How Good of a Service CorpNet Really Is? Find Out from This CorpNet LLC Review

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CorpNet is a trustworthy company with vast experience, stellar customer service, a multitude of personalized corporate forms, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The overwhelming amount of positive CorpNet reviews made us dig deep and examine what made users so happy. Find out below.
Customer service:
Trademark registration:
Processing time:
Same-day processing
Operating agreement:
Advisory service:
Only customer support
Registered agent:
60 days or one year free, $149/year after that
Annual compliance:
Included in RA + free B.I.Z. tool
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Key features:
LLC formation, registered agent, compliance assistance, satisfaction guarantee, great ratings
Starts at: $99
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Best for:
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A+ on BBB and 9.7 on TrustPilot
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast document preparation
  • $29 shipping fee
  • Only 60-day free registered agent with the Basic plan

Launched in 1997, CorpNet is a family business that stood the test of time. With its great customer support and excellent online reputation, the company remains one of the best LLC services to this day.

We’ve searched the internet through and through and read hundreds of CorpNet reviews to gather the latest and most accurate information about the service.

Read on to see what we at Web Tribunal found out.

What Is CorpNet?

CorpNet is one of the many online formation services that help you open an LLC or a corporation, taking care of the legal legwork for you.

This one stands out from the rest with its unique blend of high-level experience and the personal touch that a true family business entails. It is also renowned for its excellent customer service and fair CorpNet LLC cost.

We elaborate more on the pros and cons in the next section of our CorpNet review.


  • Unbeatable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee—Unlike many of its competitors, CorpNet will refund all your previously paid fees, no questions asked.
  • Excellent customer feedback—Few business formation services enjoy such overwhelmingly positive user opinions online. The company has a 9.7/10 score on TrustPilot and extremely appreciative CorpNet reviews on BBB, among other platforms.
  • One year of free registered agent—CorpNet provides one of the best registered agent services in the industry. You get a full year free of charge with the premium packages.
  • Extremely fast—The company has helped over 100,000 customers to start their businesses and nonprofits since its foundation in 1997. It’s also known for its impressive quickness of turnarounds and 24-hour document preparation.
  • Very secureCorpNet reviews numerous documents for LLC formation and works with Norton to protect your information. It guarantees the privacy of your data by providing $10,000 in identity theft support and $1,000 in purchase protections.
  • Remarkable customer support—CorpNet’s team is among the most responsive and best-regarded in the business. The reps also provide bilingual support for its Spanish-speaking customers.
  • Incredibly easy to use—orders can be placed effortlessly thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly interface.


  • The CorpNet LLC pricing is a little steep in comparison with its competitors that place a high value on affordability, such as IncFIle or ZenBusiness.
  • The CorpNet registered agent comes with only 60 days of free usage if you choose the Basic plan. Other companies offer a full year for free with their baseline subscriptions. Also, CorpNet doesn’t include the shipping fee in its pricing, which is an additional $29.


CorpNet covers all the essential features that the best LLC filing services typically include in their offerings. From filing formation paperwork to providing a customized kit for your business, CorpNet LLC packages take care of all!

CorpNet will help you search through the state’s database to check whether the name you had in mind for your company is already claimed by another entity.

This is the most simple but also a very important service that an LLC formation website can provide.

Filing Articles of Organization

Instead of taking the DIY route and trying to incorporate a company by yourself, CorpNet can prepare, draft, and submit the required documents for you.

Using CorpNet for LLC formation is one of the quickest, smoothest, and most seamless processes that you will experience.

CorpNet Registered Agent

Although CorpNet doesn’t provide the best registered agent service deal on the market, it still comes with a 60-day free period with the Basic plan and one year with the premium packages.

After that, you will have to pay $149/year if you want CorpNet to continue representing your business address and managing your official mail.

Federal Tax ID Number

In order to start hiring employees, enjoy certain tax benefits, or open a business bank account, you will need an Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

For an additional CorpNet LLC fee or with one of the high-tier plans, the company will take care of this process for you. It will obtain an EIN and store it in the same virtual place with all of your other formation documents.

Operating Agreement or Customized Corporate Bylaws

With CorpNet’s highest-tier plan, you can request an operating agreement template for LLC formation or customized corporate bylaws if you intend to open a corporation.

These documents will let the state know how and according to what rules your business is operating.

B.I.Z. Compliance Tool

This valuable feature is praised in many CorpNet LLC reviews. It consists of a reminder system for important deadlines for taxes, annual reports, or other compliance issues. It also enables you to store documents and print them if needed.

Business Structure Wizard

If you’re not sure what type of business you should start, this tool will help you discover the most appropriate structure for your specific goals.

You simply have to answer a few questions and the platform will give you suggestions based on your answers. And you get this without paying any extra CorpNet LLC fees!

Seal & LLC Kit

This fun addition to your LLC formation toolbox includes customized binders, slipcases, stamps, etc., with your company name and logo.

The seal and kit are not essential for opening and running your business but can be an attractive feature for owners who like a touch of old-school.

How Much Does CorpNet Cost?

Although it’s not the cheapest LLC registration option, the CorpNet prices are fair and fall somewhere around the industry average.

Here’s what the different packages include:

$79 + state fees

It includes drafting and filing of articles of organization, name availability check, the CorpNet B.I.Z. Tool, and 60 days of free registered agent service. Turnarounds will respect standard processing speed, which depends on the state of formation.

$199 + state fees

For this CorpNet pricing, you get everything from the Basic plan, plus an EIN, one year of registered agent, 24-hour document preparation, and print delivery of a hard copy of your formation documents.

