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MochaHost guarantees 100% uptime and provides tremendous value for money. It is great for small sites but not only. Find out the details in our thorough review below!
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cPanel, Pleask, and others
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Starts at: $1.95/month
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  • Performance guarantee
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 180 days risk-free hosting
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  • Unclear resource caps

With over a million domains in its care, MochaHost sure is popular. Although it’s not the largest host, it has a lot of influence for an independent company. It promises a lot, and that’s exactly what caught my attention.

For instance, the web host extends a speed guarantee—a pretty novel concept in hosting—and I was eager to see how it works. It also displays various awards on its site, many by influential magazines that did MochaHost reviews.

Of course, I wanted to see what the host can do for myself.

At first glance, MochaHost’s website is a bit rough around the edges and doesn’t look very promising. I’m not one to hold poor aesthetics against a provider, though… as long as the plans work well.

Here’s what I found out when doing this MochaHost review:

What Is MochaHost?

MochaHost started back in 2002, giving it a long track record as a successful host. But how did it all begin?

Well, it’s a story as old as time. Back in the day, the founders noticed a profound lack of quality hosts and decided to start their own company.

Today, it has grown quite a bit, though it still focuses solely on USA web hosting. It has multiple data centers in Chicago, where it hosts all websites.

There is very little info about the founders and the inner workings of the company. That isn’t so unusual since some hosts prefer to let their services speak for themselves.

MochaHost certainly falls into this category. It boasts a robust cloud infrastructure and offers dozens of distinct plans and add-on solutions. And if that’s not enough to make your head spin, wait till you see the list with features!

But does this come together to form a quality service, or is the host just heaping tools without rhyme or reason?

I wrote a whole MochaHost review to answer this question.

The Essentials—Uptime, Speed, and Support

Let’s see if MochaHost lives up to its reputation as a reliable service.

1. MochaHost Uptime—99.99%

Uptime is a huge predictor of website success. When server availability is perfect, you don’t even notice it. However, if the server goes down, clients won’t be able to see any of your content, and they’ll move on to the next website. Get too much downtime, and it’s as good as not having a site at all. Only that you will be paying for the dubious pleasure of not having one.

Many MochaHost reviews praise it for stellar availability. I checked it for myself.

MochaHost surprises immediately with a 100% uptime guarantee. This is only the second provider I am aware of that does that, the other being DreamHost. The SLA states you can only request a partial refund if uptime falls below 99.9%. It’s a pretty standard clause, so MochaHost doesn’t offer anything extraordinary.

I measured uptime for several months to see how the servers actually perform.

To MochaHost’s credit, the infrastructure didn’t go down at all during the making of this MochaHost hosting review. It’s an impressive result since at least a little bit of downtime is usually a given with shared hosting. The host does a solid job of maintaining the infrastructure.

Another cool thing about MochaHost is its Never Reboot Protection.

To explain, most hosting providers have occasional scheduled downtime. This lets them apply patches to the operating system, implement structural changes if needed, and perform other necessary maintenance.

Typically, such updates require a reboot of the hosting machine. It’s a standard occurrence, which hosting providers communicate in advance.

It doesn’t count towards unplanned downtime, nor does it breach the SLAs.

MochaHost puts a new spin on things.

It has a proprietary system that lets its system admins perform routine maintenance without rebooting the servers. The servers require restarts way less often, meaning you won’t have site unavailability.

Keep in mind this is only available for Linux-based services, so you can’t get the same advantage on a MochaHost’s Windows server.

Verdict: MochaHost can boast excellent availability, and it dispenses with most scheduled downtime, though the uptime guarantee is a bit suspicious.

2. Decent Speeds

  • Response time—0.55s
  • Time to a fully loaded website—1.65s
  • Under load—0.57s

By importance, server speed comes in at a close second to uptime. Even if a website is available 100% of the time, it will do you little good if it takes forever to load. Visitors are just as likely to get frustrated and jump to the next site.

I tested a few websites hosted on various servers as soon as I got my MochaHost logins. Various tools measured how long the solutions take to respond and deliver a full page. I extrapolated the average speeds to give you an idea of what you can expect.

The frontend performance is okay but hardly fantastic.

Servers take an average of 550MS to respond to a web page request. This is pretty standard, so you can compare MochaHost vs. HostGator or FastComet, but it is behind juggernauts like SiteGround and Hostinger.

The time to load up a web page is kind of a letdown. It takes around 1.65 seconds to deliver a standard front page to a client. The result is not impressive, and it makes MochaHost one of the slowest providers, even behind GoDaddy.

The plans can take on heavier traffic, though. A load test extended the response times to 571MS. It’s a barely perceptible change.

