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HubSpot chat is a free sales and customer service tool that connects you with your website visitors, prospects, and customers in real-time. It’s one of the best live chat software, fully integrated with an easy-to-use chatbot builder for unlimited personalized conversations. Find out how it synergizes with the powerful CRM in the detailed Hubspot live chat review that follows.
Free plan:
Yes (unlimited users)
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Canned responses:
Over 500
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Key features:
Chatbot builder, transcripts, reporting, unlimited history, etc.
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Best for:
  • Completely free
  • Simple chatbot builder
  • Universal conversation inbox
  • Integrates with HubSpot tools
  • Limited chat widget customization
  • Easy to miss conversations

Customer service has come a long way from the drawn-out phone calls with a support representative. Today, customers want active communication with brands in the quickest and easiest way.

Combining the convenience of a ticketing system and the immediacy of a phone call, live chat services became the single point of contact for many companies.

HubSpot live chat is a dream come true for low-budget businesses—it’s free website chat software with excellent functionality.

Check out this Hubspot chat review to see whether it can compare to its paid alternatives.

What Is HubSpot Chat?

HubSpot Chat is a live chat tool that works seamlessly with HubSpot CRM and empowers sales teams to interact with website visitors in real-time. It helps convert more leads, close more deals, provide stellar online support, and build better relationships with customers.

HubSpot Features

HubSpot’s live chat software for website pages has fantastic features to help you start connecting with new leads and improve your communication with clients.

Chat Console

HubSpot’s chat widget (or Chatflow, as it’s called in the backend) is built to be as simple and easy to use as possible. The console is very minimalistic and understated too. You can easily customize it to match your brand’s look and feel if the monotone template doesn’t work for you.

However, as we discuss further down in the HubSpot Chat review, some users claim that the customization options are far from sufficient.

Canned Responses

HubSpot has an auto-response function called Snippets that goes a long way in automating customer service. It allows you to write short, canned phrases and quickly enter them into chat conversations.

This feature is a great way to simplify your online sales communications. It saves time while preserving the one-on-one, personalized relationship with your clients and prospects.

Offline Mode

You can create a Chatflow with a bot that routes visitors to available team members during working hours and to the chatbot outside business hours.

You can build a bot from scratch or learn how to use HubSpot’s Offline Bot template.

Although the relatively passive communication might get you a negative review from the occasional Hubspot chatbot end-user, your clients will get virtually unlimited support.

Chatbot Builder

HubSpot has a simple and easy-to-use chatbot builder integrated right into the live chat tool. With it, you can easily create bots to help generate leads, book meetings, provide answers to FAQs, and more, so your team can focus on the conversations that matter most.

The HubSpot chatbot builder is also connected to HubSpot’s CRM, so your bot can deliver responses based on the information on record about your contacts.

Conversations Inbox

The HubSpot conversations inbox gives your sales, marketing, and customer service teams a place to view, manage, and reply to all conversations from live chat, bots, or email aliases.

Depending on your subscription, you can create multiple inboxes for different teams using HubSpot.

HubSpot Live Chat Integration

The HubSpot App Ecosystem is your one-stop shop to discover the best HubSpot integration to further advance your business.

The company has a dedicated team that sourced and certified over 500 powerful HubSpot Chat integrations.

These include WhatCentra, to send and receive WhatsApp messages in HubSpot; ReplyBy which allows you to meet your customers with personalized text messaging; and LiveHelpNow, an omnichannel help desk suite.

Plans & Pricing

HubSpot Chat is completely free.

You simply have to install the HubSpot WordPress live chat plugin or manually add the chat service code to the page where you want the chat box to appear.

You also get it as an addition to HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and Customer service paid plans.

With the Free plan, you only get access to the HubSpot community. In order to get more support and features, you'll need to buy other tools in the HubSpot suite.

You can see all HubSpot price plans on


HubSpot support options vary according to your plan. If you have purchased multiple products, you’ll get the benefits included in the highest-tier subscription.

With the Free plan, you only get access to the HubSpot community.

The Starter package comes with email and chat support on top of that.

Professional and Enterprise subscribers get phone support too.

Regardless of your membership status, you have access to the help center. This includes an extensive Knowledge Base, HubSpot live chat demo videos, and a Customer Blog.

Users can look for help on the Hubspot technical support Twitter.

Before we at Web Tribunal even thought of testing out the live chat support function, the chatbot had already sent us six introductory Hubspot messages—one for every page we visited on the website.

Once the HubSpot chatbot connected us to a helpful customer rep, we received a transcript of the entire conversation.

The whole experience was quick, easy, and to the point—just like every customer service interaction should be.

Ease of Use

The HubSpot live chat app has a very simple and straightforward interface. The website chat widget looks good both on desktop and mobile browsers.

The grey and white design seems a bit dull, but you can edit the chat widget’s color to fit your branding and improve conversion rates.

