Amazon WorkSpaces Now Supports Web Access

Published · Aug 06, 2021

In a bid to improve service, buff its adoption rate, and ultimately stay competitive in the cloud scene, Amazon added web access to Amazon WorkSpaces via its WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol.

Amazon Workspaces is a cloud-based virtual desktop service, which allows people to use the same “machine,” with all its data, programs, etc., from a number of different devices, as long as they’re compatible.

Until recently, logging in to an Amazon WorkSpace required the download of a client. But with this new move by Amazon, that’s no longer the case.

Now users can reach Amazon WorkSpaces through web browsers on supported Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. The change was announced in a blog post by the company at the tail end of July 2021.

Amazon acknowledged that the work environment is changing, so its virtualization services have to keep up with the quality of its other offerings, like cloud hosting and storage.

Dense Atmosphere

Amazon’s web accessibility update is well-timed, seeing as Microsoft just launched a virtual PC of its own. The first impressions have begun rolling in.

Cloud technology is a huge tentpole for the future of the tech industry at large. Businesses and individual consumers alike rely on it for everything from backing up their data to the use of streaming services.

The wrinkles are being ironed out, as some things are easier to get cloud-bound than others. Cloud storage, for example, is fairly simple to get compared to something like a cloud-based machine responding in real-time.

Still, the cloud market is set to swell. There are already many prominent cloud service providers seeking to up their game like Amazon just has.

In the meantime, fresh faces look to make inroads into the industry as the tech becomes more accessible and infrastructure expands.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

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