$249 + state fees

Most CorpNet reviews consider this plan the highest-value offer—it provides all the core services you need to open and maintain your LLC, plus some handy extras. These include a customized operating agreement, corporate bylaws, organizational meeting minutes, LLC kit, and decorative seal.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned prices also include the shipping fee ($29), which is displayed separately on the website.

A few CorpNet reviews from 2022 criticize this approach, as some users perceived it as a deceptive practice.

Additionally, the LLC formation service can be expedited by paying more. The Express service costs $100-$120 more than its regular coutnerparts, whereas the 24-hour option requires $120-$150 more. Keep in mind that not all states allow for faster processing.

CorpNet Customer Service

CorpNet’s support is one of the company’s biggest strengths.

With a mixture of enthusiasm and professionalism, the company’s support team is available between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm ET every weekday.

It also offers assistance in Spanish as well.

If you encounter any problems with CorpNet, you can visit the Contact page and find all the necessary information to get in touch with the crew.

The CorpNet phone number, email address, fax, and physical mailing address are all displayed on the website.

Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form and wait for a response during CorpNet customer service hours.

We contacted the company via email, asking about the CorpNet refund policy and received a response within a couple of hours. The reps assured us that the company will refund all paid fees if we encounter any issue, no questions asked.

However, CorpNew will not be able to cover the state fees—these vary depending on your state-specific requirements.

Overall, the customer service experience is a very pleasant one. The reps are polite, friendly, and demonstrate extensive knowledge.

Ease of Use

Using CorpNet for LLC-related purposes is nothing but a piece of cake!

Thanks to its intuitive interface, friendly-looking website, comprehensive layout, and high accessibility, navigating through CorpNet’s services and informative content is a real pleasure. Placing an order is also an effortless endeavor. has a modern and streamlined outlook and contains lots of useful information on how to form an LLC in the Learning Center.

CorpNet User Reviews

In terms of customer feedback, CorpNet seems to be an almost irreproachable company. This is proven by the extremely high CorpNet ratings that we found on specialized sites.

For instance, Yelp gives the company a solid 4/5 rating. TrustPilot users are even more appreciative, giving it 9.7/10 based on 292 reviews—a rather outstanding score.

On TrustLink, the service sports an almost perfect 4.9/5 rating. On top of that, there are no CorpNet complaints on Better Business Bureau.

Users usually outline the company’s concern and care for its customers, the high ease of use, and the fair pricing as the main advantages and incentives to use CorpNet’s services.

The company’s positive reputation is also honored in a CorpNet review Reddit thread—one user even called it the best LLC formation service.

The very few negatives that users point out are rather aspects that ought to be improved than serious shortcomings. A few examples are the 60-day registered agent offer or the omission of the $29 shipping fee from its offering.

Is CorpNet Worth It?

CorpNet is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy and best rated online LLC formation services.

During our research for this CorpNet review, we discovered that the service rocks almost perfect scores on virtually all specialized platforms. It provides above-average customer care, more-than-decent prices, and a streamlined user experience.

While these types of services are often accused of malicious practices, there are no CorpNet scams to speak of.

Still, there are some things we’re not so crazy about, but these are just minor inconveniences.

For example, CorpNet doesn’t include the rather steep shipping fee in its subscription plans. The company could also extend the free use period of the registered agent service.

Other than these slight annoyances, CorpNet is a spotless service and one of the most reliable, user-friendly, and wholesome LLC formation providers out there.

Alternatives of CorpNet

Next in our CorpNet review, we give you an overview of the LLC formation market so you can make the right decision regarding your future business.

If CorpNet isn’t the best fit for you, see what the most notable CorpNet competitors offer.

CorpNet vs IncFile

These two services are quite similar in terms of customer feedback, both enjoying high amounts of praise and very few complaints from their end-users.

IncFile has the advantage of being cheaper than CorpNet, with an unmatched $0 basic plan that requires you to pay only the state fee.

However, the CorpNet customer service is by far the better one.

CorpNet vs Northwest Registered Agent

With its excellent registered agent service and stellar customer feedback, Northwest Registered Agent could easily be the best incorporation service.

However, the company loses to CorpNet in the affordability department, requiring a $225 fee for its LLC filing services.

CorpNet vs Rocket Lawyer

Although few people consider Rocket Lawyer to be the best LLC website on the market, many believe it’s the most comprehensive legal advisor.

CorpNet doesn’t offer any kind of legal aid, but its customer support and 100% satisfaction guarantee make it a very trustworthy service.

Final Verdict

The plethora of positive CorpNet reviews praise the company as a truly solid LLC formation provider.

We agree at 100% - CorpNet has many virtues and we wholeheartedly recommend it.

Secure, easy to use, and with excellent customer support—the only real downside of the service is that it’s not the cheapest solution on the market (but it’s not the most expensive either).

CorpNet receives probably the highest amounts of praise in online incorporation reviews—and the majority of it is completely justified!

Is CorpNet legit?

Yes. CorpNet is a perfectly legitimate company with tons of positive customer opinions online. Founded in 1997 and run by a family, it has helped over 100,000 customers to start a business.

Is CorpNet good for starting a business?

Yes, CorpNet is one of the best choices for LLC formation and maintenance. It’s a reputable and secure solution.

Which is better—CorpNet or Rocket Lawyer?

Many CorpNet vs Rocket Lawyer reviews compare these two solutions, but the truth is they are quite different in terms of purpose and focus.

That said, Rocket Lawyer is a good CorpNet alternative if you’re looking for top-notch legal aid combined with LLC formation services.

Is CorpNet good?

The company is a solid and trustworthy provider. The numerous CorpNet reviews online, its long experience, and remarkable customer support prove that.

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