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Allstate Insurance has been protecting its clients for 90 years. Now they’re extending their services to your online security. With its advanced tools monitoring for threats to your personal data and privacy advocates available 24/7, your online safety will be in good hands.
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30-day free trial
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ID Recovery:
$1 million
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Key features:
ID theft protection, social media protection, credit reports, dark web scanning, and more
Starting at: $9.99/month
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Best for:
  • Digital footprint assessment
  • Social account takeover protection
  • Enhanced financial monitoring
  • Helps with pre-existing ID theft
  • Limited family coverage
  • Subscription renews automatically

One identity theft incident can result in the loss of a lot of time and money. It can even affect your credit score and Social Security Benefits, complicating activities like finding a job or getting a loan.

Identity theft protection can give you peace of mind by safeguarding your personal information against fraud and cyberattacks. In case your online identity is compromised, this can be your recovery ticket.

Allstate Identity Protection (formerly known as InfoArmor) is one of the top-rated identity theft protection services. How does the insurance company take care of your online safety?

Check out this Allstate Identity Protection review to learn more about its ID protection capabilities.

What Is InfoArmor?

Allstate Identity Protection, formerly known as InfoArmor, is a leading identity and privacy protection company.

It uses proprietary technology to track your digital footprint and alert you of compromised accounts, data breaches, and even the types of data thieves might expose.


Allstate Identity Protection provides state-of-the-art identity-based security features that help safeguard your personal information and the data you share online.

Family Protection

Allstate Identity Protection has comprehensive tools for you and up to four family members.

Both InfoArmor plans have a family protection version. Instead of purchasing separate subscriptions, you can have all Allstate identity protection security features under one roof for a fraction of the price.

Credit Card Protection

Allstate doesn’t offer credit protection per se, but they do provide Credit Card Transaction Monitoring. This tool monitors your transactions in real-time and/or daily for any unusual or out-of-pattern activity and sends you security alerts.

This feature can help you catch credit card fraud and potentially fraudulent activity using your credit card number right away.

ID Recovery

With the Full-Service Remediation feature, Allstate manages your identity remediation case from start to finish. Identity theft resolution can be tedious and costly.

The company will take care of the arduous process—contacting creditors, canceling cards, freezing your credit, and replacing identity documents (if need be), and others.


InfoArmor ID Protect comes with $1 million insurance, ready to reimburse your out-of-pocket expenses in case of a data breach or other incident.

This can be a big help after a brush with identity theft. This sum will cover all legal, credit application, and private investigator fees (if needed), as well as other financial institution fees that you may accrue in the process.

Allstate Digital Footprint

We spend most of our day online, leaving our digital footprint whenever we go on the internet. This is a record of your online activity—the websites you visit, the online stores, and all accounts you create.

With Allstate Digital Footprint, you can see your personal information online and spot possible threats. The software will show you the internet fraud prevention steps you can take to reduce the amount of information you leave online and mitigate the risk of fraud.

You get instant access to a list of accounts you’ve created, including your passwords. That way, you can discover which companies have your details and where you’re most vulnerable.

Solicitation Reduction

Marketers use solicitation to send mass messages to many recipients. Because this kind of marketing is mostly unregulated, an identity thief can use it for fraudulent purposes like phishing, skimming, and spamming. But not to worry—InfoArmor fraud protection comes to the rescue.

Spamming can be rife with trojan horse malware. The most widely recognized forms of spamming are via email, but it can occur via text, cold calls from telemarketers, robocalls, and social media spam.

The Solicitation Reduction feature helps you opt out of scam calls, pre-approved credit card offers, and junk mail. This reduces your risk of being the victim of malicious software, spyware, and keystroke logging.


Allstate sends you a litany of notifications that ensure you are well protected. The InfoArmor app is the most convenient way to receive alerts.

The first and most important type of alerts comes from the digital footprint tool. This feature gives you a comprehensive list of all your online accounts and warns you about security breaches that may affect you.

