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With its simple user interface, high security, and support for many devices, this service is a force to be reckoned with. All this, combined with a great price and a free version, is the reason why IDrive reviews are outrageously positive!
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  • Troublesome customer support
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Did you ever lose crucial files, never to see them again? What if we told you that you could prevent this? Pretty amazing, right? Thanks to cloud backup services, you can now protect your data, so jump on the backup bandwagon.

IDrive is a good place to start. But is it the right solution for you?  To answer this question, we’ll take an in-depth look into its features, pricing, support, and user opinions in IDrive reviews.

What Is IDrive?

IDrive cloud storage is an all-around service supporting numerous devices. It works best for owners of multiple devices and advanced users and delivers accessibility and tremendous peace of mind - and both are needed in these times of heightened cybersecurity risks.

How Does IDrive Work?

Once you create your IDrive user account, the software lets you backup and restore your data. It keeps data on the cloud and continuously synchronizes it, so you don’t have to worry about losing your files ever again.

You have full control over the IDrive Sync feature—you get to decide how often to sync your device with the Cloud. There are also more advanced options like the system image backup, which keeps you safe if anything happens to your device or hard drive.


Next in this IDrive review, we’ll analyze the features the service offers.

Numerous Devices and Operating Systems

IDrive has a desktop application and a web client and can work on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. It can back up a variety of servers, such as SQL, Exchange, Oracle, and Sharepoint. Office 365 mailbox, as well as VMWare and Hyper-V virtual machine backups, are also supported.

File Types

IDrive accepts all file types. Additionally, you can exclude specific files or folders from the backup manually.

Backup Times

The IDrive incremental backup method creates copies of new files without interrupting your workflow. It can also scan your system in real-time and update backed-up files should you make any changes to them.

With the advanced scheduling tool, you can set up regular automatic backups for a certain weekday or time.

If you prefer on-demand backups, that’s also available and simple to perform. You just need to add files that you want backed-up and click the “Backup Now” button.

Control Features

The next set of IDrive features we’ll review allow you to customize the backup process to your preference.

Block-Level Uploads

This feature is special because most backup services don’t offer it. Because of it, the software does not have to copy entire files, but only the parts modified since the last backup. This saves a lot of time, but it comes at a price—the services that allow this cannot provide zero-knowledge encryption.


When multithreading is enabled, the software can upload multiple files at a time. This may sound like an efficient trick, but it puts more pressure on the CPU.


Data backups can clog your internet connection and CPU. But this tool allows you to adjust the throttle values for these and keep the IDrive backup from slowing down your system.


IDrive will keep up to 30 versions of your backed-up files. If a file’s structure changes between two backups, you will have access to both versions.

If you accidentally delete a file, you can restore it from the trash bin. The deleted file retention period lasts 30 days.

Full-Image Backups

With the IDrive desktop application, you can copy and restore drive and system images. These hold a hard drive partition and the entire hard drive, respectively. With IDrive, you can back them up locally, or both locally and on the cloud.

File Restoration Methods

Other than restoring only specific files and drive/system images, the IDrive app offers a bare-metal restore and a courier service.

Bare Metal Restore

Unlike system backups, this feature lets you store your entire hard disk data on one of IDrive’s remote servers. IDrive can send you the BMR device in case of a disaster so you can save your data on any computer.

On top of that, the snapshot recovery option protects your files from infection.

Courier Service

With the IDrive Express, you can upload your files on a physical hard drive. That makes for a quicker local backup with zero bandwidth usage. You are required to return the device to IDrive afterward, though.

Backup Speed

An essential part of every IDrive review is the evaluation of the backup speed. But this factor is by far the hardest to judge because of the mixed opinions and multitude of factors that affect backup speed.

We have found it to be rather slow, as did most other users, yet some reported great results. But one thing is for sure—the download speed is worse than that of the competition and the IDrive upload speed is mediocre at best.

Remote Features

The IDrive online backup client lets you manage your devices wherever you are. This means that you can do remote restore and backup of your files from your other devices. But keep in mind that this will only work if IDrive is installed on them.

Ease of Use

The program is incredibly easy to install—you can finish the setup in just a few clicks. When you open the IDrive computer backup application, you’ll notice the toolbar on the left where the main functions are clearly displayed.

The backup and data restoration processes are very easy to perform. Just click on the backup option in the toolbar and you’ll see where you need to upload your files. And don’t forget to set the recovery location when restoring files.

The IDrive online backup client is a bit more complex to use. It does not look exactly the same as the desktop version because it has different functionalities. Its user interface takes a bit more time to get used to, but other than that, we didn’t have any complaints.

IDrive Free vs. Premium

IDrive does have a completely free version and it's not bad at all, but the advantages of the Premium service are well worth it.

