provides a “secure wallet” feature that allows you to store banking card information for a smooth online shopping experience.


For your online security needs, LogMeOnce sports the highest industry-standard encryption. It also offers a formidable range of multi-factor authentication options and a conventional approach to account recovery.


LogMeOnce encrypts all your data with AES-256 military-grade encryption. Information is decrypted on your end, so LogMeOnce doesn’t know what services and apps you’re using.


Concerning authentication with LogMeOnce, there’s a lot to review. The service comes with eight different 2FA methods. All the basics, such as one-time pins, are included. But the service also provides a secure flash drive, a security dongle, and even X.509 certificates.

Whichever one you prefer, LogMeOnce has you covered.

Account Recovery

LogMeOnce takes a more conventional approach to account recovery. Your first line of retrieval is your security question. Next in line is email recovery. You can also set a phone number as a third recovery option.

Finally, you can generate an emergency key. For peace of mind, you can generate a new key to render the old one defunct.

This feature is even included in the LogMeOnce free plan.

LogMeOnce on Desktop

LogMeOnce doesn’t have a desktop app per se. Instead, it offers a plug-in called LogMeOnce Tools” that can be used by those who prefer offline password managers.

From there, you can configure peripherals, such as the 2FA USB sticks we mentioned.

LogMeOnce on Windows

You’ll be prompted to download “LogMeOnce Tools” if you try to switch your storage method from “cloud based”—the default—to “offline.”

While the plugin offers functionality, it’s really more for storing data securely offline. In your day-to-day operations, you’ll still be using the web-based app most of the time.

LogMeOnce on Mac

The LogMeOnce desktop app for Mac offers the same functionality but is better equipped for day-to-day use than the Windows plug-in.

The main difference is presentation. The Mac app is a lot shinier, with features like the password generator being reskinned as the “password dial.” It’s the same thing, but instead of using a slider to set password strength, you spin a circular dial.

LogMeOnce on Mobile Devices

You can download LogMeOnce on both iOS and Android.

The apps allow you to manage passwords on the go and use biometrics like “selfie” logins and password synchronization between devices.

LogMeOnce on iOS

The iOS app works well and offers secure mobile browsing. Of course, all the core features of the web app are available.

As mentioned, you can use a selfie login to access the app with a photo of your face. “Mugshot” is also supported in case your device is stolen, so you can see whoever tries to log in.

LogMeOnce on Android

The Android app offers everything the iOS app does, but its performance isn’t as good. Occasionally, you may have to re-enter credentials, which can be tiresome.

Updates are rolled out frequently, though, so we can only hope performance improves.

LogMeOnce Browser Extensions

You can use LogMeOnce on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. As mentioned, they’re the primary access point to LogMeOnce, as it’s a predominantly web-based app.

The extensions provide quick access to every site you have listed and the password generator at all times.

What We Disliked

The things we disliked while testing the app for our LogMeOnce review are mostly issues with volume and pricing structure.

Allow us to explain.

Fractured Price Plans

LogMeOnce has a free version and a number of scaling paid subscriptions. However, certain features, such as dark web monitoring, cost extra regardless of the plan you’re on.

This is a break from the industry standard of more inclusive packages. Dark web monitoring is important, so it’d be great if the LogMeOnce price plans were more concise and inclusive.

Overwhelming Feature Set

Sometimes too much can be a bad thing. While LogMeOnce has many good features, it has a lot of extras we didn’t mention that most people won’t use.

For example, you can choose to book your next login so that anyone who tries to log in outside of those times will be flagged. Anyone without access will be flagged anyway and the time locks don’t keep you out, so it’s hard to see the point.

The interface is cluttered with tools that advanced users won’t need and new users will feel overwhelmed by.

LogMeOnce might benefit from a bit of spring cleaning.

LogMeOnce Pricing Plans

LogMeOnce’s plans are split into personal and business offerings.


This package includes nearly everything we mentioned with certain limits (e.g., only 1MB encrypted storage). It excludes analytics, the productivity dock, and anti-theft protection. It also displays adverts.


This plan offers everything mentioned, except anti-theft.


The Ultimate subscription will get you all features listed above, plus anti-theft and remote logout.


For a very reasonable LogMeOnce fee, you get access to all these tools for up to six users on a single account.

Team & Business

This plan offers single sign-on, custom branding, and a secure vault for each user, as well as the usual features.


In addition to the features of the previous subscriptions, this one includes delegated administration.


The most advanced plan includes dark web monitoring, as well as more advanced administration for your company, including geolocation features.

With all other packages, the dark web monitoring feature is available through LogMeOnce for an additional cost of $1.67 for individuals and $3.34 for families. Remember, with the free plan, you can get the password manager for free and chip in for an ID theft protection service to get a complete online security package.


LogMeOnce support is quick. Our queries were answered on average within 15 minutes. Do note that free plans can expect slightly slower times. Responses are prioritized by payment plan.

The answers we received were helpful and concise and we were even able to use screenshots for particularly tricky issues.

Support is available via an email ticket system. Comprehensive video tutorials are also provided in the Support Center.

LogMeOnce User Reviews

To find out how other users feel about LogMeOnce, we at Web Tribunal read through numerous LogMeOnce reviews. The service receives mostly favorable comments, with a five-star rating on Capterra and a four-star rating on G2.

Customers praise the company’s password management and generation features. Their complaints align with ours: mainly that the service is a little cluttered with extra features that aren’t that useful.

The average LogMeOnce Reddit review focuses on the use of peripherals. We wondered why and after some digging discovered that LogMeOnce ran a Kickstarter a while back to raise funding. Some of the rewards were LogMeOnce brand secure USB sticks.

Is LogMeOnce Worth It?

LogMeOnce is a solid password manager, there’s no disputing that. It’ll generate complex passwords and organize and autofill them for you.

The only grips we had were the pricing being a bit fragmented and the overabundance of extra features.

But, hey, perhaps there’s a niche feature you’ll like.

Seeing as it’s got a free plan and a trial for paid features, you can give it a go.

LogMeOnce Alternatives

If you’d like to see what other apps for password management are available, consider these alternatives to LogMeOnce.

LogMeOnce vs 1Password

One of 1Password’s main draws is its proprietary travel mode, which secures your data while traveling internationally.

Both services are on par with price, but if you’re frequently on the go, 1Password may be a better choice for you.

LogMeOnce vs LastPass

LastPass and LogMeOnce have similar prices, but LastPass’ plans are more inclusive.

The other differences are subtle. Dark web monitoring is included in every LastPass plan, while LogMeOnce’s 2FA is more versatile.

Choose the right solution for you depending on your needs.

Our Final Verdict

While LogMeOnce has a lot of extras, its core functionality is solid too. Affordable, safe, and with advanced features, it’s easily the best password manager in 2022 in terms of security.

The service stands out with its ability to configure 2FA on USB sticks and store all your passwords offline.

Before we wrap up our LogMeOnce review for 2022, we give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How Secure Is LogMeOnce?

With military-grade AES-256 encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure. For extra protection, you can store your data offline with “LogMeOnce Tools.”

Is LogMeOnce Safe?

Yes, LogMeOnce is safe. Through the use of a master password only you know, your data is secure. Its wide range of 2FA options will also ensure that if someone does get your login credentials, they still won’t be able to access your account.

Is LogMeOnce Free?

Yes. LogMeOnce has a free version with limited functionality. For the full price plan offerings, please check our LogMeOnce review above.

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