The enhanced financial monitoring tool keeps track of your finances. It triggers alerts based on bank account credit and debit cards, 401(K) plans, student loan applications, and medical billing requests.

The InfoArmor credit monitoring feature surveils critical changes to your bank accounts and warns you about potentially fraudulent activity. These security alerts help confirm whether your credit card transactions are yours.

Lastly, the social media monitoring feature notifies you if identity thieves take over your social media accounts.

InfoArmor Downsides

As part of our InfoArmor identity theft review process, we looked into the potential shortcomings of the service. Here’s what we found:

  • Subscriptions renew automatically with additional charges unless you cancel them via email or phone.
  • The credit monitoring and reporting features are limited compared to those of some of its competitors. You can see how it stacks up against other companies below in this InfoArmor identity theft review.
  • The family protection isn’t as extensive as you might expect from a service of this caliber.
  • Some key features, like the Digital Footprint and Financial Monitoring, require additional activation.

Plans & Pricing

There are two Allstate Identity Protection price plans to choose from—Essential and Premier. They are subdivided into Individual and Family plans.

The most basic Allstate Identity Protection plan includes Financial and Identity Monitoring, Full-Service Remediation, $1 million Expense Coverage, and up to $50,000 Stolen Funds Reimbursement. You also get access to Allstate Digital Footprint—a tool that shows you a list of your social accounts and notifies you of potential breaches.

Essential Family

You get the same benefits of the Individual plan for up to four family members. You can all take advantage of Privacy Management, Dark Web and Credit Monitoring, and more.

At this tier, you get additional benefits like Tax Fraud Refund Advance, Enhanced Financial, Social Media, and Credit Card Transaction Monitoring, and Priority Member Support. Plus, Stolen Funds Reimbursement goes up to $500,000.

Premier Family

You get the same benefits in the Individual plan—Financial Transaction Monitoring, Social Reputation Monitoring, Account Takeover Protection, and others—for you and up to four family members.


Allstate support is available 24/7 via a toll-free phone line and email, which is highly appreciated by users, as becomes evident from many InfoArmor reviews.

Allstate Identity Protection also has a rich knowledge base and a frequently asked questions section. There, you can find information about risk assessment and security, how Allstate Identity Protection works, and some limited info on the family plan.

As part of our InfoArmor identity theft review process, we at Web Tribunal emailed support to find out if the company provides power of attorney services in the event of identity theft.

We received an automated response stating that we should allow 24-48 hours for the Client Services team to reply. The answer was delayed, so we eventually called Allstate Identity Protection on their 24/7 toll-free number.

The agent informed us that the company does not provide power of attorney in the event of identity theft.

Allstate Identity Protection offers priority member support for Premier subscribers, which means you get to skip the call queue and have your questions answered faster.

Ease of Use

InfoArmor protection services have ease of use baked into their DNA. With its simple yet functional user interface, it is one of the most straightforward identity theft protection companies on the market.

The InfoArmor mobile app takes things a step further—focused primarily on alerts, it has a minimalist, no-frills interface.

Once you’re signed up and set up, it’s all smooth sailing from there. Just let the software do its job and take action only when you receive an InfoArmor alert.

InfoArmor Customer Reviews

We scoured the internet for identity theft protection reviews to get a feel of users’ opinions about Allstate Identity Protection.

Because the service is still relatively new, the reviews are scarce. We found an InfoArmor review Reddit thread, but Redditors were surprisingly laconic. They discuss the free trial and mention it’s worth trying but don’t go into much detail about its pros and cons.

InfoArmor is BBB accredited with an A+ rating but only 1/5 stars from customers. Still, that is based on seven reviews from dissatisfied customers complaining about the cancellation policy. Although their concerns are legit, this is not a representative sample of the company’s user base.

To circumvent the scarcity of InfoArmor reviews, we looked for customer feedback on other websites. Another minor complaint we came across was that the company doesn’t specify how it monitors your info and what the difference is between low-risk and high-risk customers.

