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ProProfs can help you with both project management and the training of your employees simultaneously. Take advantage of the largest e-learning library on the internet while managing your team seamlessly with ProProfs Project. For more details, read our in-depth ProProfs review below.
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Primarily known for its quiz-making and e-learning aspects, ProProfs has recently developed some excellent project and task management solutions.

At the time of writing this ProProfs review, the platform is no longer available just for educational purposes or managers who want to provide training and team building materials to their employees.

ProProfs Project is there to serve those who want a more seamless workflow and better business administration. It takes care of project and task organization while also keeping an eye on employees' performance.

What Is ProProfs?

Essentially, ProProfs is a huge SaaS with great functionality and volatility, optimal for information technology departments, marketing, and creative agencies.

Created as an online learning management system (LMS), ProProfs is now used by more than ten million people worldwide.

Its content is available in 70 different languages and has the largest library on the internet, with the highest number of quizzes and professional tests.

Apart from being the leading force in online assessment and training, the ProProfs app is heavily used in the business industry.

The software is now suitable for a wide range of purposes—project management, testing students and grading courses, and selling educational materials created by certified individuals.

ProProfs Features

Since we’re mainly interested in the project management side of the software, we begin this section of our ProProfs review by looking at the platform’s tracking and management tools.

ProProfs Project Management

ProProfs’s shared calendar and intuitive dashboards make scheduling easier. With them, you can effortlessly assign tasks to your employees, manage resource allocation, and plan the next steps and milestones of your project.

You can also monitor the status of tasks and who’s working on them with the Gantt charts provided by the platform.

Collaborative Tools

When we read through other ProProfs reviews, we noticed many of them focus on ProProfs’ collaborative project management tools.

We decided to test them ourselves and were pleased to confirm what others described—the program’s effectiveness in streamlining communication.

With ProProfs, you can enjoy timely notifications and updates on the project’s latest development and meet all deadlines by avoiding miscommunications.

Storage & Sharing

This is one of ProProfs’ most noteworthy features. Thanks to the Dropbox and Google Drive integrations, you can store and share unlimited amounts of files, documents, images, and other materials—all that through the ProProfs desktop app.

ProProfs Time Tracking & Financial Management

With ProProfs’ timers and built-in timesheets, you can calculate billable and non-billable hours effortlessly. The cloud-based project management software makes sure the time spent on each ongoing task and project is seamlessly tracked.

Plus, the automated invoicing features make billing clients a walk in the park. You can even personalize each invoice by exploring ProProfs’ customization capabilities.

Issue Tracking & Workload Control

ProProfs task management tools offer yet another invaluable function—the possibility to assign primary and secondary tasks to team members and monitor their workload.

This will help you enhance workflow and prevent overloading, burnout, and other issues that may arise from that.


With Task Dependencies, you can move the dates of hundreds of tasks in one click and reallocate resources accordingly. Valuable features, such as project templates and recurring tasks, will save you lots of time and effort.

The ProProfs mobile app allows time tracking on the move, thus ensuring better cost control and budget management.

Another handy automation tool is Automated Grading. It is used for quiz-making and could come in handy when designing employee training.

Quiz Maker

This is actually the platforms’ main claim-to-fame, as many ProProfs reviews point out. The cool part is that you can either use templates or just start your own quiz from scratch.


For example, by adding multimedia (images or videos) and enjoying the option to share it with virtually anybody.

You can create both student or employee assessment tests for a variety of domains, such as Market Research, Customer Service Training, Driving Skills.

You can even make Personality Tests, which are perfect for lead generation and audience engagement on social media.

All this, thanks to the ProProfs app’s multifaceted functionalities.


With ProProfs, you can issue certificates of completion and AI-generated performance reports. The training process is self-paced, so learners can resume and pause it at any time.

You can also enjoy automated email notifications, educate future recruiters in human resources, or provide compliance training for legal matters.

The same goes for Accident Investigation, Negotiation Skills, or Leadership Training.

ProProfs cover them all!


When it comes to quizzes and tests, ProProfs really excels at analyses and reports. You can get a summary of studentsgrades and performance, course completion rates, test and polls completion progress.

What’s more, you can monitor people’s scores based on team and individual performance parameters.

The ProProfs app also offers the “Stats” feature for CRM purposes, prospecting, and generating leads. These well-constructed reports based on powerful analytics can facilitate decision-making managing, among other things.

The reports include summaries of project statuses, breakdowns of tasks and their due dates, along with financial analysis and a ProProfs Gantt chart for every project.

Best of all, you can share these reports with external stakeholders using a secure URL.


The ProProfs integrations are relatively few, given the fact that the platform is not a dedicated project management tool.

Still, it offers some noteworthy integrations, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCal, for better and more seamless time management, business operations, and project-scheduling.

ProProfs Downsides

As many other ProProfs reviews suggest, the platform is not perfect. It lacks certain features that might be essential for a well-rounded project management solution.

Although it partially compensates for that with its diverse portfolio, someone looking for a specialized service might find that disappointing.

Here are the most notable ProProfs shortcomings:

  • ProProfs is, in a way, the jack of all trades and the master of none. Being primarily known for its quiz-making capabilities, ProProfs is trying to make a name for itself on the project management solutions market too.

Because of its lack of experience in the area, some tools like ProProfs timesheet or Dependencies might not be sufficiently developed for more demanding managers.

