A 2022 Review on Podio—Is It a Legit Project Management Solution?

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We all know how annoying managing task dependencies can get. Luckily for you, there’s an excellent solution for this. As the latest Podio reviews underline, you can say goodbye to project and team management hassle by signing up for a free account! For more information, read our review below.
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The business software solution market is quickly becoming one of the most crowded places on the internet. That’s why it’s vital to know which software options are legitimate and which are scams. Besides, you should distinguish between the solutions that will truly benefit your business and the ones that won’t. You’ll find many Podio reviews online, but we argue that ours is among the few that are worth your time.

What Is Podio

Podio is a project management and collaboration software. It focuses heavily on communication, allowing you to track essential milestones in your organization while also providing powerful task & cost management tools.

As a result of its excellent services, more than 500,000 companies use Citrix Podio worldwide. Among those, you’ll find smaller businesses that are just getting started, medium-sized companies, and even large enterprises. When asked, all of them share the same opinion: Podio is flexible, easy-to-use, and comprehensive.


Podio functions differently than the industry’s standard. Namely, it doesn’t provide features of its own. Instead, it offers you a diverse and wide range of apps that are carefully suited for your specific industry. What’s more, if you’re not pleased with them, you can always craft your own Podio app.

Project Management

The platform uses Agile methodology for tracking & management of the work process. But the Podio project management software doesn’t limit itself to one style. Instead, it expands your options by adding tools, such as a Kanban dashboard, for more effective task scheduling and monitoring.

That said, one Podio downside is the lack of Gantt charts.

Collaboration Tools

To enhance the communication process in your organization, you can count on the Podio apps. They’ll make your life easier in terms of both time management and resource allocation. You can choose top-quality chat services, individual and team channel providers, video conference platforms, and comprehensive shared calendars for better Podio team management


To save time and resources or reduce hassle and errors associated with human factors, Podio offers Automated Workflows. It’s a feature that triggers when a task is completed and automatically activates the next one. This way of dealing with dependencies is for the Premium subscribers only, but we’ll discuss this at length in the pricing section of our Podio review.

Time Tracker

Podio covers this with a premade app. You can use Timesheets for tracking the time an employee spends on a specific task. If you’re not content with it, you can also opt for Project Management — an app featured by TimeCamp. This program is one of Podio’s most powerful tools for activity monitoring and time tracking

Project Templates

Thanks to WebForms, an app that allows you to create forms and host them on a separate webpage, Podio software customization proves to be top-notch. You can use this feature to collect clients’ feedback, give your customers a chance to request additional information, or offer a convenient platform for meeting planning. 

CRM Tools

Apart from all the mentioned solutions, Podio also provides a Contact Management app that lets you create an extensive database of customer information, fostering better communication between clients and organizations. Along with WebForms, Podio CRM tools distinguish themselves among the best in business.

Budgeting Features

Although Podio’s primary focus isn’t on cost control and budget management tools, the software offers some customization to generate budget reports and dashboards. You can also export them whenever necessary.

Document Storage and Sharing

Any Podio app review would outline the platform’s heavy emphasis on file sharing and storage. You can keep various project files with Scoro — from regular PDFs to complex spreadsheets and images. Plus, you can also share them with your employees, thanks to Podio and its task management features.

Podio Analytics

Let’s explore the provided reporting systems and insights on employees’ performance and deadlines.

Thanks to the software’s renowned customization, business managers can use advanced pipelines, monitor the extent to which deadlines are met, and check for any delays. You could also evaluate how the task prioritization is going or analyze other essential aspects of organizational behavior management.


Podio integrations constitute the service’s main claim to fame. Well-known apps like ShareFile and cloud storage providers like Dropbox will help you share and store relevant documents. Conferencing and webinar tools like GoToMeeting or solutions like Google Calendar, OneDrive, Zapier, or Microsoft Exchange can assist you in many business administration aspects, such as streamlining the workflow, enhancing management control, or facilitating better collaboration. 

Podio Downsides

Like any other business solution software, Podio has a few downsides. Whether we’re talking about the Podio mobile app or the web version, the platform has its limits and aspects that could be improved:

  • Podio lacks a few specific task management tools, such as a bug tracking feature that would greatly benefit managers by alerting them and their employees of potential issues during the work process.
  • The Podio free account is relatively limited compared with the paid membership. Some advanced tools are missing from this version. 

Plans & Pricing

Podio’s pricing structure and plans are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp. To get a better idea, here are the essential points:

Free Plan

Despite being quite popular since it comes at no cost, the plan's major disadvantage is that it provides only some basic task management tools and workspace apps.

