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Landing pages, contests, advanced analytics—ShortStack seems to have it all. Will you believe us if we tell you that this multifunctional service is also easy to set up and use? See what else it offers in our detailed ShortStack review that follows.
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Simple setup, excellent support, free trial, good analytics
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  • Easy setup
  • Good analytics
  • Excellent support
  • Brilliant contest creation
  • Few templates
  • Lack of integrations

We bombard users with pay-per-click ads and online marketing campaigns on every social media platform. This makes it harder to compete for their attention.

Having a good landing page with a killer call-to-action (CTA) can help you stand out. And what better (and easier) way to get one than with a landing page builder?

But how do you choose the best one?

With unique contest creation ideas, numerous positive reviews, a free version, and incredible ease of use, ShortStack is a great start.

Read our full analysis below to see how far it can take you.

What Is ShortStack?

ShortStack is a landing page builder that focuses primarily on building online contests.

Its ease of use, efficient support team, and informative knowledge base make it suitable for everyone.

ShortStack Best Features

ShortStack is full of great features.

In this section of the ShortStack review, we evaluate the ones that help it stand out from other landing page builders.

Easy Setup

The easy setup is the first thing that draws in new users.

To start with, ShortStack has an excellent free trial version—no time constraint and no credit card required.

You're only limited on the number of entries and views of your ShortStack landing page.

Once you sign up, the software will guide you through the first steps. It will give you handy tips all the way through and even provide video tutorials for every new activity.

All of this leads us to the second point, which is...


The Campaign builder will be your best friend when creating ShortStack landing pages.

It's a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder. The final product will look like the campaign you see in the editor.

It also means you can build pages and contests without prior coding experience.

Of course, you can add your own CSS code if you wish.

The ShortStack designer could be more straightforward, but the useful tutorials and numerous resources facilitate the process.

The builder also comes with a short course you can complete before you start.

Online Contests

If we had to pick one feature that helps ShortStack stand out, this would be it.

Judging by the numerous mentions in ShortStack reviews, other users agree with us too.

The platform lets you create all sorts of online contests.

You can make Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok campaigns, asking visitors to upload their photos or videos and then choose a winner. You can even promote your ShortStack contest via Facebook Ads.

Another option is to build quizzes— where participants answer questions for a chance to win something.

There are also giveaways and instant win contests, where the first person to interact with your page wins.

With these creative ShortStack pages, you can increase visitor engagement and boost your sales leads without breaking the bank.

Coupon Codes

ShortStack also lets you create landing pages that ask for people’s emails in exchange for a coupon code.

It is an excellent way to attract prospective customers or, at the very least, an ever-growing mailing list.

Email marketing can be incredibly rewarding when done properly.

And with the Mailchimp integration you will have a powerful autoresponder tool at your disposal.

Integrations and Embedding

The only native ShortStack integrations are Mailchimp and Webhook.

The latter gives you access to other email marketing tools and CRM software.

Through it, you can also connect your ShortStack account with Zapier. This would allow you to integrate with all apps supported by Zapier.

But that’s not all.

The embed function lets you publish your digital marketing campaign to any content management system (CMS), such as Shopify. This also means that you can upload your ShortStack campaigns to WordPress or virtually any website with HTML access.

It might sound complicated at first, but it’s really just a simple copy/paste action.

And ShortStack will walk you through it.

Robust Analytics

We were very impressed with this service’s analytics capability.

You can connect ShortStack with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel or use its native real-time analytics.

The software calculates your views, clicks, and shares and shows which devices your potential customers use the most. Better yet, you can set a date range and check all of these during a particular time period.

But what most impressed us during our review process was the ShortStack email analytics functionality.

The platform gives you excellent insight into the effectiveness of your campaign.

You can see the number of emails you've sent and how many times people opened or clicked on them.

Complete Security

ShortStack also offers several privacy and safety features.

These include GDPR compliance, SSL encryption, and single sign-on (SSO) with the OneLogin integration, which adds an extra layer of security.

What We Disliked

Although mesmerized by the plethora of unique features, we did notice a few shortcomings while testing the service.

Few Native Integrations

As we mentioned above in our ShortStack review, the only native integrations are with Mailchimp and Webhooks.

Although you can use Zapier to access other apps, you have to connect with it through Webhooks, which complicates the process.

Relatively Few Templates

ShortStack has only around 60 landing page templates.

Although they are useful and well categorized, we expected to see more.