Not all shared hosting plans are optimized the same way. Aside from having more resources, only the largest one grants you access to Mocha’s caching mechanisms. Most hosts enable full-page caching across the board, which means the smaller plans won’t make your website as fast as possible without additional tweaking.

MochaHost does this to incentivize users to go for the largest plan. It’s still a disadvantage, though, because many providers let you use caching across the board.

Reviewing MochaHost’s infrastructure reveals speed as a weak point, especially if you’re on the Soho or Business plans.

Verdict: The provider’s affordability takes its toll, and it’s visible when you test content delivery times. Servers can handle high traffic, but not at impressive speeds.

3. Erratic Support

Support quality is a bit more subjective than performance to ascertain but no less important. If a provider skimps on that part, the overall service suffers. You won’t be able to get assistance, and server maintenance might break things rather than fix them.

After a thorough examination, I have to say, MochaHost’s support team is inconsistent at best.

I tried the sales chat first with a few simple questions about the novel speed guarantee. It should be pretty simple to answer, or so I thought.

The agent I reached only did a good job of avoiding the question. They mostly just quoted information from the website, including completely irrelevant lines, which was frustrating.

The frontline agents are obviously instructed to follow a script and avoid touchy subjects. Not great if you expect speedy assistance.

Fortunately, the tech team handles itself better. The provider only hires experienced engineers, provides additional training, and puts all admins through cPanel University, and various Microsoft Learn courses (previously Microsoft Virtual Academy). This ensures employees have a solid grasp of using cPanel and WHM and various Microsoft apps and platforms—handy since Mocha has Windows Server solutions.

It’s safe to say MochaHost hires some fairly experienced engineers.

If you need technical help, you can contact them through email ticketing. Your query will reach the employee best prepared to deal with the issue, though the wait times are shorter on the live chat.

The knowledge base is quite vast. There are plenty of useful guides to choose from.

On the other hand, some articles are just meant to promote the hosting plans. Additionally, MochaHost often just links to external resources instead of writing its own article. This is not a massive problem, but the provider doesn’t do a great job maintaining the repository, so some of the links are broken.

Verdict: The overall support service is a little erratic. The tech team does the job, but frontline support is quite poor, and the knowledge base is a bit hit-and-miss.

The Pros of MochaHost

There’s a lot to love about the provider - just take a look at the hundreds of positive MochaHost reviews. Here are the key advantages you can… well, take advantage of.

1. Extremely Reliable Cloud Infrastructure

MochaHost has impeccable uptime, and it’s all thanks to its advanced getup.

For starters, the hardware is excellent, each server featuring Xeon CPUs at 2.40GHz, 256 DDR4 RAM, RAID-10 SAN SSD storage, and a 1Gbps uplink. The systems feature 100% redundant components, and some of the data center hardware is even N+2 redundant.

The provider virtualizes the physical server infrastructure and deploys a cloud platform. Your data is stored across multiple physical machines, protecting you from hardware failure. It also adds automatic failover, meaning that if one virtual machine goes down, another will automatically take over, minimizing downtime.

You can instantly upgrade without downtime. It’s easy to transfer data across machines or get a resource boost for your existing server.

The host’s Never Reboot system, which I mentioned earlier in the MochaHost review, is a treat as well. It minimizes scheduled maintenance downtime since the provider doesn’t have to reboot the server after every patch.

In addition to that, Mocha’s load protection service means the tech team monitors all shared servers 24/7. The provider takes care of any websites that are putting too much strain on the platform by contacting the owners and discussing a fix or a plan upgrade. It means your performance won’t suffer if somebody else’s site blows up.

Add a bunch of other monitoring tools, PCI scanning, and more, and MochaHost can guarantee your server (and website) will keep working as intended.

2. Windows Plans

Linux is the king of hosting. The vast majority of websites run on one of its distributions.

That said, many webmasters would go for a Windows Server for its frequent updates, professional support, and MS-exclusive apps. In such cases, MochaHost Windows Server hosting is excellent.

The shared Windows plans come with a bunch of ASP.NET and MSSQL features. They run on SolidCP, a control panel specialized for Windows-based solutions. To top it off, they feature standard perks like backups, domain registration, refunds, etc. They start at $2.48/month, making MochaHost one of the most affordable ASP.NET hosts.

VPS and dedicated Windows servers are mostly the beefed-up versions of the ASP.NET plans. They do allow some new software like forex trading apps, business intelligence solutions, and other Windows-exclusive solutions. They are fantastic if you need more resources or flexibility.