  • Its project management functionality is relatively new. If you are a business owner who wants a complete and comprehensive software solution, you might be better off using some of the established names in the industry.
  • The ProProfs free trial and version are a bit limited. We elaborate more on this in the next section of our ProProfs review.

Plans & Pricing

In this section of the review, we discuss the main ProProfs packages and what they have to offer.

ProProfs has a 15-days free trial, which you can use to test the service before you decide whether to purchase it.

The ProProfs pricing for the project management tool—ProProfs Project—comes in the following packages:


This package includes space for 50 projects, task and subtasks manager, milestones, assignees, and deadlines. It also comes with one Kanban Board, lists and calendar views, recurring tasks, basic business analysis tools, and a few collaboration features.


On top of all the features in the first package, this one offers space for an unlimited number of projects, permissions and roles, time tracker, Gantt charts, invoicing and billing services, and advanced integrations.

ProProfs Support

ProProfs customer service consists of support via phone, email, and live chat. The phone number is displayed on the “Contact Us” page of the website (855 776-7763), alongside the official email address: [email protected].

You can also consult its knowledge base and FAQ section, which include videos, guidelines, and even a ProProfs tutorial section.

We contacted the support team and asked them a question about the risk assessment and management features that the platform’s newest tool—ProProfs Project—includes in its offering. We were pleasantly surprised with the reps’ patience and level of knowledge, as well as their politeness and professionalism.

Ease of Use

ProProfs has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface. The modern layout and well-organized design of the ProProfs website ensure a pleasant and refreshing experience.

The platform is also extremely informative—it offers more than 100,000 ready-to-use questions and access to a huge library of professional tests. In fact, ProProfs can pride itself on having the largest e-learning library across the whole internet, as many ProProfs software reviews point out.

ProProfs User Reviews

ProProfs’ customer feedback is almost exclusively positive! You can find proof of that on almost any specialized website.

For example, on TrustPilot, the platform is rated 4.1/5. The user satisfaction rating on Capterra is even higher—4.5/5, averaged from 48 reviews. On FinancesOnline, the platform scores a perfect 5/5.

Its rating on G2 is slightly lower—4.3/5, but user opinions about the ProProfs plans are positive nonetheless: “The layout is very flexible and simple to navigate. This really has helped the business grow phenomenally!”

Some additional praise on the company appears in one ProProfs review from Reddit: “Although ProProfs is not that much of a reliable tool when studying for certifications, it does offer a solid project management app!”

Fortunately for managers, the ProProfs Reddit opinion on its educational capabilities doesn’t hold much relevance for project management performance.

Is ProProfs Worth It?

ProProfs does a pretty good job at covering managers’ needs for training and engaging, as well as organizing and monitoring their employees.

It allows you to achieve that without using a dedicated Kanban app or learning how to make sense of complex Agile-style programs for cost management and project workforce management.

Whether you use the ProProfs mobile or web version, keep in mind that the platform is not just simple project management software. It can serve you by adopting multiple roles, including that of a comprehensive e-learning tool or performance forecasting program.

You can also enjoy advanced budgeting features and manage your virtual team while keeping an eye on the work and human factors as well.

On the other hand, if you want more specialized assistance for the quality management of your business, you can also look into some other, more traditional project management apps.

ProProfs Alternatives

To help you find the best solution for your business, we collected information about the main ProProfs competitors and compared them against the quiz-making giant.

This is what we found:

ProProfs vs Asana

The most significant difference in this project management software comparison is that Asana is entirely dedicated to project and task management, with more advanced capabilities in this area.

This stands more or less true for the following alternatives of ProProfs as well.

ProProfs vs Monday

Providing only project and task management features, Monday is significantly more expensive than ProProfs. It charges $10/month/user for its cheapest plan without matching ProProfs’ diversity of tools.

However, Monday is a bit more powerful and suitable for both large and small-scale project management.

ProProfs vs Zoho Projects

Although ProProfs is relatively new to the project governance software market, it can compete with (and even exceed) Zoho in terms of automatizations and documentation management.

Zoho Projects fights back with its incredible affordability ($5/user/month) and suitability for small businesses and teams.

Final Verdict

We know ProProfs for being virtually the best and largest test-maker and e-learning platform.

In this ProProfs review, our analysis shows that it can also be an almost irreproachable collaboration software and virtual management tool as well.

The best part is that it does all that while still remaining a budget-friendly and easy-to-use option.

Knowing this, you can now make the best decision for the future of your business, whether that entails opting for an alternative to ProProfs or sticking with the platform’s top-notch services.

How secure is ProProfs?

ProProfs is a completely safe and legitimate software solution. To prove that, ProProfs regularly updates its tools with the latest security patches and also provides an enterprise-class firewall for its highest-tier customers.

Is ProProfs better than Trello?

It depends on what you need the tool for. If your aim is to flawlessly manage tasks and subtasks and track your work parameters, a comprehensive Kanban app like Trello might be more useful.

However, if you want to combine project management features with employee training, ProProfs is the better choice for you.

Is ProProfs any good?

Yes. ProProfs is a solid and well-established service. It offers both educational tools and project management features.

Is ProProfs really free?

Yes, ProProfs offers both a free version of its paid plans and a 15-day trial. You can find out more about this on or in the pricing section of our ProProfs review above.

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