How to Make Glass in Minecraft?

Updated · May 12, 2022

In Minecraft, glass is a transparent block that can be used in a variety of ways.

Whether you're looking for functional or aesthetic purposes, it'll definitely come in handy for your next building project.

We'll go through how to get glass, craft different items with it, and some other useful tips.

What Is Glass in Minecraft?

Glass is a transparent but solid block that is most commonly used to make windows, doors, and see-through walls.

With it, you can also craft bottles for potions, or more advanced items, like a beacon or daylight detector.

What’s more, once you've made Minecraft glass, you can turn it into any of its stained or tinted variations for decoration purposes.

This material is relatively easy to craft, making it an ideal option for players who are just starting.

On top of that, most mobs can't spawn on it, so it offers a good way to secure your base further.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft?

To make glass, you need to procure sand and smelt it. 

1. Collect Sand and Fuel

You can find sand or red sand nearly anywhere, but the best places are beach or desert biomes.

As for fuel, you can use wood, coal, or charcoal, whatever you have available.

2. Smelt the Sand in a Furnace

Once you collect the materials, you'll need a furnace.

Place the sand in the top slot and the fuel in the bottom to turn the sand into glass.

Things to Do With Glass in Minecraft?

Just like in real life, glass in Minecraft is quite versatile. Here are some ideas you can try out.

Make Tinted Glass

That is a type of glass that can block light while still being visually transparent. You'll need one regular glass and four amethyst shards to get two tinted blocks.

  • Open your crafting table and place the glass in the very center of the grid.
  • Put one amethyst shard in the slots above and below it and on its left and right.

Make Stained Glass

You can stain glass in any color available in the game — white, black, purple, blue, etc. That requires eight regular glass blocks and the dye of your choice.

  • Use your crafting table and add eight glass blocks to the grid, leaving only the center slot empty.
  • Put the dye in the middle, and you'll get eight stained glass blocks in this color.

Make a Glass Pane

Glass panes have the same functions as glass blocks, but it's more economical to use panes.

  • Place six glass blocks on the second and third row of the crafting table to make 16 panes.

If you want them to be stained, you can either craft them out of colored glass or dye eight panes the same way you would blocks.

Make a Glass Door and Window

If you want to make a window, glass panes in Minecraft are perfect for the job.

Leave a hole in your wall with the size of the window you'd like and place them there.

You can also get creative and use glass to build automated sliding doors.

The easiest way to do that is with stone pressure plates, sticky pistons, Minecraft stained, tinted, or regular glass blocks, and Redstone dust and torch.

  • Start by making a two-by-three platform of any building block you want.
  • Place two pressure plates next to each other at the two shorter ends.
  • Extend the middle of the platform with two building blocks on each side.
  • Position two pistons, one above the other, facing the center, at the ends of the prolonged platform.
  • Put two Minecraft glass blocks, one above the other, in front of the pistons.
  • Add one building block to the back of the upper pistons and the platform beneath the lower ones.
  • Place a Redstone torch behind the lower pistons.
  • Make a Redstone wire using Redstone dust, starting from the block below the Redstone torch and going to the block under the pressure plate on each side.

That's it; the glass doors will open and close when you step on the pressure plates.

Make a Glass Bottle

That is a container that can store water, potions, honey, and dragon's breath.

To craft three glass bottles, you have to:

  • Place a glass block in the first and last slot of the second row of the crafting grid.
  • Add another one to the middle of the third row.

Make a Beacon

This unique block gives the player status effects when they're close to it.

To craft the beacon:

  • Place three glass blocks on the first row of the grid and one in the first and third slots of the second row.
  • Add three obsidian blocks to the third row.
  • Put a Nether Star in the center.

Make a Daylight Detector

The daylight detector transmits a Redstone signal when it detects daylight.

Its crafting recipe with glass requires you to:

  • Place three glass blocks on the first row of the crafting grid.
  • Put three Nether Quartz on the second row. 
  • Add three wood slabs of any kind to the third row.

Where to Find Glass in Minecraft?

You can come across glass in a secret room in woodland mansions and in ancient cities.

However, you can only take it if you break it with a tool with Silk Touch enchantment. Otherwise, it won't drop anything.

So, make your own server with the help of the best hosting providers and go out exploring for glass with your friends.

Additionally, journeyman-level librarian villagers may sell glass for emeralds.

To Wrap Up

Knowing how to make glass in Minecraft opens up many opportunities for creativity.  

You can use it for decorations and elaborate designs, and it has many practical applications as well. 

Whether you want to craft stained glass windows or simply need bottles to store potions, glass will prove useful.

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