Amazon Web Services Bases Next Version of Its Linux Distro on Fedora

Published · Nov 30, 2021

Amazon has released an early version of its new Linux distribution—Amazon Linux 3. The new distribution is based on Red Hat’s Fedora Linux. Amazon has been trying to incorporate Red Hat’s Linux for a while, making this a big moment.

The public cloud mostly runs on Linux. Big providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure allow users to run a number of distributions (distros). Linux is an operating system that powers the vast majority of web servers.

Amazon’s new distro (also called AL2022) will use Fedora as a basis, making it very stable. Amazon has done a lot of testing on it for the best performance. It will naturally provide package stability and security updates, along with integrations for a number of AWS tools.

The updates will be quarterly and “flexible”. Updates are locked to specific versions of the repository, meaning users will only need to update when moving.

It’s available now in all AWS commercial regions. It will be supported for five years, i.e. should you adopt it now, you’ll benefit from regular updates until 2027.

Open Source OS

Linux is the operating system that powers the Web.

Over 90% of all cloud infrastructure runs on Linux, and even end-user adoption is on the rise. Linux was somewhat infamous for its lack of gaming support, but that’s quickly changing as progress is made to bring it up to speed.

This move by AWS should give it more of an edge, not that it needs it. AWS already holds roughly 31% of the global cloud market. Initial impressions are positive, with updates sure to follow.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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