The offer is pretty solid overall. It helped Mocha make it to Web Tribunal’s lists of both the best Windows hosting companies overall and top Windows VPS providers. The web host can take care of any Windows-based projects on your hands.

3. Managed WordPress Hosting

Everybody loves WordPress. It’s one of the most flexible and powerful CMSs, and it has one of the biggest communities on the Web.

Of course, pretty much any LAMP stack plan can support WordPress. That said, a specialized provider can really help you get the most out of the CMS. Such platforms are usually a bit pricier but give you way better value.

If you’re a fan of WP, MochaHost has managed WordPress hosting that can make your experience extra smooth.

The WordPress-optimized plans run on standard cPanel. You can use the Softaculous auto-installer add-on to install WordPress with one click.

From there, you get automatic updates, though this only applies for the core software and not for themes or plugins. The system will keep the base application patched up, so you won’t miss a critical update and compromise your site.

MochaHost’s WordPress installation comes with the BoldGrid plugin you can set up through Softaculous. This is a website builder for WordPress that upgrades the Gutenberg editor.

The extension allows you to build custom web page layouts, making it much easier to get a unique design. Plus, it allows a range of new SEO tools, caching, and security. It’s a huge step up if you want to get creative with website design and even access a few robust features.

You can use features like WP-CLI, site staging and cloning, git, and cron access. They are excellent tools for more advanced WordPress users and make it much easier to manage your projects.

Although MochaHost isn’t the absolute best in WordPress hosting, the plans are well-optimized and include all the great features you’d expect.

4. Free Migration

Migration can be a hurdle when looking for a new service. The more complicated your project is, the more likely you’ll have to do some troubleshooting to move it properly.

It’s not that big of a hurdle for experienced server admins. Still, most users don’t want to deal with the database and configuration files if they can help it.

To make the transfer as painless as possible, MochaHost offers a free website migration service.

One tricky aspect is that your original hosting plan should be on the same control panel MochaHost uses, i.e., cPanel. The service is not available for Windows users, which is far from great.

It’s understandable MochaHost has such a provision, as migrating accounts from a different panel often gets complicated. Only a few hosts offer transfers from other solutions without charging extra. If you use a different control panel and want to switch hosts, you can take a look at our KnownHost review, as the provider offers migrations between all three major panels.

Still, it’s helpful that MochaHost support offers to move your cPanel account.

5. Free Domain for Life

Having a domain name is essential to run a website. It might be an expense, but it’s a necessary one.

That’s why many hosting providers offer free domain registration once you sign up. It’s an incentive to get into hosting, and it makes your first payment more manageable.

MochaHost one-ups other companies. It offers a lifetime domain registration with Business and Mocha plans. You get to save 10-15 bucks each year, so it’s an excellent addition.

Keep in mind WHOIS privacy would cost you $6.99/year. It’s not a must-have, but it does go a long way in avoiding spammers. Many domain registrars offer this for free, so that’s something you need to consider.

There is one more provision to the lifetime registration most MochaHost reviews fail to mention.

Namely, you can’t get both the domain registration and the lifetime price discount. You can either go for a three-year plan and get the discounted deal forever or pay annually/biennially and get the forever free domain.

You get a bit of extra value either way, but you can’t take advantage of both. It’s a minor detail in the ToS, but it’s important when it comes to determining whether you should buy MochaHost’s services.

6. Great Add-ons

You want your hosting provider to offer you solid plans. However, some hosts add non-essential services you can tack onto your solution to get more out of it.

MochaHost has plenty of integrations you can use, either for free or for a small fee.

Attracta SEO tools are integrated into MochaHost’s control panel on the Business and Mocha hosting plans, for starters. This software generates XML sitemaps, submits them to search engines, performs SEO tweaks, helps link building, and covers several other things. If you are new to SEO or just want to speed up optimization, Attracta is a handy addition.

The proprietary email marketing tools are one thing many user-generated MochaHost reviews praise. These let you build a mailing list, manage marketing campaigns, and analyze the results afterward.

You can send up to 12,000 emails per month to as many as 2,000 subscribers for free. If you outgrow this, there is a range of paid plans. The service can handle 3 million subscribers and 18+ million monthly emails. It’s a hell of an offer if you want an alternative to popular mailing solutions like MailChimp.

You can purchase premium SSL from MochaHost. It covers both single-domain and WildCard certs. These are just domain-validated, but they come with full installation and support and a $1,750,000 liability warranty.

You can get them for $32.48/year ($64.50/year for Wildcard). It’s an okay price if you want something a tad more reliable than Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Lastly, you can hire a web dev through Mocha if you need some custom work done on your site. The price depends on what you need, but you can get a free quote and go from there.

MochaHost has many add-ons if the baseline hosting doesn’t quite cut it.

