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With its amazing sync and file-sharing options, Dropbox provides one of the best cloud storage deals for businesses of any size. Many Dropbox for Business reviews praise it, but is it really that good? Keep reading to find out.
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  • Excellent for syncing
  • Good for file sharing
  • Wipes files remotely
  • Lacks advanced backup features
  • Pretty expensive
  • Could be safer

An ever-increasing amount of computer software relies on cloud-based architecture and virtualized infrastructure. You can use the cloud for computer backups, file recovery, online data storage, and more.

But how do you choose from the numerous companies that offer these solutions?

If you’re looking for cloud storage for your business, Dropbox is one of the most popular services, but is it the best online backup and cloud storage software for businesses?

To answer that question, we tested the service extensively, read through numerous Dropbox for Business reviews, and compared it to other products on the market.

Read on as we walk you through our findings.

What Is Dropbox for Business?

Dropbox Business is a cloud storage service that also offers basic HDD backup features.

It has several plans carefully crafted with both small and large businesses in mind, as well as an individual subscription.

How Does Dropbox for Business Work?

All Dropbox clients need to create an account on the official website, providing their contact details, as well as business and payment information. Then you can use Dropbox online or download the app to access the files from your computer or mobile device.

Setting up the app is easy and so is using it.

If you’re an administrator, you will be able to see the number of present and invited team members that haven’t joined yet. In Dropbox for Business, you can review shared files and allow or block file sharing and requests.


Dropbox is made for file sharing and storage. All its functions are streamlined to facilitate seamless exchange of data.

Devices and Operating Systems

This software doesn’t require powerful hardware and can work on numerous devices and operating systems. This makes it accessible to more users.

Like most modern online backup services, Dropbox Business works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can install Dropbox Business on Win 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

 As far as mobile versions are concerned, the app is supported on Android and iOS.


The Dropbox Business sync option works perfectly.

Best of all, it’s an automated process. Since it works on computers, smartphones, and tablets, all you need to do is sign in to the same account on your devices. The same goes for desktop-to-desktop syncing.

Backup Options

The Dropbox Business computer backup, among other features, includes continuous sync and incremental backup.

This means that it will copy only the changed parts of a file that is already on the cloud. It also offers differential backup, which, on the other hand, reuploads the whole file no matter the size of the change.

To use the full power of Dropbox Business for business, we at Web Tribunal recommend incremental backups because of the greater file upload speeds. Still, differential backups also have an advantage—they demonstrate better data restoration speeds.


It is especially important for businesses that both data backup and restoration occur quickly.

That’s why we are glad to report that the Dropbox Business computer and mobile backup speeds are great.

As with any other backup software, they depend on the speed of your internet connection and backup type too.

File Deletion

If a device gets compromised, it’s crucial to have a remote wipe option. It’s also “amazing for people who work remotely,” as one user pointed on in a Dropbox Business backup review.

Thanks to the anywhere-access, you can remove Dropbox files from a computer wherever you are. The business Dropboxversion also lets you delete files from your members’ devices.

Keep in mind, however, that this process cannot be undone.

To remotely wipe a computer from another device, you’ll need to go to Settings, open the Security tab, then find the Devices menu. After finding your computer there, you’ll see the option that can wipe it next time someone logs in to Dropbox from it.

Once the user signs out from that device, the data will be no more.


All versions of Dropbox Business offer a 180-day file retention period.

You can restore deleted or older versions of your files during that period. The good part is that deleted files do not affect your storage space in any way.

If such retention isn’t long enough, you can opt for the Extended version history add-on. It increases this period to ten years.

Keep in mind, though, that if you permanently delete a file, you cannot retrieve it by normal means.

You can recover these files only with the Data Governance add-on. This is an extension unique to Dropbox for Business,allowing admins to review and protect team data.

Advanced Features

Dropbox is not your go-to program for system image or full-system backup. It does make up for this by offering great speed and syncing capabilities, though.

The lack of a courier service is quite disappointing too, especially since Dropbox is a very well-known name.

Security and Privacy

Dropbox is solid at securing data but despite its 256-bit AES encryption, it’s far from being the best at it.

As we demonstrate below in this Dropbox for Business review, there are better options if security is a top priority for you.


The software comes not just with two-factor authentication but with multifactor authentication too. This alone already makes Dropbox Business security decent, as this is one of the most important features.

End-to-End Encryption

Dropbox does not use end-to-end encryption—something that the best secure cloud storage systems typically provide. This means that it’s easy for Dropbox for Business to review your data, which leaves you more vulnerable to online attacks.

Still, that is highly unlikely. Dropbox has a good security record. It protects your stored files using 256-bit AES and the files in transit—with SSL/TLS encryption.

Encryption Key Management

Dropbox manages your user encryption keys, which has to be one of its biggest security flaws. Although it’s more convenient, it means the company could access your information. Additionally, that is not using zero-knowledge encryption.

This does not seem to bother end-users.

Although one customer does mention in a Dropbox Business cloud storage review that the “security factor could be further enhanced,” most people praise the safety of the service.

File Sharing and Collaboration

If there’s anything end-users agree on in their Dropbox for Business reviews, it’s the excellence of the collaboration features and file-sharing capabilities of the service.

Dropbox offers Paper and Transfer—two very useful and extremely easy-to-use tools to help you with your endeavors.

Dropbox Paper lets collaborators work on documents in real-time. Dropbox Transfer makes file sharing accessible and fast, especially when it comes to larger files.

App Integrations

Thanks to its multiple partners, the Dropbox Business app integrations are numerous. You can connect it with numerous programs, including team management apps, such as Slack, Trello, and Office 365.

