What to Do if Your eBay Account Is Suspended in 2023

Updated · Mar 06, 2023

eBay account suspensions are a reality for many sellers on the platform. In this blog post, we will explore what they are, why they happen, and how to resolve them. 

We'll start by explaining what an eBay account suspension is and what it entails. Then we'll look at the reasons why you might have gotten your eBay account suspended, from unpaid fees to abusive behavior. 

Finally, we'll provide some advice on how to unsuspend an eBay account - including tips on avoiding suspensions in the first place!

What Is an eBay Account Suspension?

An eBay account suspension is a restriction or hold placed on your account. They can vary in seriousness, but usually, they mean you can’t bid on, buy, or sell items. 

You also can’t leave feedback, create new listings, or edit existing ones. You also can’t contact other users in messages and so on.

In short, they halt your eBay activity.  If you’ve had your eBay account suspended, it is important to know that you can appeal the decision. 

Before you do so, make sure that you understand the reason for your suspension. By doing this you can anticipate what you may need to do to get the suspension lifted.

Take initial steps, and then contact eBay to try and resolve the situation.

Why Do Accounts Get Suspended?

There are a few reasons that could see an eBay account blocked.

The most common reason is that the account holder has violated eBay's policies, for example by engaging in fraudulent or deceptive behavior. 

It can also be because they’ve been abusive to other users. Either by sending unfair comments, or trying to bully them into changing conditions following a transaction.

Listing banned items is another thing your account could get suspended for. The level of a restriction on an item could affect how eBay deals with you. If you list an item and the listing is removed, don’t list the item again and you should be fine. If an eBay account is suspended after the first listing this is the likely reason.

For example, adult items aren’t illegal but eBay doesn’t allow them, so eBay will simply remove them. On the other hand, if you try and sell something illegal you’ll face a suspension and possibly a knock on your door.

Another reason might be that the account is not in good standing due to a debt owed to eBay or a negative balance. Buyers need to pay for an item within 4 days of ordering it. While failing to pay once or twice won’t see you penalized, each time you fail to pay, a strike will be put on your account. Do it too many times and you’ll be suspended.

On the opposite end, eBay may issue refunds to buyers on your behalf. If this happens you may owe eBay money, and if you may face an eBay suspension until you settle the debt.

Finally, an account might be suspended if it is determined that the holder is not authorized to sell on eBay. For example, they may be too young, or have been suspended previously and attempted to dodge it by making a new account. We’ll discuss that more later. 

How To Avoid Having Your eBay Account Blocked

As a buyer on eBay, you should always make sure to pay for your items in a timely fashion. If you make a habit of dragging your feet, as stated above, you may find that your account is suspended. 

In addition, it's important to obey eBay's best practices - whether you're buying or selling items on the platform. This includes following all of the rules and regulations that eBay has put in place. If you do everything as it should be done, you all but eliminate the chance of being suspended.

However, you may find your eBay account suspended for no reason… or so you think.

eBay is a big site, and mistakes do happen. Sometimes you may be banned because of someone else. The main danger in this regard is fraudulent buyers or sellers trying to scam you and then blame you for the incident.

With that in mind, you should keep a solid record of everything you do on the site. If you’re a seller keep proof that you sent an item, for example, waybills. 

How to Reactive an eBay Account After a Suspension

If you've had your eBay account suspended, there are a few things you can do to get it reinstated. 

First, make sure that you understand the reason for the suspension and take measures to correct the issue.

Once you have done so, you can file an appeal with eBay.  If you have outstanding fees you’ll need to pay them.

If the problem is more abstract you’ll have to follow the steps provided by eBay. 

eBay will usually message you directly to explain why you’ve been suspended.

In most cases, once you’re taken the necessary steps appealing the suspension will be enough to get the eBay restrictions lifted.

Occasionally, you may need to provide additional information or take other steps to get your account back up and running.

Some Things To Consider

Here are two things to consider surrounding suspension.

First, we’ll discuss making new accounts, and second some common scams that could see you getting suspended due to another’s actions. 

Making New Accounts

Some people attempt to evade suspension by creating a new account. If you do this eBay will link it back to you quickly and suspend that one too. It’ll also be a mark against you and make it harder to get your original one unsuspended.

eBay sees making a new account as an attempt at ban evasion, which is why our eBay suspension guide advises strongly against doing it. To avoid this some people make eBay stealth accounts, but we’d only recommend using those for privacy reasons.

Common Incidents

Here are common incidents on eBay that could be troublesome. If they aren’t handled correctly your account could be penalized. Here we’ll briefly discuss them and what you should look out for.

The Buyer Claims They Never Received The Item

Sometimes due to an issue with delivery, or to scam you, the buyer may claim they never received an item. 

It’s for this reason that you should make sure you’re using a reputable courier company of method of delivery. This way you have paperwork to prove you sent the item, and a way to track the item down, thus avoiding any dreaded eBay selling restrictions.

If the buyer is attempting a scam, they’ll be found out. However, if the item really didn’t arrive, you can follow up with the delivery company and find out what happened. 

If you don’t insure a proper paper trail, or use a shoddy company, and the buyer claims they didn’t receive the item, the penalty will fall on you. 

The Buyer Claims The Item Isn’t As Described

This is another common issue.

Fortunately dealing with it initially is simple because at least the buyer acknowledges they’ve received it, so it’ll be easier to get your eBay account reinstated should anything happen.

Through eBay as a mediator, the buyer will have to show how the item isn’t as advertised.

Perhaps there was an error on your part or it was damaged in transit, but if they are attempting to scam you, they may become uncooperative, pushing the odds in your favor.

As a last resort, you can let the buyer return the item, but be careful, they could try and send something else back instead.

General Aggression 

Buyers sometimes try and bully sellers into lowering their prices and threaten to leave bad reviews to get their eBay account restricted from selling. If this happens to you, immediately raise the issue with eBay. 

They’ll be able to remove any negative ratings left by that seller and take action against them. If they’ve already paid for the item, make sure eBay knows this and lets you reverse the transaction.

In essence, you should always strive to follow best practices. That way you’ll not only do everything to ensure a good outcome, but you’ll have the most protection should something go wrong.


It is important to remember that eBay account suspensions are not personal. They are simply a way for the company to enforce its policies and protect its users. 

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to reactive your eBay account should you face any suspensions.

If you plan on selling commercially, an easier method may be dropshipping. Check out our guide on starting an Amazon store that dropships.

Disclaimer: This blog post provides general information about what to do if you have your eBay account suspended only and should not be construed as legal advice. If you need legal assistance, please consult with an attorney who specializes in law related to ecommerce.

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