7. Free Website Builder

Building a website can be a tricky business for the uninitiated. Even easy-to-use solutions like WordPress can take time to learn and master.

If you need something a bit easier, you can install a beginner-friendly website builder right from the MochaHost control panel. It’s a proprietary solution the host developed itself, and it comes bundled with most plans.

The builder makes it relatively easy to create a responsive website. You just need to pick a template and play around with the WYSIWYG editor until you get the desired result. It lets you get a website up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

Admittedly, the default templates look a bit dated. You might need to do some customization if you want a truly modern website appearance.

That said, you do get decent ecommerce and blogging features, social media tools, and analytics. It offers plenty of flexibility to create the site you want.

Overall, a nice addition that adds value for beginners.

8. Lifetime Discounts and Fixed Prices

I’ll be the first to say it: MochaHost’s price structure is a tad complicated. The host did simplify it a few days prior to the writing of this 2022 MochaHost review, which is a plus. However, the sheer number of plans and lack of a unified pricing table makes the whole thing a bit convoluted.

That said, MochaHost has one massive advantage – lifetime discounts. If you prepay for three years, your plan gets a discounted price that stays the same even once you renew. You can get as much as 60% off, which is a huge money-saver in the long run.

And this is not just for shared hosting users. You can even get a 30% lifetime VPS or dedicated server discount.

If you think those are great deals – and they are – MochaHost will do you one better. The provider locks in the price once you sign up, and it guarantees you’ll get the same deal for as long as you stick with it.

Unexpected price hikes are one of the most annoying things about hosting. MochaHost gives you peace of mind that your hosting solution will remain affordable.

With the fixed discounts and a price lock, MochaHost’s plans are an attractive long-term investment.

9. Prorated refunds

One of the many promises MochaHost makes is a 180-day risk-free guarantee.

Now, this is the part most MochaHost reviews get wrong. Dozens state MochaHost has a 6-month money-back period, which is untrue.

In fact, the provider offers a full refund only within the first 30 days, like most hosts. After this, you cannot invoke the money-back guarantee.

Instead, the risk-free guarantee lets you get a prorated refund within 180 days of your purchase. The host will simply subtract the domain name and the used-up days from the total cost, and you’ll get the remainder of your fee.

This is an excellent option, and few hosts are confident enough to let you back out after such a long period. It’s a massive advantage, though you should remember it’s not the same as a full money-back guarantee.

The Cons of MochaHost

MochaHost might have an attractive offer, but there are definitely a few things to keep in mind. For the MochaHost review, I pointed out what issues you'll face if you choose the provider.

1. Unclear Resource Limits

If you follow our reviews, you know we have a few strong opinions on unlimited resource hosting.

The thing is that companies sometimes don’t bother to (or can’t) put hard resource caps on their shared plans. Instead, they let you access as many resources as you reasonably need to support your website. Users who abuse the policy are forced to upgrade or get suspended.

The issues occur when a website takes off. Even a simple site can spend a lot of CPU and RAM power if it gets a surge of traffic. In such cases, the provider has to force an upgrade, or anyone could exhaust the servers.

MochaHost’s cPanel hosting functions like this – there’s a 4GB RAM limit on the largest plan, but the rest of the resources are up to fair use. Storage, bandwidth, and CPU availability are all “unlimited.”

This makes it challenging to plan service upgrades. It’s also tough to optimize resource spending when you don’t know how much you can access in the first place.

Leaving resource limits open is common among some hosts, but it’s not ideal for website owners.

2. Limited Geographical Coverage

MochaHost might have plenty of users, but it doesn’t look to be a global web host. In fact, the bulk of its facilities is located in Chicago.

The USA web hosting provider has a system of data centers and other points of presence to deliver content quickly across North America and Europe. A CDN helps deliver static content all around the world.

However, your data gets automatically hosted in the US. This means the content delivery times are generally the shortest closer to the main facility. The further your visitors are, the longer it takes to deliver your web pages.

MochaHost works best if you want cheap web hosting in the USA, as it doesn’t really have servers worldwide.

3. Not All Features Included in the Smaller Plans

MochaHost has plenty of useful tools in its arsenal. The problem is that only some are available across the board.

For instance, you would have to get the Business plan to take advantage of SEO tools, a migration service, WordPress optimization, and a bunch of security features. Likewise, Cloudflare CDN, MySQL database tools, automated backups, and caching features are exclusive to the Mocha hosting plan.

There’s no real reason why everything shouldn’t be included in the smallest plan. MochaHost only uses the structure to push users into buying an upgrade.

