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Incredible speed, syncing, and file sharing—all in one software. With its flexible tools for admins, Egnyte is one of the best cloud storage services for businesses. Read on to see what makes it so great in the in-depth Egnyte review below.
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Continuous, incremental, scheduled
Over 150
Bandwidth throttling:
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Various backup types, sync tools, sharing, versioning, collaboration, etc.
Starts at: $20/month
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Best for:
  • Lightning fast
  • Password-protected file sharing
  • Amazing syncing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Quite expensive
  • Not supported on Linux
  • Quality of support depends on the plan

Every business owner knows how important it is to keep company data secure. But with so many virtual infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions, it’s hard to tell which are the best online backup and cloud storage services.

This is where Egnyte Connect steps in. It seems like the perfect all-in-one solution for businesses, but does it excel at everything?

Is it a marvel of cloud-based architecture or a disappointment that flatters to deceive?

That’s what we’re about to find out in this Egnyte review.

What Is Egnyte?

Egnyte is a cloud-based storage solution for business organizations.

It can also serve as an online backup service, but that’s not where it excels. It is mostly geared toward companies of medium size.

How Does Egnyte Work?

The Egnyte Cloud File Server provides you with anywhere access and increased control over your data.

It’s very simple to use—you can access everything with a few clicks. Its interface resembles that of a file manager and further facilitates the process.

Devices and Operating Systems

Besides the web app, you can use Egnyte for Mac and PC. Android and iOS versions are supported too. 

Somewhat surprisingly, the web version trumps the desktop and mobile clients. You can do nearly everything from there, including viewing stored files online.

This makes Egnyte even more user-friendly, as it allows people to access it from anywhere.


In this part of the Egnyte review, we at Web Tribunal take a closer look at the software’s capabilities to see where it excels and what its shortcomings are.

Admin Hierarchy

What makes Egnyte a particularly good cloud storage and file-sharing service for business is the ability to set admins and regular users.

It gives admins access to additional settings and control over permissions. They can create private spaces for each user, as well as folders for groups of collaborators.

File Sharing

The Egnyte file-sharing capabilities are excellent—extremely straightforward and flexible.

The service lets you share links to your files, similar to Google Drive, but these are highly customizable. You can choose who will have access, protect them with a password, and even set it to expire after a certain number of clicks.

Admins can also decide which files others can send and allow only certain types of links for sharing.

They can also set the Egnyte folder permissions both for Egnyte users and those without a subscription.


The Egnyte storage sync is another notorious aspect of this service. Egnyte offers immediate, continuous syncing across all of your devices. Any local storage that you have can be synchronized with the software, even if you are not online.

If you change a file while offline, it will be updated automatically as soon as you get back on the web. All this makes it great for desktop-to-desktop syncing as well.

That brings us to the next feature:

File Versioning

The Egnyte software can save older versions of files without any time restrictions. Whenever a file gets changed, you can revert to an older version.

There is no number limit unless an administrator decides to set one. If a limit is passed, the oldest version of a file will go into the trash whenever a new one is uploaded.


This is one of the most useful features of the Egnyte web client.

The platform allows you to edit files either from the Egnyte desktop app or directly online.

Either way, it will sync all changes automatically.


The team behind Egnyte really thought about everything. With nearly 150 integrations, it’s not hard to find what you need.

You can connect Egnyte with Microsoft Office, Slack, Gmail, Trello, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, among others.

The only one missing that many, ourselves included, would like to see is Asana.


Egnyte truly has amazing collaboration features—starting with the WebEdit feature, which lets multiple people work on a single file simultaneously.

To facilitate easier file sharing and transfer, the platform optimizes network usage through advanced caching mechanisms and allows for bulk uploads and incremental syncs.

Add the numerous integrations and you can create a flexible, fast, and secure collaboration environment in the Egnyte cloud.

Backup Features

Although this is not an online backup service, we were pleasantly surprised by its data restoration capabilities.

Unlike most cloud storage solutions, Egnyte lets you throttle the bandwidth. This way, it won’t overburden your network while downloading and/or uploading files.

Additionally, you can back up files in real-time or schedule that for later. During our Egnyte review process, we found that the backup is fully incremental.

Unfortunately, you can’t perform more advanced procedures like a full-system backup. If that is what you need, you can pick one of the services from our best cloud backup solutions list.


Generally speaking, Egnyte’s download and upload speeds are nearly identical to those of other similar services. The software doesn’t clog the upload speed one bit, while the download speed is just a bit slower than that of its competitors.

However, we are talking about a 10-second difference. Egnyte still gives better results than the majority of other providers, most notably Google Drive.

Additional Settings

The desktop application, although not as rich as the web client, has a great settings menu.

As we already mentioned in this Egnyte review, the web client also offers some neat features, like WebEdit.

But there’s more.

You can enrich your files by adding custom metadata or adjusting the security settings and adding passwords if you’re an admin.

Trusted networks can also be set here. As we demonstrate in the Privacy & Security section below, Egnyte aims to protect your data in a multitude of ways.

Activity Log

Another handy tool that makes the web client so great is the activity log. Whenever you open a folder in Egnyte, the log history will appear in the right part of the screen.

This is a great way to monitor user activity if you’re an admin—who opened a folder, who edited a file, and much more.

Privacy & Security

A commonly mentioned perk by users in Egnyte reviews is that the provider is great at securing data.

