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Looka Review – Looking For a Logo? Then Take a Look at This Image Visit Website
If you want to create a simple logo without lifting a finger, this platform might just be what you’re looking for. With numerous templates, affordable prices, an easy-to-use editor—and tons of positive Looka reviews to confirm that—this software will save you valuable time. But is it as good as a professional graphic designer? Read on to find out.
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Graphic design is no easy work and the price of hiring a designer reflects this.

Sure, paying a professional is worth it if you want to rebrand your business, for example. But why break the bank when the market is flooded with less time and money-consuming solutions?

Looka—an AI-generated logo maker that you can also use to create other visuals—is an excellent example of such a service.

A simple and budget-friendly solution with tons of positive reviews, Looka might just be the quick and easy fix to your problems.

Read on to find out what we discovered when we tested this software.

What Is Looka?

This is an AI-generated digital art software that can create an entire logo for you.

That makes it great for people starting out in design or launching a business.

Ease of Use

This is one of the few logo-making tools that are made with beginners in mind. From your first login to Looka to the final touches on your project—the program is enviably easy to use.

It guides you through all of the crucial steps, prompting you to enter your company name and all other required info.

It then uses artificial intelligence to implement said info into its own design templates. Speaking of which...

Templates & Designs

As we said, Looka reviews the information you enter, such as your company name and slogan, and integrates it into its designs.

Not only are these highly customizable, but they are numerous as well.

The Brand Kit contains over 300 templates split into three main categories.

Brand Essentials

This category includes over 130 brand essentials.

They can help you create unique social media profiles and cover pictures, business cards, and email signatures.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Blog banners and advertisements are at the core of this category.

Together with the social media drafts for posts and stories, the approximate number of these Looka logo design templates is 140.

Marketing Essentials

Last but not least come the 65 “classic” marketing templates for flyers, posters, and even presentations that every graphic design tool offers.

Logo Ideas

Since it’s primarily intended for logo making, the company website dedicates an entire page to design examples.

Looka offers everything from home decor and fashion to accounting, bar, and even podcast logo ideas.

With over 2,100 logos for 72 industries, you can get the inspiration you need to create your own design.

Looka Features

Looka isn’t a photo editing program but a brand logo generator.

Still, it has some other functionalities we haven’t mentioned yet.


Once you go through the initial setup process, you’ll be redirected to the Looka home page.

This is where you’ll design your logo.

You can use the editor to alter the color palette, background, and all symbols in your design, including your company name and slogan. You can change the design entirely.

It might not be a photo editor, but Looka offers a variety of highly customizable templates, which make it flexible yet very easy to use.

Website Drafts

Looka’s capabilities go as far as designing a website, but you can’t actually create one.

These are called drafts for a reason. If you need web design software, you’d have to look elsewhere.

While website drafting is a great additional tool, it comes only with the Brand Kit.

For each logo you create in this handy online graphic tool, you are the copyright owner.

This means that it is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Keep in mind that the ownership does not extend over the individual parts.

You are still not allowed to use the fonts and graphics it consists of for other projects.


The lack of a Looka Android or iOS version is a big downside of this solution.

Naturally, the same goes for the lack of Looka for iPad.

Given how beginner-friendly the piece of software is, this felt really underwhelming.

While you can use it on mobile browsers, that’s not enough to make up for the lack of dedicated smartphone apps.

You’re basically left with just the Windows and Mac browser versions. On top of that, the only fully supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

Looka Plans & Pricing

Although Looka is not free in theory, you can play around with the logo-making tools and create a logo without spending a dime.

The catch is that you need to pay to download your project.

All the same, it’s a good way to thoroughly test it.

If you do decide to keep using Looka, we recommend one of the Brand Kit subscriptions. Unless you need it for a single project, a Looka Logo Package will suffice.

This one-time purchase gives you just a single low-resolution logo and nothing else. Still, the price of this Looka package sits at just $20, which is a pretty good deal.

For $65, you get several hi-res file types of your logo. Better yet, you can change the logo multiple times, get full ownership of it, and receive lifetime technical support. Considering that Looka isn’t a photography tool but rather a simple vector art program, it’s surprising what you can achieve with this package.

Brand Kit

This is where you get access to the more advanced features. With the Brand Kit, you can also make visuals for your social network pages, posters, flyers, and much more. Best of all, you can keep your ownership of the logo even after your subscription ends. The pricing of this Looka plan is only $96 per year.

