TikTok Gives Resume Feature a Trial Run

Published · Jul 17, 2021

Soon TikTok may be useful for more than just entertainment—the platform is currently testing out a resume pilot program. With it, users can apply for jobs at participating companies by sending a video resume to recruiters through TikTok.

According to the company, this program is a response to a natural rise in content related to careers and the workplace. TikTok wants to increase the utility of the platform by opening it up to serve as a channel for recruitment.

The move is timely, seeing as Gen-Z, who are often stereotyped as being obsessive about their smartphones, have begun entering the workforce. What’s more, this happens at a time when in-person meetings face complications in most regions due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions.

Cyber-Job Hunting

The daunting process of job searching has been made easier with the introduction of new tech that allows people to scan through thousands of postings in minutes. But it’s also more strenuous in that everyone has access to it, boosting competition.

Solutions like TikTok Resumes could help individuals stand out. But this isn’t the only platform being used in this way.

LinkedIn’s main purpose is to serve employment needs. It’s also not uncommon to see more informal activity elsewhere, with fresh graduates posting their qualifications on Twitter, for example.

Corporations certainly seem eager to engage with the new avenue. Companies such as Chipoltle, Target, and Shopify are already on board with TikTok’s pilot program.

Given the popularity of background check services and people search sites among recruiting agencies, it’s likely that more large employers will follow suit. Having someone apply through their social media account can save both time and effort on a background check.

For now, the TikTok resumes pilot program will be running from July 7 through to July 31, 2021.

Garan van Rensburg
Garan van Rensburg

Garan is a writer interested in how tech reshapes the environment, and how the environment reshapes tech. You'll usually find him inoculating against future shock and arguing with bots.