Although it lacks a zero-knowledge model, Egnyte uses AES 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication and offers a remote wipe of data.

The provider manages your keys by default, but you can opt to do it yourself or through a third-party company with the Enterprise plan.

The only risk with end-to-end encryption is that if you lose your key, you won’t be able to access your data again.

Ease of Use

The Egnyte software is surprisingly simple, mostly thanks to its great user interface.

The web client presents all options in a tree display on the left, much like old school file managers, making finding files even easier. Most Egnyte features are accessible with just a single click.

While the Egnyte mobile app and desktop version can’t compare to the web client in terms of design and simplicity, you can still access and restore files easily.

It’s a useful solution if you don’t want to rely on your internet connection all the time.

Egnyte Pricing Plans


The Egnyte Business plan is suitable for 10 to 100 employees and brings FTP access, basic two-factor authentication, and most collaboration features. It adds custom-access URLs and audit reporting to the mix. The total available storage pool is one terabyte, but there is an additional 10 GB for shared cloud storage per employee. The Business plan costs $20/user/month billed annually.

Enterprise Lite
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The first out of the two Egnyte Enterprise plans already allows you to choose the available storage. It comes with Premium support, as well as basic access to governed third-party data sources. Additionally, you can remotely wipe your synced Egnyte files, be it from a mobile or a desktop device.  Unusual user behavior and ransomware detection are available too. The price is not advertised on the website—you’ll need to contact Egnyte to get a quote.

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This plan is very similar to the previous one, although there are a few improvements. Most notably, Egnyte connects with Office 365, Dropbox, Windows File Servers, and other services, allowing for enhanced activities like the option to discover and classify sensitive content. It also hands you platinum support, machine learning-based policies, and intelligent content classification. Finally, various compliance patterns will be at your disposal. Just like with the Enterprise Lite plan, you’ll need to contact Egnyte regarding the price.

Egnyte Support

The software is extremely easy to use and you probably won’t need much support.

That said, if it comes to this, you’ll see that all Egnyte plans come with a different support package—Standard, Premium, and Platinum. The quality of customer service depends mainly on that.


Available with the Business plan, the Standard support package gives you access to Egnyte’s documentation, guides, knowledge base, and forum.

The limitation is that you can only report issues through the online forms.


In addition to everything in the Standard plan, Premium lets you contact Egnyte customer service via phone.

This package is accessible to Enterprise Lite members only.


Available only to those with the highest-tier plan, Platinum support allows both phone and online case submission. Platinum users receive high-priority support.

Fortunately, this is not a deal-breaker, as you can still access the Egnyte help desk, even without a subscription.

No matter the plan, support is willing to help and responds quickly.

Egnyte User Reviews

User opinions are pretty uniform and overall positive.

The web client and user interface are the most common points of praise in Egnyte reviews. People also value the continuous sync and file sharing, as well as the download and upload speeds of the software.

Each negative Egnyte user review, both on Reddit and other platforms, contains at least one complaint about the price.

Still, this also happens to be the biggest downside and the only potential dealbreaker. All other issues are negligible.

When to Use Egnyte

Egnyte is a business solution mainly intended for smaller companies. With its numerous permissions and admin settings, excellent file-sharing and syncing capabilities, and fast speeds, it’s well worth the price.

In comparison to some other providers, its capabilities are not that advanced.

If you’re looking for a particular feature this software lacks, you might choose some of the other quality cloud storage services on the market.

Egnyte Competitors

In this section, we present you with a short cloud storage comparison to give you an idea of how Egnyte stacks up against its competitors.

Egnyte vs Dropbox Business

The winner of this face-off depends mostly on your needs. While we like Egnyte slightly better, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

Dropbox Business offers an unlimited storage pool, an Asana integration, and block-level uploads.

Egnyte, on the other hand, has superior file-sharing options, slightly better security, and a better web client.

Egnyte vs OneDrive

OneDrive can be much cheaper and just a tad bit faster, but that’s about it.

Even though both solutions are among the best cloud storage options, Egnyte wins in every other major category. It’s easier to use, more secure and has an integration menu with an actual search option.

Egnyte vs Box

Box offers unlimited storage and better user management features, but it can’t compare to Egnyte in other aspects.

Unlike Egnyte, however, it has plans intended for personal use in addition to its business packages.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, the Egnyte cloud storage service is among the best solutions for businesses.

It does everything right—from syncing and file sharing to secure storage and advanced admin settings. Its interface makes using it an enjoyable experience.

Despite its high price, this might be one of the best cloud storage deals on the market.

Just like all the Egnyte reviews by users we discussed above suggest, finding another major downside is a big challenge.

It’s a shame that its support tiers are so complicated and that there is no Linux version, but that’s just about it in terms of cons.

What Is Egnyte Connect?

Egnyte is one of the best secure cloud storage services for businesses with excellent speeds, sharing, and syncing capabilities. It’s mainly intended for small companies.

How Much Does Egnyte Cost?

Its cost starts from $20 per user per month. It’s quite expensive but well worth the price. To see what its plans include, check out the pricing section of this Egnyte review.

Is Egnyte Secure?

Yes, it offers a good balance between security and advanced features and is more secure than most of its competitors.

Is Egnyte HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. This is a very secure program and, as such, it takes information like this very seriously.

Who Owns Egnyte?

It is owned by Vineet Jain, Egnyte CEO and co-founder.

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