ShortStack Pricing

Unlike many other services, ShortStack has a free version that is truly commitment-free. The ShortStack trial is free forever, doesn’t require your credit card information, and includes everything in the Business plan. But there’s a catch. You are limited to just 20 entries and 100 views for every 30 days. While that’s enough to get a feel of the product, it won’t be sufficient in the long term.

$79/per month

With this plan, you get up to 10,000 entries per campaign and 50,000 views per month. The number of campaigns and emails you can send is unlimited. You can also create giveaways and most social media contests. Just keep in mind that you can only upload up to two photos per entry for photo upload contests. The ShortStack cost of this plan is $99 per month or $79 with an annual subscription.

$199/per month

For $249 per month (or $199 with an annual subscription), the storage limit goes up to 50,000 and the monthly view count—to 250,000. You also get access to retweet, hashtag, and video upload contests. Plus, participants can upload up to five photos per contest. Better yet, this plan removes the ShortStack logo and allows you to create a custom ShortStack domain.

$399/per month

With an entry limit of 500,000 and 30-day views limit of 2,500,000, it gives businesses plenty of room to grow. It costs $499 per month or $399 per month with an annual subscription. Some users criticize it for being too expensive in their ShortStack reviews. But considering its advanced functionality, we’d say it’s worth it. The plan allows for up to five simultaneous users. Other useful upgrades include an account manager, unlimited retweets and hashtag contests, and access to all templates.

Custom price

The most powerful plan removes the limits and lets you customize everything. To determine the ShortStack price and parameters, you need to contact sales. You can negotiate with the team the number of views, entries, and photos uploaded in contests. The customizable features include templates, integrations, and team settings.

ShortStack Support

A key point in all 2022 ShortStack reviews is the quality of support, and for a good reason. While the setup is incredibly easy, creating a contest for the first time could be a bit overwhelming. Having a reliable tech team to help you is essential.

ShortStack has a rich knowledge base and many tutorials, some of which appear automatically while you’re using the service. This can be very useful, as the videos are short and informative, showing you everything you need to know.

Its customer service team is even better.

To check the credibility of these comments, we contacted them ourselves via email and live chat. We were satisfied with the responses and quality of service we received on both.

So much so that we find it hard to say which one is better. Emailing the team is a good idea outside of working hours or for more complicated matters.

Live chat, on the other hand, is a great way to get answers to multiple questions quickly.

ShortStack User Reviews

For this ShortStack review, we read numerous user testimonials to see how others feel about the program. Users appreciate the fact that ShortStack does exactly what it's intended to do—increases their conversion rate and click-through rate.

While we didn’t find a dedicated ShortStack user review on Reddit, many people shared their opinion on other platforms. The most common points of praise are its incredible ease of use and the quality of support.

The main complaints about the ShortStack app are regarding the small number of templates and the lack of some more advanced features, such as custom API. The price is also too high for people that don't use the service regularly.

Is ShortStack Worth It?

Absolutely. Focused mainly on creating online contests, it can help you boost your leads and sales.

Thanks to the ShortStack free trial and simple setup, you can try it before subscribing. It’s also very easy to use and doesn't require any coding knowledge.

We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique approach to lead management.

ShortStack Alternatives

If you're looking for a more traditional approach to building landing pages, one of these alternatives might be a better fit for you.

ShortStack vs Leadpages

The two solutions have quite similar feature sets. Still, we'd give an advantage to ShortStack because of its superior design tools and the option to create contests.

That said, if your budget is limited, you might prefer Leadpages. It is a much cheaper solution made with smaller businesses in mind.

ShortStack vs Unbounce

Unbounce is pricier than ShortStack, but also much more powerful. It has more advanced features like heatmaps, multivariate testing, AMP pages, conversion intelligence tools, etc.

But if you like the idea of creating a contest or don’t want to break the bank on a landing page builder, ShortStack is the way to go.

Final Verdict

ShortStack is the best landing page builder for online contests.

It's surprisingly versatile, secure, easy to use, and above all, it just works well. Plus, its great customer support and free version make it accessible for everyone.

ShortStack can introduce freshness to your search engine marketing strategy and help you build unique SEO-friendly landing pages.

What is ShortStack used for?

ShortStack is used for designing and creating landing pages, as well as various types of online contests. It can help you improve user engagement and boost your sales.

Is ShortStack a CMS?

ShortStack is not a content management system. It’s a landing page builder, which means you can use it to create and publish only one type of digital content.

How much does ShortStack cost?

It can cost you anywhere between $79 and $499 per month. There's also a free version, but it's rather limited. Although some users complain about the high price in their ShortStack reviews, the basic plans are affordable and feature-rich.

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