It’s not ideal for clients. Though MochaHost has decent features, you might need to pay more to get everything you need.

4. Misleading Guarantees

When preparing the MochaHost review, the biggest letdown was the “lightning-fast guarantee.” On paper, having a provider vouch for its server speeds is absolutely fantastic.

On further inspection, the guarantee starts looking a bit suspicious. MochaHost only throws out a few numbers and states it’s faster than other cloud solutions. However, the website in no way specifies acceptable speeds or what happens in case of a breach. I checked the Terms of Service, and there is no mention of the policy.

At this point, I contacted MochaHost support about the guarantee. Unfortunately, the agent just cited what was on the site. Once I pressed them a bit, they conceded I can just use the money-back guarantee to get a refund if the servers were too slow.

While including server speed in the SLA is an exciting concept, MochaHost only mentions it as a sales tactic, nothing more.

MochaHost Plans at a Glance

MochaHost has three hosting plans. All three offer unlimited hosting resources, but the features are different.

Generally, you get the best long-term discount by prepaying for three years, and this is the pricing listed below. You can go for a shorter deal, but this would lose you the lifetime discount.

However, your first term would still come at half the price, which is excellent. Here’s what MochaHost’s cPanel hosting plans look like:


The Soho entry plan comes at a very affordable $1.95/month. It lets you set up a single website and covers all the standard cPanel advantages, though it lacks some of the robust features of the higher tiers. It’s one of the most affordable ways to get into hosting, provided that you can live without bells and whistles.


The Business plan lifts the limit on websites and adds extra value with SEO tools and lifelong free domain registration. It also grants you access to a website builder, monitoring solutions, and a backup system. It costs $3.48/month—a fair price if you need USA web hosting for one or more growing websites.


The Mocha plan adds a bunch of speed optimization tools like Cloudflare with Railgun, Redis and Memcached caching, and ups the RAM availability to 4GB. The plan costs $5.59/month. It’s a decent deal if you want to get a speed boost and take advantage of MochaHost’s full features.

Bandwidth: Unlimited
Email: A proprietary email marketing solution
Database: MySQL 7.x and PostgreSQL
Domain names: Free lifetime registration, but paid WHOIS privacy
Control panel: cPanel
Software installation: 1-click installation via Softaculous
Migration: Free for cPanel accounts
Payment options: Credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer
Account setup: Instant
Upsells: Spam filtering, DNS management, WHOIS privacy
Other hosting solutions: Shared, VPS, and dedicated Windows hosting, Managed WordPress, Reseller, VPS, Cloud, Java servers, and more
MochaHost user reviews: Mostly positive

Do We Recommend MochaHost?


The provider definitely has its advantages, which is confirmed by the numerous positive MochaHost reviews.

It’s incredibly reliable, for one, going as far as eliminating scheduled downtime. It’s one of the most affordable hosting companies, starting at a very low fixed price of $1.95/month. Plus, you can get a prorated refund even if you’re six months into hosting, giving you ample time to test the platform.

The features are also decent. You can get tools for both Linux and Windows Server, excellent management for WordPress, and powerful integrations.

There are some issues to take care of, though. The smallest plan is very bare-bones in terms of features, there’s misleading info on the website, and the servers are kind of sluggish.

MochaHost is one of the most budget-friendly choices if you need cheap web hosting in the USA, but there are more polished offers if you have a few bucks to spend.

How much does MochaHost hosting cost?

MochaHost starts at a low $1.95/month. You do have to pay for three years in advance to get this price. It’s a fixed cost, so you won’t have to pay more once your hosting is up for renewal. This makes MochaHost one of the most affordable hosting providers in the long-term. Only a few website hosting companies in the USA can match the initial price, and most of those are more expensive on renewal.

Is MochaHost better than GoDaddy?

Yes, MochaHost categorically outclasses GoDaddy. GoDaddy, despite its effective marketing, has many flaws. The support is inexperienced and outsourced, there are no backups or migrations, and it focuses more on upsells than providing a functional service. Meanwhile, MochaHost has a decent offer, albeit with a few downsides. It includes all the crucial features for Linux and Windows users. The host is incredibly cheap, and it even has some of the most affordable long-term deals. You can check out more about it in the MochaHost review above. MochaHost outperforms GoDaddy at every corner, save for pure server speed. Plus, it’s more affordable, so you simply get more for less.

Is MochaHost Good?

MochaHost is solid, albeit not perfect. It is reliable and has excellent features for both Linux and Windows users. Plus, the $1.95/month price makes it one of the cheapest providers for long-term projects. There are some iffy policies that most MochaHost reviews take at face value, though, like the speed guarantee. If you’d like to know more, check out the details above.

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