How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft?

Updated · Mar 04, 2023

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, terracotta is a block that can be used for decoration or construction. 

It has beautiful variations in different colors and textures, making it the perfect addition to any design.

In this guide, we'll show you, step by step, how to get terracotta and make the best use of its features.

What Is Terracotta in Minecraft?

That is a material made from clay, with blast-resistance and hardness characteristics similar to stone.

It's suitable for building shelter or anything else that you don't want to be blown up by creepers.

You should mine it with a pickaxe as it would take a lot of time and won't drop anything if you do it by hand or any other tool.

The basic Minecraft terracotta recipe produces brownish variation, even though it's named "uncolored," but you can dye it in 16 other hues.

Moreover, there are 16 glazed terracotta options for even more vibrant designs.

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft?

The process is quite simple and requires easy-to-find resources.

1. Collect Clay Balls and Fuel

Most often, you can find clay at the bottom of water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, swamps, and oceans.

It's quickest to mine with a shovel, and it'll drop four clay balls.

Alternatively, if you use a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment, you'll get a clay block instead.

As for fuel, anything you have — wood, charcoal, or coal — will do the job.

2. Make a Clay Block

Take the clay balls you've gathered and place them in the crafting grid.

Put two next to each other on one row and two more directly below or above them.

3. Follow the Minecraft Terracotta Recipe

Once you have all the materials, you need to use a furnace.

Place the clay block in the top slot and the fuel below. 

That way, the clay will smelt into terracotta.

What Can You Make With Terracotta in Minecraft?

Terracotta is a versatile material that you may dye or smelt into its glazed variations depending on your decoration plans.

Make Colored Terracotta

If you want to add a splash of color to your construction, that is the way to go. 

You can use any type of dye available — white, gray, orange, etc. — to stain terracotta in Minecraft.

Here is how:

  • Place eight terracotta blocks on the crafting table, leaving only the center slot empty.
  • Put the dye you want to use in the middle.

Make Glazed Terracotta

Glazed terracotta has a decorative function rather than practical.

It's more lively and colorful than its regular counterpart, but it's not as hard and blast-resistant.

  • Smelt dyed terracotta blocks in a furnace to get glazed ones.

You can make four unique pattern designs with glazed blocks of every color depending on how you rotate the blocks.

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Where to Find Terracotta in Minecraft?

Terracotta is a fairly common block in the badlands biomes.

You can also come across it in houses on plains and in desert villages.

It’s also possible to buy one colored terracotta block from expert-level stone mason villagers for one emerald.

To Wrap Up

Knowing how to make terracotta in Minecraft will help you brighten up your home, build blast-resistant structures, or simply add some color to your world.

As you see, it's not difficult to make, and you can use it for a variety of purposes.

Let your imagination run wild and have fun with your new terracotta designs.

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