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Here you will find the best solutions and services for anything tech-related. We tested and reviewed numerous tools and apps, from hosting providers to cloud storage solutions.

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Website Builders

Find the best platform for building a website without any coding! Free or paid solutions, niche or with broader appeal, we have reviews of the top site builders on the internet.


Servers, servers, servers - everything that happens online happens on a server. The website you like so much? Served up. Your fave social network? A cluster of servers. The game that makes you ignore your special one? Definitely on a server. Find out the best options when it comes down to hosting sites, games or applications in our in-depth analyses and rankings.

Cloud Storage

Death, taxes, and data loss are inevitable. Only that the latter doesn't have to be permanent. Discover the best cloud storage solutions and up your data management, online collaboration, and overall security by a large margin.


Discover the best ways to set up your online store in 2022. Be it a shopping cart, an ecommerce website builder, something more customizable like WooCommerce, or even a beast of an online shop running on Magento, we've got you covered. In-depth analyses and unbiased reviews reveal the best solutions for operation of any size.