New OneDrive App Has Faster Syncing for Windows on ARM and M1 Macs 

Published · Dec 11, 2021

Microsoft has released a new OneDrive sync app that promises faster syncing for Windows running on ARM and M1 Macs. Currently, the app is available for public preview as an opt-in download and runs natively on both device types.

The app is a move to 64bit for Windows, which is great for users that need to move large files. It will also improve performance because it’ll be running natively instead of being emulated.

This new app comes after Dropbox, a strong rival to OneDrive, revealed it’s testing its own native app. Its current app for M1 Macs runs through Rosetta.

Speeding up Cloud Storage

Quality cloud storage solutions are a necessity nowadays, especially for businesses. When configured correctly, they can protect precious data from loss either to human error, hardware failure, or theft.

It also makes work easier for the rapidly rising remote working style. Teams can collaborate around the world and individuals can seamlessly access data at home or in the office without having to carry devices around.

OneDrive is a great solution for businesses due to its collaborative tools. However, it has stiff competition from a host of other big and small companies.

Contested space is ultimately good for consumers. It drives innovation, such as the new app discussed above.

According to a recent Microsoft announcement, the new app is available for public preview. Previewers can test it following the instructions in the piece.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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