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Huge storage capacity, customizable plans, excellent file sharing, storage, and backup capabilities—OpenDrive is a unique solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Take a look at this insightful OpenDrive review and see what else it has in its rich offer.
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Workflow management:
Zoho Office, Jitterbit, Flamory, etc.
Backup options:
Incremental, continuous, scheduled
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Various backup types, works for home and business, sync, sharing, mirroring, etc.
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Best for:
  • Great storage capacity
  • Advanced file sharing
  • Excellent personal & business plans
  • Customized plans for enterprises
  • Limited collaboration & productivity tools
  • No live chat support

Do you need cloud storage of great capacity?

Do you want to back up your data as well?

Look no further—OpenDrive has it all. Backup, storage, file sharing, collaboration, and productivity tools—this versatile product is definitely worth trying.

No matter if you need a solution for personal or business use, OpenDrive will create the plan that suits you best.

Check out this comprehensive OpenDrive review to see what this service can provide you with.

What Is OpenDrive?

OpenDrive is a private cloud-based storage and backup company based in California, United States.

It is especially useful for businesses since it provides advanced users with collaboration features for improving workflow management.

Let’s see how this service works and what it has to offer:

How Does OpenDrive Work?

OpenDrive is mainly used as cloud storage, but it has cloud backup options too. It keeps your data in its remote cloudfor a monthly or yearly fee. Apart from that, you can use it for its collaboration and productivity tools.

Below in this OpenDrive cloud storage review, we present you with various plans and features intended for personal and business use.

Read on to see which options fit your needs and choose a plan that combines them all.

OpenDrive Features

From a simple one-user account to complex environments, OpenDrive storage for business and home has a solution for everyone.

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

OpenDrive works on the following devices:

  • PCs
  • Macs
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets
  • NAS devices
  • SAN devices
  • Servers

It supports all essential operating systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

File Sharing

The OpenDrive file-sharing process is effortless. Right-click on the file or folder, and the sharing options will pop up.

You can send a file link (URL) by email to anyone with an optional message.

Alternatively, you can copy the file link (URL) and share it with anyone. You can also enable file download or file streaming.

With the advanced sharing options, you can set a link expiration date and a maximum number of uses.

Backup and Sync

In the OpenDrive backup and sync manager, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the following options:

  • Backup—if you delete a file in one location, its copy will be kept in another.
  • Synchronization—it’s a two-way process: delete something in one location, and it will be gone from the other, too.
  • Move—is like a cut option: use the OpenDrive app to move files from one place to another, deleting them from the original location.
  • One-way mirror— it’s a one-way process that creates a mirror image in another location. If you delete a file from the original location, it will be deleted from the other, too, but not the other way around.

With OneDrive, you can schedule backups for a selected time of the day or run them on demand.

A pleasant discovery during our OpenDrive review research was that the program supports continuous and incremental backups, as well as block sync. This means that it only uploads new files and file changes, making the process faster and saving up storage space.

Productivity Tools

Using OpenDrive for business collaboration is easy. The software has built-in integration with the Zoho Office Suite(Writer, Show, Sheet). You can create and edit files directly in OpenDrive without leaving the app.

These productivity apps correspond to Microsoft Office’s Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. With Zoho Office Suite, you can import and export numerous file types, including .doc, .docx, .odt, .html, .ppt, .pptx, .ods, .txt, .xls, etc.

Although it does offer collaboration and productivity tools, the true strength of OpenDrive is its unlimited upload and storage capacity. If productivity tools are your number one need, you can check out our Google Drive review.


In addition to Zoho Office, OpenDrive integrates with Flamory, Jitterbit, Air Live Drive, and more.

With Flamory, you can create snapshots of web pages, edit screenshots, and save them to history. Jitterbit allows you to connect with other On-Premise, Cloud, and Social/Mobile Apps using different sources.

With Air Live Drive, you can use the cloud as a disk drive on your computer.

Ease of Use

OpenDrive app is extremely straightforward to install and even easier to use thanks to its simple user interface (UI). This applies to the web, desktop, and mobile app.

The UI is a bit outdated, but this won’t be an issue for users looking for a useful service rather than just shiny buttons.

The trouble begins if you want to uninstall OpenDrive—it’s not as straightforward as the installation process.

You cannot delete your account by yourself either—you need to contact support. Fortunately, there are detailed instructions on how to solve these issues in the knowledge base.

Still, its user-friendly platform and a large amount of available storage make OpenDrive a great home and business solution. Your OpenDrive app experience will be excellent whether you’re an individual without tech knowledge or own a small company owner that can’t afford an IT expert.

OpenDrive Personal vs Business Plans

We can find a little bit of everything in OpenDrive’s offer. There are PersonalBusiness, and Enterprise plans.

They all come with a 7-day free trial, but you have to request it as it’s not visible on the plan pricing web page.

OpenDrive also has a free plan that doesn’t require a credit card.

Personal Free vs Premium

For this OpenDrive review, we at Web Tribunal present in detail and compare the free and paid plans to help you find the best match for you.

Personal Plans

The Free Plan includes: 50 GB of online storage The file size is limited to 100 MB The bandwidth limit is 1 GB per day Auto syncing and backup Up to 5 notes to create and upload notes or notelists Up to 10 tasks for managing projects, tasks, lists, etc. One account owner plus one extra user All users share the same account for every plan, while the account owner manages the access.

