AWS Outages Affect Large Parts of the Internet

Published · Dec 08, 2021

A string of outages hit AWS beginning 12:00 ET on December 7th, 2021. The incident saw large parts of the AWS network go down and affected a number of third-party services. These include Facebook, Disney Plus, and of course, Amazon services, such as Alexa, Prime Video, Ring, and Chime.

Initial findings show that the issue appears to center on the AWS US East-1 region hosted in Virginia. Users in the US, Europe, and Asia reported issues, while others were entirely unaffected.

AWS is the biggest cloud provider in the world, holding roughly 30% of the cloud market. Naturally, any issues would affect large swaths of the internet.

The list of impacted AWS services includes EC2, Chime, Timestream, and DynamoDB, to name a few. The AWS Management Console and Support Center are also displaying errors. At the time of writing, the situation is still ongoing. However, AWS has launched mitigation efforts, restoring some stability.

Wide Space

AWS occupies a wide part of the internet. It provides all tools one could need for cloud computing, from hosting to storage. On top of that, it partners with many smaller companies to help them deliver solutions like managed cloud hosting.

It is on an increased rise over the past year in particular. It won a government contract in the UK and a US DoD contract along with Microsoft. Plus, it is on trial for another in Japan.

Multiplying influence and strength helps a company deliver better and sometimes cheaper solutions due to cost of scale. However, it also means breakdowns are bigger.

The situation is ongoing, but AWS appears to have a handle on it. Hopefully, as it faces greater challenges, it will get better at responding efficiently and quickly.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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