13 Twitter Statistics for Flitter Through in 2023

Updated · May 20, 2023

Although Twitter is considered the “ugly cousin” of Facebook and Instagram, this social network shines where others fade. If you don’t believe us, these eye-opening Twitter statistics might change your mind.

On Monday, March 22, 2021, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, sold his first tweet at a digital auction for $2.9 million!

If these Twitter stats don’t make you jump up and down wondering why you’ve spent so much time reading articles about investments and financial advice, then nothing will.

But that’s not all. Tweets statistics show that people share more than 500 million tweets on a daily basis. That’s 500 million a day, 365 days a year.

Don’t waste your time doing the math. We’ll do it for you and share some truly amazing facts about Twitter below.

The Most Telling Twitter Statistics (Editor's Choice):

  • Twitter had 322 million monthly active users worldwide.
  • 500 million tweets go out every day of the year.
  • 6,000 tweets are posted every second.
  • 42% of all Twitter users graduated college.
  • 80% of users have tweeted something about a brand at least once.
  • 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter.
  • 26% of US users check their Twitter account several times a day.
  • 42% of all registered Twitter users visit the platform daily.

Twitter Statistics for 2022—Interesting Facts You Should Know

Since the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in in 2020, social networks have been growing in popularity faster than usual. Twitter is one of the social media platforms that benefited from the quarantine.

People had to stay inside and find something to pass the time. Be it Netflix, Twitch, or a social network—everybody was online.

The following Twitter stats will give you a better understanding of how social networks actually work.

1. 322 million people use Twitter every month.

(Source: Statista)

If you were ever wondering how many users does Twitter have, here's your answer.

Just to give you an idea of what that number represents—that’s close to the entire US population. On just one social network.

If this sounds impressive, imagine how you can use these Twitter statistics for business purposes. When a platform has hundreds of millions of users, you can rest assured that advertisers will quickly buy up all that available ad space.

2. 500 million tweets are sent out every day of the year.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Twitter brings out the best and the worst in people. But in the end, isn’t that what all social networks do?

With 500 million tweets sent out every day, you can expect a few bad apples. But we’d rather focus on the positive and funny tweets.

Here’s a fun fact. Twitter statistics show that the number of people tweeting about cooking has grown by 300% during the pandemic.

There are around 500,000 tweets about cooking posted every day. Out of these, 29,000 are about chocolate.

3. 6,000 tweets have been posted this second.

(Source: David Sayce)

While you were reading this article’s title, around 18,000 tweets were posted online. That is if it took you 3 seconds to read “13 Twitter Statistics for the upcoming years.”

How do we at HostingTribunal know that? The answer is quite simple. According to the latest stats about Twitter, nearly 6,000 tweets are posted each second. Multiply that by three and you get 18,000 tweets in the blink of an eye.

Sure, most tweets go unnoticed, but this still gives us a pretty good idea of just how many people are on Twitter.

Let’s Dig Into Some Twitter Followers Statistics

When you look at the top Twitter accounts, you’ll see familiar names like Barack Obama (130 million followers), Justin Bieber (114 million followers), and Katy Perry (110 million followers).

These accounts are more popular than Twitter itself. Stats show that the official Twitter account is ranked 16th with “only” 59 million followers.

On average, Twitter followers are a staple of your online reputation. This means that Justin Bieber has almost twice the influence on Twitter, as opposed to, well, Twitter.

4. 42% of all Twitter users have completed their higher education.

(Source: Journalism.org)

That means that almost half of the average number of followers on Twitter have a higher education degree of some sort. Another 33% of users have at least started college.

That’s a higher percentage than you’ll find on most social networks (except LinkedIn with 56%).

According to the same source, only 25% of all platform users have no college education. Not bad if you ask us.

5. 80% of Twitter accounts have tweeted something about a brand at least once.

(Source: Brand Watch)

According to Brand Watch, around 80% of Twitter accounts have mentioned a brand name in their tweets at least once.

Based on the same Twitter traffic stats, 77% of those users see the brand they’ve mentioned in a more positive light if they receive a reply.

But what does that mean for Twitter’s active users? It means that people want their voices to be heard. Even if their problem can’t be solved with a simple reply, they still appreciate the engagement.

Twitter Users Demographics Are Nothing Short of Spectacular

Twitter may not be the world’s leading platform in terms of the number of total users. It lacks the flashiness and glamour Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok bring to the social media game.