With the app’s well-laid-out interface, everything is extremely easy to find. So much so that one user even highlighted that “The ease of use makes it ideal for almost any business.” in their Hubspot live chat review from 2022.

The left panel shows the number of queued, assigned, or unassigned chats. It can be collapsed to focus on specific conversations.

The panel on the right shows the CRM-related information about the visitor.

HubSpot Chat User Reviews

For this HubSpot chat review, we thoroughly researched the plethora of user opinions online to get a sense of HubSpot Chat customer satisfaction.

The software generally receives good reviews and high ratings. Even the HubSpot live chat Reddit discussions are positive.

Customers praise the live chat mainly for its ease of use and the fact that it’s free.

One user also pointed out in their HubSpot live chat review on Reddit that, when used in conjunction with the company’s CRM, the chat becomes a powerful marketing tool. But unless you’re using the free services, the HubSpot plans are rather expensive.

Some of the other negative comments mirrored our own concerns—the limited customization options of the HubSpot chat widget.

Is HubSpot Live Chat Worth It?

HubSpot live chat is one of the best chat programs on the market. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use tool with some outstanding features—and the fact that it’s free is a nice bonus.

And if your company is ready to invest in an all-in-one CSM software built to streamline the sales funnel, then HubSpot might be the perfect platform for you.

HubSpot also offers a landing page builder, an email automation tool, and other services that can elevate your business to the next level.

Alternatives of HubSpot Chat

HubSpot Chat may be one of the best website chat software on the market, but it has some fierce rivals.

In this section, we discuss some of the most notable HubSpot Chat competitors.

HubSpot vs Olark

HubSpot Chat benefits from the larger HubSpot Ecosystem, enriched with data from the CRM. But that benefit is also the software’s biggest downside because it only works with HubSpot’s CRM.

Olark Chat, on the other hand, works with any CRM system, including HubSpot. This flexibility gives the provider a massive advantage over HubSpot.

HubSpot vs Sendinblue

Similar to HubSpot, the live chat is merely one of the many services Sendinblue offers. Sendinblue is an SMS and email marketing tool which specializes in one-to-many communication.

Its most significant advantage is that it’s considerably cheaper than HubSpot.

Although both companies have free services, Sendinblue’s paid plans are suitable for small and growing businesses. And it allows you to manage email, SMS, and chat all under one roof, even with the free plan.

LiveChat vs HubSpot

LiveChat focuses on delivering a specialized live chat solution, while HubSpot is an integrated inbound marketing tool with many capabilities.

Because of its narrow focus, LiveChat developed some handy features, such as Real-Time Visitor Monitoring for visitor demographics.

HubSpot has a similar feature for website traffic monitoring and if you choose to buy one of its bundles, you’ll also get excellent marketing, sales, and CRM tools.

On the other hand, the HubSpot pricing is much higher unless you only want to use the free services.

Final Verdict

HubSpot live chat is an excellent and free live chat customer service platform. The catch is that you have to purchase other HubSpot services to unleash its full potential. It’s sort of like how Apple products work best with other Apple products.

Some people prefer this closed ecosystem of solutions that leverage each other’s strengths. The HubSpot chatbot builder allows you to build bots for almost any scenario.

And the CRM’s rich data can help you create engaging, real-time interactions with the website.

Although you can use the chat app entirely for free, upgrading to a paid plan brings to the table the plethora of features this company offers.

Does HubSpot have live chat?

Yes, it does and it is completely free. It is also included in all paid plans.

Is HubSpot live chat free?

Yes, the HubSpot live chat tool is completely free.

How do I manage live chat tools?

The first step is to find an app that can help keep all your communications together—it’s easier to keep track of chat, email, SMS, and social media all in one place.

The second is to create Canned Responses. Nothing is more time-consuming than repeatedly answering the same questions.

If you have a larger team, it would also be good to chip in for collaboration tools, allowing your employees to balance their workload with features like Assignments and Workload Scheduler.

Lastly, set goals and measure them with analytics and custom reports. After all, a live chat is only useful if it helps you reach your objectives.

You can easily achieve all that if you combine your live chat provider with a project management tool.

How to add HubSpot Chat to a website?

To start using the software, you need to add the tracking code to the page where you want the chatbox to appear or install the Hubspot live chat WordPress plugin.

Once you have the plugin installed, find the navigation menu, click on Conversations, then Chatflows. On the top right, click Create Chatflow, select the Website option, Live Chat, and click next.

If you have more than one inbox connected to HubSpot, this is where you get to choose where you would like your chats to be stored.

Next, select who you would like to be shown in your HubSpot live chat team and set the automatic welcome message. You can choose to automatically assign convos to specific team members and ask visitors for their email addresses.

How do I use live chat on HubSpot?

HubSpot live chat is simple to use and works just like any live chat tool.

Once you have the plugin installed, you can also select which pages you would like the live chat widget to be displayed on and choose your website’s language and privacy settings. When you’re happy with the settings, you can switch on your live chat using the slider at the top right.

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