T-Mobile Suffers a Second Data Breach for 2021

Published · Dec 29, 2021

T-Mobile reported a second instance of “unauthorized activity” in 2021. A relatively small set of customer accounts were affected.

The security breach is considerably smaller than the one the mobile carrier experienced in August 2021. Back then, the account data of nearly 48 million customers was stolen.

This time around, the number of compromised accounts was not disclosed. T-Mobile has sent notification emails to the affected users.

It is unclear what kind of data was stolen.

Online Overexposure Arouses Concerns

While the August theft was massive and caused an FCC investigation, it is far from the biggest data breaches recorded.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of modern times. The instances of hacked accounts and massive user databases abound, making ID protection tools a necessity rather than a luxury.

In the first data breach of 2021, T-Mobile offered the afflicted users McAfee’s ID Protection for free, but now there is no such compensation disclosed.

That indicates that the type of data stolen wasn’t that sensitive. All the same, email addresses and other ID identifiers can be used for social engineering. So, if you are among the affected T-Mobile customers, make sure to take all the steps possible to stay safe online in 2022.

Nick Galov
Nick Galov

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