Microsoft Previews New App Service Automatic Scaling for Azure

Published · Nov 24, 2021

Microsoft has launched a preview of “Azure App Service Automatic Scaling.” The tool will replace the existing Azure autoscale feature. Now the platform will manage autoscaling itself.

Users can enable the tool through Azure’s command-line interface or resource management templates. Its purpose is to automatically scale up or down the number of instances running according to ongoing demands.

Developers will be able to set limits and minimums on the service to avoid bottlenecks and going over budget.

This automatic scaling takes precedence over existing Autoscale rules and schedules. Additionally, Microsoft recommends disabling health checks on the web app to avoid unnecessary fluctuations in HTTP traffic.

Every Evolving Clouds

Cloud tech is here to stay, and its adoption grows year on year. In fact, over 90% of enterprises now use the cloud, with government departments lagging at just over 50%.

Big cloud providers are always looking for ways to optimize their platforms. This gives rise to new features like this one. Azure’s rival, Amazon Web Services, recently introduced its own tool called “predictive scaling.”

However, reactions to tools like this often are mixed.

Veteran developers often prefer to do the tasks they perform manually, in conjunction with other solutions like network monitoring.

Granted, these tools can hinder the customizability experienced consumers enjoy. They do, however, make the use of these systems easier and cheaper for inexperienced users.

This is a necessary step to making cloud tech more accessible to small businesses. This is especially true for companies that are still switching over and can’t afford to pay a team to run it for them.

That said, these tools aren’t quite “self running” yet. More developments are sure to follow

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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