What Is the Fastest Horse in Minecraft?

Updated · Aug 10, 2022

In Minecraft, horses are one of the most versatile animals. They’re helpful for transportation, farming, and combat.

There are several breeds of horses, each with its own unique abilities.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how horses differ in terms of speed and other skills and help you find the one that best suits your needs.

What Types of Minecraft Horses Can You Find?

You’ve most likely seen some horses roaming around in the wild.

However, the game offers a variety worth considering.

1. Regular Minecraft Horses

The first thing to note about horses is that they have different appearances. 

The regular horse can be one of seven colors:

  • White
  • Buckskin (creamy)
  • Flaxen chestnut
  • Bay (brown)
  • Black
  • Dapple gray
  • Dark bay (dark brown)

Additionally, besides the horse colors, in Minecraft there are five possible marking patterns:

  • No markings
  • Stockings and blaze
  • Paint
  • Snowflake appaloosa
  • Sooty

So, overall, they have 35 coat variations.

Also, each horse has varying health, movement speed, and jump height within certain margins.

Therefore, some can jump higher or run faster than others that appear the same.

2. Zombie Minecraft Horse

That’s the zombie version of regular horses, and they all look the same — with green skin and black eyes.

While these are the only passive undead mobs, they still can’t be tamed, saddled, and ridden.

However, you may use a summon command to spawn a tamed zombie horse to utilize for transportation.

All zombie horses have the same health, speed, and jump height values.

3. Skeleton Horse in Minecraft

That’s one of the rarest mobs. It’s another undead horse, but unlike the zombie variation, it can be tamed.

Skeleton horses have only one appearance available, and they can’t be fed and bred like their regular counterparts.

They always have the same health and speed stats, but the jump height varies.

Additionally, skeleton horses move freely in water of any depth, even with a rider on top.

4. Donkeys and Mules

While these aren’t Minecraft horse breeds, they’re in the same broad family.

Donkeys are brown-gray and allow to be saddled, armored, and equipped with chests.

Mules, on the other hand, are a cross between donkeys and horses and are brown with a dark-reddish coat. They can also have a saddle and a chest.

The stats of the mule depend on the characteristics of the parents, so fast horses have the chance to produce fast mules.

The donkey’s health is between 15 and 30, but the speed and the jump height remain the same.

Both animals do a good job for transportation and farming but aren’t as efficient as horses in battle.

What Is the Fastest Horse in Minecraft?

Now that we know what each of the different horse types is, let’s see how they rank in terms of speed.

  1. Donkeys and Mules

These animals have plenty of applications, but the fast movement isn’t their best side.

  • They run at 7.525 m/s.
  1. Skeleton and Zombie Horses

If you succeed in acquiring and taming an undead horse, it can be quite valuable.

  • They move at a max horse speed of 8.62 m/s.
  1. Regular Horses

The maximum speed of horses varies between 4.74 and 14.23 blocks/second.

  • The fastest horses in Minecraft move at 14.57 m/s, but the average one goes at 9.71 m/s.

How to Feed and Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

You need to mount the horse repeatedly to tame it. 

That happens by right-clicking on the animal while holding nothing or an unusable item in your hand.

After a few attempts, you should have made a new friend in the game.

As for food, horses, donkeys, and mules will accept any of the following items:

Feeding the animal will restore its health and make foals grow.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

Feeding tamed horses with golden apples or carrots will produce a foal.

The physical characteristics of the new horse are determined mainly by the parents, but they can also be random.

As for the health, speed, and jump height values, they’re the average of the parents’ stats.

So if you want to produce one of the fastest horses in Minecraft, you should carefully consider what the horses you have are best at.

There’s no way to see their stats, so the best way is to test them yourself.

To Wrap Up

Knowing what is the fastest horse in Minecraft can make your transportation easier and more efficient.

You may also opt for an undead horse, as sometimes they’ll be faster than a regular one.

However, a donkey or a mule is your best bet if you plan on moving items around.

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