By upgrading to the Personal Unlimited Plan for only $9.95 per month or $99 per year (for one user), you get: Unlimited storage Unlimited notes Unlimited file size, upload, and download Up to 99 versions of the same file Up to 10 tasks Up to 4 account users (charged by user)

With the Personal Custom Plan, you can create the best unlimited cloud storage conditions for you. It costs only $5 per month or $50 per year (for one user). It includes the following features, some of which can be upgraded:  500GB of online storage (you can purchase up to 100TB) Unlimited file size upload Storing media libraries of NAS/SAN devices The daily bandwidth limit is 25GB (you can purchase up to 5TB) One user The maximum number of users is 999 (each adds $1 to the price) Admin controls such as advanced admin console, managing user access, tracking activity, getting reports and statistics

Business Plans

The OpenDrive business pricing starts at $7 per month or $70 per year for the Custom Plan.

One difference between the Custom Personal and the Business plans is that the latter comes with company branding.

Let’s see what the other subscriptions for organizations offer.

Business Plans

This plan stats cheap, but it lets you add the tools you need, and that will increase the price.


Upgrading to this plan for only $29.95 per month or $299 per year will get you a lot of unlimited features: Unlimited online storage, notes, and tasks Admin controls such as advanced admin console, managing user access, tracking activity, getting reports and statistics 1,000 maximum users


The Reseller Plan costs $59.95 per month or $599 per year. It includes everything in the Business Plan, plus: Partner account, which allows you to resell OpenDrive and acquire more users Manage users through OpenDrive’s API or white-labeled WordPress Plugin

Get a Quote

You can customize features and create a plan suitable for your company. You can add an account representative and an engineering team to help you manage your account while you focus on your business. OpenDrive for Enterprises comes with unlimited cloud storage and some unique features like: Management of large amounts of data End-to-end encryption and encryption key Unlimited file & folder sharing Notifications about file changes Centralized console for managing user accounts The option to create and manage groups Complete company branding

OpenDrive Support

OpenDrive has a comprehensive knowledge base and an active community forum. Unfortunately, the phone number is hard to find and it lacks live chat support

We contacted support via email to share our first-hand experience in this comprehensive OpenDrive review.

After submitting several queries, we received an incomplete response the day after. We had to wait a few more hours for each additional question. The unpleasant experience didn’t end there—the replies were informal and impolite.

Considering that many actions require contacting customer service (requests for a free trial, upgrading, account deactivation), this can cause a lot of issues.

OpenDrive has to work on its support.

OpenDrive User Reviews

OpenDrive reviews by Reddit users mainly discuss whether the unlimited storage is really unlimited. Some users report experiencing bandwidth limitations when uploading more than 10 TB.

The terms of service are clear on this—personal and business accounts are billed for “normal” use. Any excessive use of storage can result in a terminated account. This really puts a limitation on “unlimited.”

If this sounds like a deal-breaker to you, you can check out some of the OpenDrive alternatives listed below.

However, there are plenty of positive user reviews praising the simple UI and ease of use. OpenDrive’s file sharing and backup service are deemed useful and efficient as well.

When to Use OpenDrive

OpenDrive is an easy-to-use software, convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the tech part of data storage.

OpenDrive may not be the best unlimited cloud storage, but it has many advantages. If you’re an individual who just needs a product for home use or a business owner looking for a simple cloud storage and backup solution, you can benefit from using this service.

The best part is you don’t need to be a tech expert to set and use OpenDrive. You don’t even need an IT team—OpenDrive will provide you with one with the enterprise plan.

OpenDrive Alternatives

In case you don’t think that OpenDrive is the right tool for you, check out its competitors:

OpenDrive vs Dropbox

Dropbox has more collaboration features and productivity tools and a 14-day free trial for business accounts.

However, it offers limited storage on all plans except the Business Advanced Plan.

OpenDrive is more suitable for a large number of users or large enterprises.

OpenDrive vs Egnyte

Egnyte is an excellent cloud platform that is entirely intended for business use. This makes OpenDrive the better solution for casual use.

Egnyte offers a 15-day free trial and live chat support, which OpenDrive lacks.

Still, OpenDrive’s unlimited storage option is hard to beat.

OpenDrive vs Google Drive

Both OpenDrive and Google Drive have offers for individuals, businesses, and enterprises.

Google Drive has a few more packages. But its free subscription comes with 15 GB of storage, while OpenDrive’s Free Plan has 50 GB.

Google Drive boasts powerful collaboration features and productivity tools. On the other hand, OpenDrive is better for keeping large amounts of data.

Final Verdict

If you need reliable cloud storage and backup service, then you should consider OpenDrive.

Our OpenDrive review demonstrates it is useful for both personal and business use. It is also one of the few cloud storage providers that let you share accounts on Personal plans. The customizable plans allow you to create your own OpenDrive suitable to your needs.

Whether you’re an individual looking for single-user cloud storage, a family with GBs of data, a midsize business with an extensive media library, or even a huge enterprise, OpenDrive will have the solution for you!

That said, if your company requires advanced collaboration and productivity tools, you’d be better off with one of its alternatives.

You might also encounter some issues when contacting support, but with its simple UI, you won’t need help that often.

Is OpenDrive good for business?

OpenDrive is an excellent solution for organizations that need large amounts of cloud storage. It offers plans for companies of all sizes, even for enterprises.

How secure is OpenDrive?

OpenDrive offers end-to-end encryption to its premium users. It requires them to have their own encryption key, which means no one—not even OpenDrive—can access their data.

How much does OpenDrive cost?

OpenDrive has a free plan, two personal packages, three business plans, and a customizable subscription for enterprises. Its pricing starts at $9.95/month and goes up to $59.95/month for one user.

For the full pricing list, go to the plan comparison section of this OpenDrive review.

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