Mobile Apps

While most users talk about their experience with Dropbox in general, some mention the performance of specific applications. For example, Dropbox Business reviews left by Mac users often feature complaints about slower speeds compared to the Windows application.

When it comes to the mobile versions of Dropbox, opinions are mixed.

The iOS and Android apps can work offline, are fast, and allow for small additional features. All in all, this is one of the best cloud storage options for mobile users.

When using Dropbox Business for mobile backup you can  review, add, delete, and modify files, just like with the desktop apps.

The free version comes with a 2 GB storage pool. Paid versions, Plus and Professional, offer 2TB and 3TB storage space, respectively.

Ease of Use

Dropbox has used all of its years in the field to develop a very user-friendly interface.

It is modern, surprisingly easy to use, and, most importantly, similar across devices and OS.

Helpful tooltips and the well-organized menus make browsing Dropbox and collaborating through it seamless.

One possible inconvenience can be seen on the web interface. Users might experience the occasional lag when moving large files around. That’s fairly typical for most online file management systems as their performance is affected by the speed of internet connection and the browser used.

Pricing Plans


Dropbox Standard, the smallest team Business plan, already offers all crucial backup and storage features. It comes with 5 TB storage for the whole team and allows for a single admin.


The Professional package is quite similar to the Standard business subscription in terms of power. The latter comes with more space, phone support, and administrative tools but has weaker transport options and lacks insights. The Professional plan costs $24.99/month or $16.58/month billed yearly.


This plan allows you to add multiple admins and set up a hierarchy between them. You can get access to more advanced admin controls, as well as traffic and insights. Some advanced user management tools are included too. Dropbox Transfer lets you send up to 100 GB of files. This Dropbox Business plan will cost you $28.75/month/user. A yearly subscription reduces it to $23/month.


The Dropbox customer services channels include a live chat, email and phone support, and a help center. There’s also a Dropbox subreddit with around 6,200 members.

Although many Dropbox Business reviews for 2022 suggest that the support team is tough to beat, we found their responses somewhat lackluster.

Contacting the Dropbox employees via chat is very easy to do and the replies are fast, but they were not all that satisfactory in our case.

On the bright side, this solution is extremely easy to use, so you probably won’t need this feature. Additionally, the quality of support differs slightly between plans. Dropbox support for small or big business owners who opted for a higher-tier package would be more satisfactory.

Dropbox for Business User Reviews

This service is mostly the subject of rave reviews. People love it for its speed and ease of use, with business owners praising its file sharing and syncing capabilities.

Some users mention in their Dropbox for Business reviews on Reddit the occasional backup issues, but no software is immune to this. Still, in case these do happen, the support team will gladly offer assistance.

The most common complaints, other than the Dropbox Business backup problems, are focused on the high price. The software’s security is also underwhelming in certain aspects like encryption key management.

When to Use Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is great for businesses of all sizes.

And if you need it for personal professional use, you can always purchase an individual plan. Check out the Dropbox Professional vs Business Standard comparison above to see the main differences between these two versions.

If you need advanced software-based recovery, however, keep looking. This is one of the best cloud storage services, but it’s not an online backup solution.

If you need one of those, check out our list of the best cloud backup systems.

While it’s great for businesses in general, this version of Dropbox isn’t the best for accountants because of its few security flaws.

Although it wasn’t created with that purpose in mind, you can also use it for photo cloud storage as well.

Dropbox for Business Alternatives

If you’re not convinced this is the right solution for you, you can always opt for one of the numerous Dropbox competitors.

To make your choice easier, we show you how the other top providers perform in the cloud storage comparison below.

Dropbox vs Dropbox Business

Classic Dropbox might offer a bit more options in theory, but it’s not ideal for multiple users. The price of Dropbox for Business is higher, but it is well worth it.

Dropbox Business vs Google Drive

Both of these are great for businesses, but there is one key difference that can help you decide right away which one is better for you.

While Google Drive is easier to use and more intuitive overall, it’s exclusively web-based.

In other words, you can’t use it offline at all, so it’s not ideal if you don’t have a stable internet connection or when its servers experience issues.

Dropbox Business vs Carbonite

Dropbox Business is primarily a cloud storage service and Carbonite excels at online backup, so your choice will depend primarily on your needs.

But you should keep in mind that, unlike Dropbox, Carbonite doesn’t have a mobile app.

Final Verdict

With all those years of experience, it’s unsurprising to see that Dropbox Business is among the best cloud storagesolutions. Sure, Dropbox Business doesn’t offer unlimited mobile or PC backup power, but that’s not its main purpose anyway.

As long as you find cloud storage more important, this is the ideal solution for you.

The backup feature is there just as a safety net in case of a disk error or drive failure.

In the fast majority of cases, that’s usually good enough.

What is the difference between Dropbox and Dropbox Business?

The main difference is the target audience, as regular Dropbox is mostly for personal use. There are also, however, some differences in terms of features.

Check out the pricing section of this review for a more detailed breakdown of the plans.

Is Dropbox Business safe?

Yes. It’s not the safest solution around, but it has decent security features. For an in-depth analysis of its capabilities in this regard, go to the Security and Privacy section of this review.

Is Dropbox Business reliable?

Dropbox is very reliable as a cloud storage system, but not so much as online backup software.

Is Dropbox Business worth it?

Absolutely. As the numerous positive Dropbox for Business reviews demonstrate, users consider it to be one of the best cloud storage services for businesses of all sizes.

Is Dropbox good for business?

Yes. It has numerous team organization, sync, and file sharing capabilities that make it particularly good for such use.

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