The IDrive storage threshold for this plan is 5GB. It does not limit you in any other way, making this a good starting point if you are only considering the encrypted cloud storage application.


This plan is great for a user that's only interested in storage for two computers. For $14.62/year, you get 1TB, but if you need more, you could buy 2TB for $29.62 a year.


As a single user, you can backup data on an unlimited number of devices with this plan. You can choose between one and two-year subscription plans with five or ten terabytes of storage. IDrive's cost starts at $79.50 and goes up to $199 (reduced to $59.62 and $149.25, respectively, at the time of writing this review).


The main difference between the Team and the Personal plan is that the former works on up to five computers. The pricing is similar, starting at $99.50/year (currently reduced to $74.62,) but you can upgrade the number of users and the storage space. The cost goes up to $1,999 ($1,499.25 with the discount) for 50 users and computers and 50 TB storage.


The Business plan is available for an unlimited number of users, all of which are entitled to priority customer support. The IDrive backup to an external hard drive is free up to three times a year, after which you are charged $59.95. Besides computers and smartphones, you can also back up an unlimited number of servers and virtual machines. The starting price of the IDrive Business plan is $74.62 a year for 250 gigabytes of storage, but it can go up to $599.62 a year for 2.5 terabytes.


At first glance, with the huge amount of IDrive backup tutorial webpages, live customer support, phone number, and ticketing system, the IDrive support seems perfect. 

While the team will answer simple questions, they usually don’t respond to any form of criticism or slightly more complex queries. That alone is enough to make any IDrive review much less favorable. But more about user opinions later on.

Privacy & Security

IDrive uses the 256-bit AES encryption protocol, making it one of the most secure cloud storage applications. Its security level is the subject of praise in many IDrive reviews.

This software does not utilize zero-knowledge encryption, but it has two-factor authorization. It only collects the data you provide while registering, as well as your usage session info. But it won’t share any identifiable information with third parties without your consent.

You can create an IDrive private encryption key, which prevents you from file sharing, but greatly increases the data protection level. That way, you’ll be the only one with access to your data, but you won’t be able to read it if you lose the key.

Alternatively, you can allow IDrive to store your encryption key. Due to the US jurisdiction, you’ll be more vulnerable this way, but you’ll be free to share files.

IDrive User Reviews

IDrive cloud backup reviews are mixed—many users are satisfied with the level of security and its price but disappointed with its speed and customer support.

People looking for a speedy solution went on to use other cloud backup services. The owners of multiple devices are usually content with the service. But individual users with a single device do not think it’s worth the cost.

When to Use IDrive

IDrive’s most useful features are the continuous sync and backup scheduling options. That said, if you’re a home user, there’s no need to use the IDrive cloud storage service for a full-system backup.

A simple drive image backup or a copy of your most valuable files will suffice. More serious backup operations sometimes require days, so these are more suitable for bigger businesses.

IDrive Alternatives

The IDrive cloud backup is not the only solution on the market. Let’s see how it compares to its alternatives.

IDrive vs Carbonite

These two programs are similar in power. Both are very safe, but some of the cheaper Carbonite plans only offer 128-bit AES encryption, while the IDrive encryption is 256-bit by default.

On the other hand, Carbonite offers a variety of monthly plans with no storage limit (check out our Carbonite review to see what they include). This makes it a better choice for home users. But IDrive is ideal for small teams and businesses and it has a free version.

IDrive vs Backblaze

Backblaze is faster than IDrive but has fewer features. Home users might find it even better than Carbonite, but it can’t stand up to IDrive from an advanced user perspective.

IDrive vs SpiderOak One

SpiderOak’s solution is similar to IDrive in terms of data storage limitations, but it offers monthly plans. It works better on Linux and is much faster because it compresses your data. Its biggest disadvantage is that it’s more expensive. If you prefer a more affordable solution, IDrive is your winner.

Final Verdict

The IDrive backup service is among the best solutions on the market. It makes up for its low speed and lack of monthly Personal plans with its sheer power and low price. While it’s more suitable for advanced users, its simple user interface and tutorials make it accessible to everyone.

Even though it’s packed with useful features, it keeps adding new ones. If the customer support issue gets sorted, we can expect to see more positive IDrive reviews in 2022.

What is IDrive used for?

It is used for data protection and, in case of a disaster, data restoration.

Where is IDrive located?

The IDrive security is top-notch in spite of its US jurisdiction. It offers numerous security features such as private encryption keys.

How safe is IDrive?

Thanks to its 256-bit AES encryption protocol, it’s one of the safest online backup services around.

Which is better—IDrive or Carbonite?

Carbonite is better for home users that need to back up one device. But IDrive outperforms it in almost every other aspect.

Is IDrive any good?

Many IDrive reviews claim that it is one of the best online backup services and this one is no exception. Check out the rest of it to find out why.

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