G-Core Labs CDN Review—Fast Speeds, Stable Connections, and More

Updated · Mar 06, 2023

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Your clients deserve the best content, delivered fast—and G-Core Labs can make it happen. It has worldwide coverage, amazing response time, a free plan, and 24/7 support, all wrapped in a neat interface. Check out this content delivery solution, fine-tuned for entertainment, in our G-Core Labs review!
120+ locations
Response time:
24/7 email, live chat, phone
Network capacity:
75+ tbps
Key features:
Great interface, multiple integrations, DDoS protection, secure connection, 14-day trial, instant purge
Starts at: €0
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Best for:
  • Fantastic speeds
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple integrations
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Overwhelming for new users
  • 24/7 support for pricier plans only

Even a second is enough to make a potential user click away for something faster—that’s why your service needs an excellent content delivery network (CDN).

The right CDN brings your content closer to your users, ensuring a streamlined delivery for you and the quickest access possible for them.

Join us as we look at a CDN with worldwide coverage and mind-blowing speeds in our G-Core Labs review.

What Is G-Core Labs?

G-Core Labs is a Luxembourg-based CDN provider that’s great for entertainment vendors—like gaming and streaming networks—but it accommodates other online services, too.

The CDN has truly global coverage, with connection points in every timezone and a 100% guaranteed uptime.

Plus, it offers blistering speeds, 24/7 support, and a generous free trial so you can get started in a flash.

G-Core Labs Features

G-Core Labs boasts a range of features, all geared towards ensuring fast, stable delivery to every corner of the world.

Below, we’ve prepped a round-up of some of the CDN’s best features, from its great response times and tight security to the slick interface you’ll be using to access it all.

Let’s get into our G-Core Labs review!

Great Interface

Starting with the basics, G-Core Labs’ interface is great. It’s got a neat, modern design, with all of G-Core Labs’ services stacked on the left for easy navigation.

When you click on “CDN”, another menu slides out, giving you access to all the related features. There’s also a visual indicator of how much traffic you have left as well as an ever-present support button, which connects you with an agent within seconds.

Excellent Response Time

G-Core Labs’ response time is impressive, to say the least. As a baseline, it offers 30ms worldwide from all G-Core Labs server locations, but speeds can actually be as fast as 3-5ms in some markets.

That’s crazy!

Ultimately, if we had to compare, G-Core Labs’ slowest speeds are faster than some competitors’ fastest speeds, so you’re getting an amazing deal no matter where you’re located.

Worldwide Coverage

While G-Core Labs doesn’t have as many locations as some of its competitors, it does have one of the best coverage spreads we’ve seen.

It currently boasts 120+ points of presence—and plans to add 20+ more—on six continents, meaning that G-Core Labs’ performance is fast and stable all around the world.

G-Core Labs Free Account

G-Core Labs offers a great free plan. It allows you access to 28 points of presence, 1TB of free traffic per month, and a low overcharge of €0.0025 per GB. In terms of support, though, you’re on your own, with only the knowledge base as your backup.

For this reason, the CDN is a bit of a double-edged sword for new users, but we’ll discuss that later on in our review.

Excellent Security

This CDN has tight security with built-in defenses against DDoS attacks, malware, and bots, all to guarantee a 100% uptime in the face of any threats.

While testing the service out, we were pleased to discover that G-Core Labs offers SSL certificates for free.

All you have to do is scroll down to the SSL certificates tab and create one. This is great added value, seeing as SSLs can often cost you tens or hundreds of dollars, depending on where you purchase them.

100% Uptime

The company is ready to maintain a 100% stable uptime no matter what. The security measures we just mentioned as well as the load balancing feature ensure not even overload poses a threat to G-Core Labs CDN's performance.

Load balancing spreads traffic between multiple points of presence to ensure none of them is overwhelmed, leading to a crash or slowdown.

This, combined with G-Core Labs’ wide coverage, means that the load will be evenly balanced, with minimal speed loss at even the busiest periods.

What We Disliked

While our experience with G-Core Labs was great, it may pose a challenge to newer users, especially those with a free G-Core Labs account.

Overwhelming for New Users

G-Core Labs is an attractive option for new users—it has a user-friendly interface, streamlined tools, and, of course, the G-Core Labs free plan.

But the variety of tools can be a bit overwhelming and, to make the most of them, you need some know-how.

In other words, there’s a learning curve that you’ll pretty much have to overcome on your own, seeing as the 24/7 support is only available on premium plans.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker.

It just means that, if you’re a new user, you’ll have to approach the service with diligence and prepare to learn.

G-Core Labs Support

Speaking of support, G-Core Labs’ is excellent. It’s available in English, German, Chinese, and Russian.

By clicking on the support icon (located on the bottom right corner of your screen), you can message an agent directly or search the knowledge base for articles, depending on your plan.

When we tried it, we had no problem connecting to an agent via the Intercom chat widget. It just took a few seconds.

