The Vatican to Relaunch “Click to Pray” App in Bid to Connect the World Through Prayer

Published · Oct 25, 2021

The Vatican will relaunch its Click to Pray app at the beginning of November 2021. Click to Pray 2.0 boasts improved and expanded features and is currently undergoing a closed beta in the run-up to the relaunch.

The original app, available for iOS and Android, was released in 2016. Since then, more than 2.5 million people worldwide have downloaded it. It gives users access to daily messages and prayers from the pope and allows them to send prayers to each other.

Additionally, it offers features like prayer instructions which people can follow along with while praying, for example, the rosary. Before rolling it out to the general public, the app is undergoing beta testing with nuns and priests worldwide.

Some additions include more languages, the ability to create custom prayer schedules, and links to outside organizations approved by or affiliated with the Vatican.

Religion Online

Religion has been professed online since the inception of the internet. At first, it started with church websites built with regular website builders. However, it soon became so prevalent it spawned specialist church website building solutions.

And it didn’t stop there. Virtual spaces like Second Life and even the ever-popular VRChat often host religious gatherings and ceremonies like baptisms. Christianity isn’t alone in digitizing either.

Apps that contain readings from the Quran and Islamic prayer time reminders are popular around the world. Those wishing to explore spirituality can find numerous apps that guide meditation or offer tarot and astrology readings.

With Charismatic Christianity taking off, it’s also common to see Christian merch stores, which call on secular ecommerce hosting solutions. Common secular tools can even be appropriate to fulfill religious needs. For example, live chat software can replace the in-person confessional.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many feeling isolated, especially those of advanced ages who are at greater risk, and coincidentally, also the most likely to attend church.

With that in mind, many Catholics around the world are likely eagerly awaiting the arrival of Click to Pray 2.0.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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