Basic Plan

For this price, the Podio software will give you access to unlimited items, the possibility for unrestricted external users, and advanced customization.

Podio Plus

Along with the previous packages' features, this more comprehensive plan also allows you to grant ‘read-only’ access to specific files and provides better automatization tools.

Podio Premium

With this subscription, you can enjoy all the tools from the previous plans, plus more advanced analysis and reports, interactive sales dashboards, and optimal automatization capabilities. Not to mention the contact-synchronization option, which is deemed very useful by any Podio CRM review online.


To keep its users constantly informed and prevent miscommunications, Podio assists them in a polite and detail-oriented manner with its extensive guidelines and resources. You’ll find all the information you need on the website’s Help Center, which also features some videos and Podio tutorials

What’s more, you can contact the customer service team from the Support Knowledge Center and send a direct message with any issue regarding Podio features.  You also have the option to open a case — but only if you already have a Podio account — or use the web-based live chat.

Ease of Use

When it comes to users’ experience, the main advantage of Podio lies in optimization. It works on multiple web browsers (virtually on all of them) and platforms. The software functions seamlessly on desktop, and the Podio mobile version, on both Android and iOS, are excellent.

You'll be able to handle business operations and organize your team on the go with the help of the Podio chat app and other mobile collaborative tools. On the other hand, the desktop version offers more comprehensive visual reports and storage options.

Podio User Reviews

Podio is one of the best-regarded business solutions in the industry. Capterra rates it relatively high — 4.3/5, G2 offers the platform a decent 4/5 rating, while TheBlueprint gives it a generous average of 8.4/10. Indeed, most Podio reviews written by users are positive and appreciative. 

For example, a Podio review from 2022 outlines its high flexibility and usefulness: 

“Through this tool since now, I have managed a couple of projects that were diverse in nature and did not face any issue regarding the bulk data.” 

That said, Podio’s customer feedback is not exclusively positive. For instance, we at Web Tribunal came across a Podio review on Reddit that pointed out the lack of extensive features on the free plan and how the platform basically “forces” you to purchase a paid package.

When to Use Podio

In short, the software is an excellent collaborative project management solution, with valuable features that make the communication process more intuitive. Other high-quality aspects of the Podio tool include a streamlined process of managing virtual teams (via its chat and video conference features), extensive integrations, as well as unmatched customization power.

Podio Alternatives

When your business is at stake, it's essential to research a simple project management software thoroughly and look at the leading alternatives on the market. To save you some time, here’s what you need to know about Podio and its competitors.

Podio vs Asana

Asana is arguably the most popular program management tool. It has tons of reviews online and numerous client testimonials swear by its ease of use and access to all the necessary tools in one place. We were also quite impressed with it.

That said, Podio fights back with more advanced integrations and customizable apps.

Podio vs BaseCamp

The main advantage of Podio in this project management software comparison is its affordability (starting from $0 for the free version) and going no higher than $19.20/month with its subscriptions.

Alternatively, BaseCamp starts at the outrageous $99/month, but it’s more suited for large enterprises and organizations than small businesses and teams.

Podio vs Zoho

In contrast with BaseCamp’s approach, Zoho Projects shines at the price of $5/month per user. While some may choose this alternative to Podio for its accurate tracking, task assignment, and work updates, Podio boasts unmatched collaboration focus and high flexibility.

Final Verdict

At the end of our Podio review, we should remind you that no business software solution is perfect, and the best choice will always be the one that fits your specific needs as a manager.

While many such programs offer the basics — project-scheduling, chats, and file-sharing options — some of them are more tailored to the high-quality management of specific organizational aspects. 

Many Podio reviews mention collaboration, customization, and diversity of virtual tools as the platform’s most noteworthy features.

But our analysis wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the cons of the platform.

The main ones are that the free package doesn’t include any advanced features and the lack of an issue tracker. Even so, if you’re looking for the most flexible and communication-oriented tool among project management solutions, as our Podio review outlined, this software is the way to go.

What is Podio used for?

Podio is a solid choice among project management apps for leading teams and monitoring individuals’ tasks and deadlines. With it, you could track working and non-billable time, gather the team online and let them adapt the platforms’ tools for their needs.

Is Podio secure?

Yes, Podio is a perfectly safe software solution, with a high emphasis on customers’ data privacy and security.

Is Podio free?

It’s not a free program per se, but it does offer a free version. For more information, read the Pricing section above and check Podio’s website.

Is Podio good?

Podio is a solid choice for increasing collaboration and coordination within your organization. As many Podio reviews online confirm, with it, you’d enjoy a better, more streamlined business administration.

Branko Krstic
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