NAVER Aims to Become Asia’s Third Biggest Cloud Provider

Published · Sep 22, 2021

NAVER, Korea’s answer to Google, announced it aims to become Asia’s third-biggest cloud provider and shoot for a greater global presence. Its plans range from the expected—Cloud data boxes—to the innovative—”Robot as a service.”

NAVER began as a web portal. After adding a search feature, it turned into the majority holder of the web market share in South Korea. In 2021, it holds 56.89%, while Google has only 33.3%. This makes South Korea one of the few places where Google isn’t the dominant presence.

Despite its strength in its home territory, the service’s cloud revenue is relatively small. Cloud hosting providers like Alibaba, Azure, and AWS are the leaders in most Asian countries. Compared to their revenue, NAVER’s $234 million for 2020 seems minor.

For the time being, the NAVER Cloud Platform only operates in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It’ll soon expand into Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

NAVER’s immediate plan is to reinvest 80% of its revenue into technological development to strengthen and diversify its offerings.

Cloud Conquest

The NAVER Cloud Platform offers a wide variety of services. Similarly to other providers, it has cloud storage solutions for smaller teams and businesses. To that, it adds cloud computing and AI services.

In fact, AI will be the main focus for NAVER going forward. The company plans to improve and integrate AI into existing services to increase their utility.

It also offers game server hosting and virtual private clouds (VPC). VPCs are similar to VPSs, but instead of one server, they provide an entire cloud environment.

Looking at the wide range of NAVER’s offerings, it’s clear the service is up to the task. Still, it has stiff competition.

Giants Azure, AWS, and Alibaba are still expanding in the Asia region and abroad. Other competitors like Google are also gearing up to grow. For now, NAVER has set its sight on expanding physically to America’s coasts and Germany.

With a solid domestic stronghold and good offerings, NAVER is sure to make ground, especially in the ever-growing cloud sphere.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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