Gartner Reports on Future of Cloud Services

Published · Aug 07, 2021

End-user spending on cloud solutions is expected to surpass $480 billion next year. Research and advisory firm Gartner says that four main trends are shaping the future of the public cloud services market.

The first one is cloud ubiquity, which is at the basis of a huge part of the technology used today. Many firms now deploy their software services or provide hosting via the cloud. This tech has now become a mainstay in nearly every industry.

The second trend is the rise of regional cloud systems formed around local laws and regulations about tech. Their existence is beneficial not just to the companies within them but to outside parties as well.

Seeking cloud solutions, like storage or managed hosting, in a region other than one’s own can offer certain benefits—avoiding data seizure, for example. Basing a company in another country is extremely common for services like VPNs mostly for this reason.

The third trend, sustainability, is not inherent to the cloud market itself. Rather, it is a factor that tech industries at large have begun to deal with.

Under increasing regulation, cloud service providers will have to innovate to meet carbon emission goals. Failure to do so could see them penalized or have clientele seeking “greener-minded” competitors.

The last trend is AI, with a promise to improve technology across the board, speed it up, and refine automation. AI-driven cloud solutions will further improve the speed of their operations and deployment.

Shift Away From the Physical

The days of being dependent on one specific machine are long gone—any particular piece of hardware can become a changeable facade. The ability to back up and store data in the cloud provides unlimited security from physical hazards that could befall a business or individual.

The trends detailed in Gartner’s report are good indicators of the growing strength and adoption of this technology.

This, taken along with industry heavyweights expanding offerings, shows a promising, accelerating future for cloud services.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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