A related feature is the Roadmap, where users can submit suggestions to improve the service and upvote each others’ proposals, too. G-Core marks them as “in-progress” and “completed” so users know their needs are being taken care of.

Bottom line? A highly attentive service all around.

G-Core Labs Reviews by Users

The CDN’s user reviews are overwhelmingly positive, earning G-Core Labs amazing ratings on sites like Trustpilot (4.7/5), Host Advice (4.8/5), and WHTOP (9/10).

While browsing G-Core Labs reviews, we found that users often give special mention to the pricing and the reliability of the service. (Perhaps now’s a good time to mention that this CDN also offers 4K streaming at the consistent speed one expects from a top-of-the-line service.)

We also scoured Reddit for a G-Core Labs review or two and, although we didn’t find any thorough feedback, we did see Redditors frequently recommend the service. They also seem eager to discuss the company’s new deals with affiliates like Intel.

G-Core Labs CDN Pricing

The company’s pricing structure is simple, split into five plans:

It gives you access to 28 points of presence, 1TB of free traffic per month, and an overage cost of €0.0025 per GB in case you exceed the free allotment. Support is limited to the knowledge base.


This one includes a G-Core Labs bandwidth limit of 1.5TB of traffic per month, a reduced overage of €0.0023 per GB, connection to all 120+ points of presence, and 8/5 support via email.

Pro 5TB

As the name indicates, it gives you 5TB of traffic per month, an even cheaper overage (€0.0020 per GB), the same number of connections as the previous plan, and 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support.

Pro 10TB

This plan gets you 10TB of traffic and a massively reduced overage of €0.0015, plus all the G-Core Labs benefits in the previous plans.

Custom price

This subscription is fully customized to your needs. If you plan to go big, contact sales to find out more.

G-Core Labs makes it easy to start off with a beginner CDN plan and build from there. It’s versatile enough to be good for small users and big enterprises alike.

Please note that the prices listed above don’t include VAT yet.

G-Core Labs Alternatives

To give you a broader view of the CDN arena and some alternative options, we at Web Tribunal prepared a round-up of competing services.

G-Core Labs vs Google DNS

Along with its CDN, G-Core Labs also offers DNS. Both G-Core Labs and Google DNS are free, but G-Core Labs’ is more in-depth.

It really comes down to whether you’re already using G-Core Labs. If so, then its DNS is a must, as it better integrates with G-Core’s other tools, and it’s easier to set up if you already have an account. If not, Google’s DNS is just more accessible and less intensive to set up.

G-Core Labs vs Cloudflare

Cloudflare made it to our list of the best CDN services around. While it, too, has a free plan—and a cheaper entry subscription—G-Core scales better.

For example, with Cloudflare, you can only access support at a plan costing a few hundred dollars, whereas G-Core’s support starts at the €35/mo plan.

G-Core Labs vs MaxCDN

These two CDNs offer similarly priced plans and many of the same features, but G-Core Labs has MaxCDN beat in terms of coverage.

While MaxCDN has many points of presence, G-Core Labs’ spread is far more even. Of the two, we’d definitely recommend G-Core Labs for more stability and greater assurance of load balancing, with minimal impact on speeds.

Do We Recommend G-Core Labs?

With its great coverage, the load balancing to complement it, a 4K streaming capability, and its generous bandwidth allowances, we certainly recommend the G-Core Labs CDN—especially for entertainment services.

While there’s a learning curve for newer users, the CDN is solid and a great asset to have. Plus, there’s also the G-Core Labs’ startup grant program—the company's contribution to improving the IT world.

Well, that does it for our 2022 G-Core Labs review, but you don’t have to take our word for the service’s utility.

A free plan is available, along with a 14-day free trial of the premium features so you can get hands-on.

How good is G-Core Labs?

It’s great. G-Core Labs offers wide coverage with excellent speeds, load balancing, and stability.

This means it’s a good choice for users around the globe, as it will ensure customers receive smooth, uninterrupted service no matter where they are.

Is G-Core Labs legit?

Yes. A host of happy customers attest to that in their G-Core Labs reviews, and so do we. Our review period spanned a few days, and we didn’t run into any issues.

When we signed up, the service required verification via a €1 payment and, after the process was complete, the Euro was sent straight back to us with no problems.

What is G-Core Labs CDN?

This is G-Core Labs’ content delivery network. While G-Core Labs offers a few different tools, the CDN focuses on delivering digital content to your customers fast and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Where is G-Core Labs located?

G-Core Labs’ base is in Luxembourg, but it has points of presence all across the world, north and south, in every timezone. This means its coverage is truly global, with the uptime and speed to ensure excellent delivery.

How much does G-Core Labs cost?

G-Core Labs has a free plan and multiple paid subscriptions for scaling needs, starting at €35/mo. For a full breakdown, please see the pricing section in our G-Core Labs review above.

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