But where it lacks in quantity, Twitter more than compensates in quality. You may have heard that Twitter’s losing users or that the company needs to find better ways to monetize the platform.

A simple look at the Twitter traffic stats will open your eyes to the scope and importance of this social network.

6. 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter.

(Source: PR News Wire)

A study conducted by PR News Wire brought to light these extremely interesting facts about Twitter. Around 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter. And guess what? Most of the time, it’s actually them tweeting.

Sure, they have PR and communication teams behind them, but the device they’re tweeting from is usually in their very own hands.

The fact that Twitter has so many political leaders present on its platform means that it’s a well-respected and established social network.

Twitter statistics show that the platform is more popular among democratic leaders. Only seven of the democracies aren’t using Twitter, which means that the other 91.5% of leaders are active users.

7. 26% of US Twitter users check their accounts several times a day.

(Source: Business of Apps)

These Twitter stats reflect how our day-to-day life is impacted. People form an opinion from the news tweets they read and they talk about them with their friends or retweet them, thus spreading the message.

Twitter influences your daily activities even if you don’t have an account. The trending information on Twitter is bound to reach your ears, even if you’re not actively seeking it out.

8. 70% of Twitter users are male.

(Source: Hootsuite)

Only 30% of Twitter users worldwide are female. Twitter stats are far more equitable in the US, where males amount for 54% and females for 46% of the platform’s user database.

In the distribution of Twitter users by age, the largest segment is 25 to 49-years old individuals with 57%. Men outnumber women across all age groups.

Twitter’s Market Share Can Be Described as Quality Over Quantity

Twitter statistics clearly show that this social network doesn’t have the most users and it’s not the most profitable either.

But this does not mean that it isn’t influential. Judging by the number of tweets per day, users compensate with high activity.

Let’s go through the data to see how this is backed up.

9. 42% of all registered Twitter users visit the platform daily.

(Source: Omnicore Agency)

This high level of engagement is not something a lot of websites or apps can brag about. Having a strong core of users, even if not that many, means a lot more than having a large user database with zero activity.

Plus, the number of Twitter accounts is not small. It’s still in the hundreds of millions, but it pales compared to the top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube.

10. The first tweet ever posted by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, was auctioned for $2.9 million.

(Source: BBC)

Twitter made the headlines all over the world with this spectacular announcement. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, just sold his first tweet ever for a whopping $2.9 million at an online auction held on March 22, 2021.

The message posted by Jack Dorsey in his first tweet, which dates back to March 21, 2006, was “just setting up my twttr.” Those simple words are worth millions 15 years later—a great illustration of Twitter’s growth rate.

The tweet was purchased by Malaysia-based businessman Sina Estavi who compared his new acquisition to Mona Lisa. He paid with Ether—the world’s second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

All the money raised will be given to charity, according to Jack Dorsey.

11. Audio tweets will take off in 2022.

(Source: Get Plus Followers)

Audio tweets were launched back in 2020, but they still haven’t gained popularity. With the increasing interest in this form of communication, though, it seems like this is about to change.

Just take a look at the growth of podcast services and the recent launch of ClubHouse—a new social network focused on audio-only content.

12. 100 million users listened to podcasts monthly in 2020.

(Source: Forbes)

Forbes estimated that by 2022, this number would go all the way up to 125 million monthly listeners. 

What does that have to do with Twitter stats?

We live in a very fast-paced environment and people prefer this form of communication more than ever. This rising interest in podcasts is an excellent demonstration of the popularity of audio content. 

Audio tweets are promising because they don’t require as much attention as text, photo, or video content. You can listen to them while you’re driving or walking down the street.

13. 71% of US Twitter members use the platform as a source of news.

(Source: Finances Online)

Twitter ranks second, preceded only by Facebook with 73%.

Given that Facebook is the world’s leading social network, that comes as no surprise. Still, the fact that most world leaders use Twitter as one of their primary communication platforms gives it more credibility.

Wrap Up

Contrary to the beliefs of some people, Twitter statistics show that the platform is on the rise. But no matter how much we look at the numbers, we still don’t know exactly what to expect.

The chances are that it will re-establish its relevance. While we wait to see what it has in store for us, take advantage of the knowledge you gained and boost your business.

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