Brand Kit Web

The most powerful plan adds the aforementioned website draft to the package. The price doubles, however, reaching $192 per year. At the time of writing this Looka review, there is a 50% discount for both Brand Kit plans. Looka is among the cheapest graphic design tools either way, but the discount makes its pricing irresistible.

Looka Support

This is such simple logo software that it doesn’t really need a support section. Nevertheless, it has one, which is always nice to see.

The help center is filled with short but informative to-the-brim articles. If Looka is not working, you can get in touch with the support team via chat.

We contacted them as part of our Looka review process, and they gave us a brief but very helpful answer.

The only real issue is that support reps are available during working hours on weekdays only. The team behind Looka isn’t on Reddit, which might also disappoint some users.

Still, you probably won’t need any help with this easy-to-use software, so these concerns are negligible.

Looka User Reviews

The majority of Looka reviews from 2022 are positive. Users love this straightforward and intuitive solution because it enables them to create a logo quickly and easily.

Many are also impressed with a large number of available templates.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said about Looka reviews on Reddit. They are more critical of the service’s AI approach, claiming that you are better off hiring a designer on Fiverr or looking up a free solution.

While that might be true, Looka certainly is the quicker, cheaper, and much more reliable solution.

Looka reviews about the support team aren’t that flattering either, but these are still in the minority.

Is Looka Worth it?

Looka is an excellent DIY logo-making program.

It’s a great choice if you’re a newbie that wants to play around with cool digital art or a business owner with a limited budget looking for a cheap logo maker.

We tested its capabilities through and through for this Looka review and discovered it’s affordable, easy-to-learn, and just plain fun to use.

Sure, it lacks advanced features, but it doesn’t hide that under false advertisement.

It’s known for what it is—a great logo maker with some extra tools.

Looka Alternative Options

Looka is a great logo maker, but you might still want to consider more robust solutions.

Here are some alternatives we recommend that you try.

Looka vs Canva

On the surface, these two are very similar. Both are very easy to use, rely on templates a lot, and offer all sorts of visuals.

However, where Looka uses AI, Canva provides its own templates that are fully editable.

Looka will hold your hand through the entire process, even more so than Canva, making it the better choice for the non-tech savvy.

On the other hand, Canva is slightly more advanced and has a free version with many functionalities.

Looka vs Visme

Visme is a great program for presentation and infographic design.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to PowerPoint, even though it’s a bit pricey.

Otherwise, Looka is the way to go, thanks to its simplicity and hassle-free structure.

Looka vs DesignEvo

DesignEvo is even simpler than Looka, but it requires more work.

With it, you can easily create a logo from scratch by using the three main elements: an icon, a company or service name, and a slogan.

It’s also much cheaper, as you need to pay for it only once. 

Unlike Looka, though, that’s the only thing you can use it for. Looka’s capabilities are also somewhat limited, but you can create all sorts of visuals with it, as we already discussed in detail further up in our Looka review.

Final Verdict

Looka is simple, easy-to-use digital art software that requires zero experience as a graphic designer.

Although it specializes in logo creation, you can use it to make brochures, posters, and even website drafts.

It’s also very affordable, so we definitely recommend it if you have a tight budget.

Is Looka as good as Photoshop?

Photoshop is a different and much more complex tool, so this is not a fair comparison. It isn’t a vector graphic program but a graphic design solution. As such, Photoshop is better by a wide margin, especially since, unlike Looka, it has layers.

That said, Looka is much easier to learn and use. With it, you’ll get your logo more quickly and at a more reasonable price.

Is Looka safe?

Since it’s an online app with a solid reputation, yes, it is safe. Software like this doesn't become a target of cyberattacks often.

Is Looka free?

You can try this software for free but won’t be able to download a single logo. Still, you can test its capabilities and pay the subscription fee only if you’re satisfied with the results.

Which is better: Canva vs Looka?

As often stated in Looka reviews, this program is very easy to use—even easier than Canva. Still, we have to hand it to Canva, as it has a free version and more design features.

What can I use instead of Looka?

This depends on your design expertise. If you’re new to design, which might be why you’re here, the alternatives listed above in this review are a good starting point, especially DesignEvo and Canva.

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