We also found a 5-star InfoArmor identity theft protection review on G2. The user highlights how Allstate Identity Protection safeguards sensitive information and keeps you abreast of data security.

As the service gains more popularity, we expect to see more positive InfoArmor reviews in 2022.

Is InfoArmor Worth It?

Upon weighing up the pros and cons of InfoArmor, we can confidently say that it provides great protection against ID theft and restorative services.

Allstate Identity Protection has privacy-enhancing technologies and provides incredibly advanced financial monitoring and privacy management tools. Its solicitation reduction, dark web, and social media monitoring features ensure you’re always aware of potential hacking threats.

With lost wallet assistance, full-service remediation, and 24/7 customer service, the scarcity of InfoArmor identity protection reviews by users and cancellation policy peculiarities seem negligible.

Alternatives of InfoArmor

Allstate Identity Protection might be one of the highest-rated identity theft protection companies on the market, but it is by no means the only one.

As part of our Allstate Identity Protection review, we took the liberty of highlighting some competing services to provide you with other options.

LifeLock vs InfoArmor

Both companies are among the top identity theft protection solutions in the industry. They’re priced well above their competitors. If the cost isn’t a factor, it all comes down to their features.

LifeLock provides comprehensive family plans. Its features list includes dark web monitoring, stolen wallet protection, a privacy monitor for people search sites and background checks, a built-in VPN, antivirus, and anti-phishing software, among others.

Allstate Identity Protection fights back with advanced financial monitoring and tax refund protection. It also offers some unique features like the Allstate Digital Footprint, Social Takeover Monitoring, and Solicitation Reduction.

IdentityForce vs InfoArmor

Both platforms provide excellent services, but IdentityForce squeaks out ahead on this one.

It is cheaper than Allstate Identity Protection and offers a few unique features. These include PC Protection Tools like anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software, two-factor authentication, a Smart Social Security Number Tracker, and a credit score simulator.

Allstate Identity Protection has some impressive features but falls short when it comes to credit bureau monitoring, reports, scores, and Medical Fraud Protection services.

Final Verdict

Our InfoArmor review for 2022 shows that Allstate Identity Protection, formerly known as InfoArmor, is one of the best identity protection service providers on the market.

It has excellent financial monitoring alerts that ensure you’re always kept abreast of potential threats to your cybersecurity. It helps you surveil your personally identifiable information online and keeps you informed about the risk of identity fraud.

So far, in this Allstate Identity Protection review, we highlighted the pros and cons of the company, evaluated its ease of use, explained how some of its unique features work and compared it to other ID theft protection services.

If you missed any of that, read on for the answers to some of the most common questions about this solution.

Is InfoArmor safe?

Yes, it is. InfoArmor (now known as Allstate Identity Protection) is an off-shoot of Allstate Insurance. The parent company is backed by 90 years of excellence in the insurance industry.

Allstate Identity Protection guarantees the same safety and assurance level to its clients.

Is credit monitoring worth it?

Credit monitoring is definitely worth it. Identity theft in the United States has become more commonplace than ever before.

While you can’t do much to stop data breaches, you can use credit monitoring to protect yourself from undesirable consequences, such as identity theft.

Is Allstate Identity Protection legit?

It certainly is. Allstate Identity Protection is Allstate Insurance’s identity theft protection service. Backed by one of the most prominent insurance agencies on the planet, it offers excellent monitoring, prevention, and restoration features.

Is InfoArmor or LifeLock better?

It depends on what features are important to you. Both are pricier than most of their competitors but excel in different areas.

If your family’s online security is vital to you, LifeLock is your best bet. If you want complete coverage of your online identity, you might opt for Allstate Identity Protection.

For a more detailed comparison between the two services, check out the Alternatives section of this Allstate Identity Protection review.

Who has the best identity theft protection?

Picking the best identity theft protection service depends mainly on your needs and preferences. IdentityForce has the best identity theft monitoring tools. Identity Guard has the most advanced computing power and Norton LifeLock offers the best personal cybersecurity features.

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