How to Make Arrows in Minecraft?

Updated · Mar 04, 2023

In Minecraft, arrows are an essential part of the game.

They can be used for hunting, combat, and more.

In this guide, we'll show you, step by step, the Minecraft arrow recipe and how to use these items effectively in your gameplay.

We'll also cover some tips and tricks that will help you become a master archer!

What Can You Do with Arrows in Minecraft?

Arrows have a variety of purposes. Most commonly is in combat, whether you're fighting mobs or other players. You can shoot them with bows, crossbows, and dispensers.

Arrows are also used for hunting. When you shoot an animal with an arrow in Minecraft, it'll drop meat and other valuable items.

Additionally, you can craft special arrows that give you, other players, or mobs particular status effects.

Arrows are also good for trading with novice and master-level fletcher villagers for emeralds.

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft?

1. Gather Flint, Feathers, and Sticks

Start by mining gravel, as there's a 10% chance that flint will drop instead.

Then, hunt down some chickens.

Up to two feathers can be obtained by killing one.

You'll also need to chop down a tree, turn the wood into planks, and then into sticks.

2. Follow the Minecraft Arrow Recipe

Once you have the required materials, open your crafting table and arrange them in the following pattern to make four arrows:

  • One flint in the middle of the first row
  • One stick in the very center of the grid
  • One feather in the middle of the third row

How to Make Different Arrows in Minecraft?

There are several different types of arrows you can craft in Minecraft, each with its own unique purpose.

Spectral Arrows Minecraft

Spectral or golden arrows carry a Glowing status effect that lasts for ten seconds. If you hit your target with one, you'll be able to see its outline through blocks.

Place an arrow in the center of the crafting grid and Glowstone dust in the slots above and below it and on its right and left to make them.

Tipped Arrows Minecraft

These arrows transmit the effects of particular potions. You can craft 16 different ones in both Java and Bedrock editions.

To do that, you'll need to place eight arrows in the crafting grid, leaving only the center slot empty.

Then, add a lingering potion of the effect you want to apply in the remaining space.

Arrow of Harming, for example, crafted with a Lingering Potion of Harming, deals 12 damage to your target.

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft?

To use your arrows, you'll need to craft a bow. Here's how:

  • Collect sticks and strings. Strings drop when breaking cobwebs or killing spiders, striders, or cats.
  • Open your crafting table and put three strings in every slot of the third column.
  • Add one stick in the middle of the first and third rows and one in the first slot of the second row to make a bow in Minecraft.

Making a crossbow is a bit more complicated:

  • Gather strings, sticks, an iron ingot, and a tripwire hook. You can find a tripwire hook in jungle temple chests or craft it yourself.
  • Place one stick in the first and last slot of the first row on the crafting table and an iron ingot in the middle.
  • Put a string in the first and last slot of the second row and a tripwire hook in the middle.
  • Add a stick in the center of the third row to make a crossbow to shoot any Minecraft arrow you want.

You can apply different enchantments to enhance your bow using an enchanting table:

  • Unbreaking — to increase durability
  • Mending — to repair the bow using XP points
  • Infinity — to fire unlimited arrows with only one in your inventory
  • Flame — to shoot flaming arrows
  • Power — to increase the damage
  • Punch — to increase the knockback effect
  • Curse of Vanishing — to make the bow disappear when you die

These three enchantments are available for a crossbow:

  • Quick Charge — to reduce the loading time
  • Multishot — to shoot three arrows at once
  • Piecing — to make arrows go through entities

Tips and Tricks for Using Minecraft Arrows Effectively

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can shoot an arrow three blocks away with no charge, about 15 with medium charge, and at most, 24 blocks with a maximum charge.
  • The arrow's damage is determined by its speed — an unenchanted bow with regular arrows deals six damage points on average with a full charge.
  • You may retrieve special or regular arrows in Minecraft, given they didn't hit an entity.
  • Arrows bounce off damage-resistant mobs like the wither armor.
  • You can activate wooden buttons, pressure plates, a tripwire, and a target with an arrow.
  • Arrows get visually stuck in a player if you hit them. Use one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers to play with your friend and try that out.

To Wrap Up

Knowing how to make arrows in Minecraft will ease up combat and hunting and give you the chance to trigger elaborate traps and contraptions from a safe distance.

Whether you're taking on the Ender Dragon or just trying to gather resources more efficiently, arrows are a great item to have in your arsenal.

Try out the different arrows you can craft and see what works best for you.

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