16 Remarkable Roblox Facts to Make You Say Oof in 2023

Updated · Mar 06, 2023

A pandemic is normally a horrible thing. For Roblox, though, it was a godsend.

Initially released in 2006, the game became big over a decade later when made available on AppStore and PlayStore. And Roblox is quite something—its player count rivals that of Fortnite.

In 2020, it skyrocketed in popularity, more than doubling its user base.

Read along to learn more about exactly how popular Roblox is and what lies ahead.

The Most Amazing Roblox Facts in 2022 (Editor’s Choice)

  • 202 million people play Roblox every month.
  • 1.5 million are playing as you are reading this.
  • 72% of Roblox players enjoy it on their phones.
  • Roblox has accrued 437 million downloads just on mobile platforms.
  • It’s the single most popular game for kids and teens.
  • Every two out of three children aged 9-12 in the USA are playing it.
  • In-game spending earned Roblox nearly $1 billion in 2020 alone.

Some Key Roblox Information to Start With

To call Roblox a ‘game’ would be unfair, for it is not one, but dozens of millions of games in one. It’s a game platform, and what’s more, it’s a game creation platform that anybody can use.

This begs a certain question, doesn’t it? 

1. How many games are in Roblox?

(Source: VG247)

At least 40 million. There you go.

Though, they are called ‘experiences’ in Roblox lingo. Oh, and we did the math for you—even if you spent only one minute in each game before moving on to the next one, it’d still take you 40 million minutes, or or 666,666 hours to finish. That equals 76 years.

If you’d like to eat and sleep from time to time as well that would make it a total of 150 years. 

A lifetime would not suffice to play through the whole catalog.

(Source: GameRant)

Adopt Me! was first a game where one player took on the role of a child, another—of an adoptive parent. Now, it’s more about collectible pets.

You can also trade those pets with other players. It’s really Pokemon meets a trading card game sort of thing.

Kids loved it decades ago, they love it now. Adopt Me! has been accessed 25 billion times so far. It’s also responsible for several concurrent players records on Roblox, including the most recent one—1.92 million, in April 2021.

3. Roblox has seen its revenue skyrocket since 2018.

(Source: Roblox)

It made $45 million in 2017, a number that jumped up to $335 million in 2018.

The pandemic gave it another boost, bringing the company’s revenue for 2020 to a whopping $920 million. It reported $1.35 billion in revenue in the first three quarters of 2021 alone. Roblox’s earnings are a different matter though; the company has yet to become profitable, having reported a net loss of $74 million for Q3 2021. 

4. Roblox Corporation (RBLX) has a market cap of $56.6 billion.

(Source: YahooFinance)

This ranks it as the 312th most valuable company in the world. To think that just a year ago it wasn’t even in the Top 500…

Roblox Players in Numbers

We are sure you’ve wondered this or that… Like, how many Roblox players are there?

What do you say, does Roblox have more players than Minecraft?

Read on and you’ll find out!

5. 202 million people play Roblox every month.

(Source: Backlinko)

Two things to keep in mind: first, we’re talking about a 15-year-old game; second, Roblox has twenty times more active players now than it did back in 2016.

6. 1,500,000 are playing as you read this.

(Source: PlayerCounter)

More than 20% of them (around 300,000) are from the USA. Brazil is in second place with 7.85%, third are Russians (6.09%).

7. Roblox is bigger than Minecraft.

(Source: WindowsCentral)

As you now know, Roblox broke the 200 million mark in terms of monthly players in 2021.

Another popular game, one that everybody sure knows, Minecraft, sits at about 140 million monthly users. By all accounts, it’s doing great—just not Roblox great.

8. As of Q2 2021, Roblox had approximately 43.2 million daily players.

(Source: Roblox)

12.1 million of them are based in the US and Canada.

Just three years ago, only ~10 million people logged in every day. That number grew to 17.6 million in 2019, and to 32.6 million in 2020.

If this trend remains, Roblox’ player count in 2022 could easily reach more than 50 million per day.

9. Roblox aficionados spent a combined 30.59 billion hours in-game in 2020.

(Source: Roblox)

An inconceivable amount of time that is rising as we speak!

Players have already enjoyed a total of nearly 20 billion hours of Roblox just over the first half of 2021.

Fun fact: The average user plays for 156 minutes (or 2 hours 36 minutes) every day!

10. How many downloads does Roblox have?

(Source: PocketGamer)

437 million. Mobile gaming is big!

328 million of them (75%) came from Android.

That said, in terms of player spending, the AppStore reigns supreme at 73%, despite iOS players representing just 25% of the game’s playerbase.

We now know to whom Roblox owes its $56 billion net worth.

11. Roblox developers made $328 million in 2020.

(Source: Backlinko)

‘Developers’ here doesn’t mean the studio behind Roblox; it refers to players who develop games (‘experiences’) within Roblox for others to enjoy. 

Sounds intriguing, right?

However, do you know how many Roblox accounts there are who create content? 9.5 million.

Only 1 million of them earned anything at all.

12. 32 Roblox developers are millionaires.

(Source: Backlinko)

To be more precise, 29 creators have earned $1 million or more, and three have earned $10 million or more.

960,000 of them only made between $0 and $1,000. 

Fun fact: Most creators receive their earnings as Robux—Roblox currency they can only use in-game. However, 3,800 qualify to convert all of that sweet Robux to real-world currency. So, yes, you could earn money by playing video games!

Roblox Demographics: A World Full of Children

If you consider yourself a gamer and follow game-related news, you’ve probably heard of Roblox. However, unless you are a very specific type of gamer, chances are you don’t know too much about it. Maybe you even think it’s about robots (spoiler: it’s not).

It’s a title that tends to stay a bit out of the mainstream in terms of coverage despite being extremely mainstream itself.

So who plays Roblox?


In fact, most kids.


13. Every two out of three children aged 9-12 in the USA are playing it.

(Source: Statista)

We weren’t kidding! This is also the largest age group in Roblox, comprising 29% of all players. Kids under 9 make up 25% of the Roblox population.

(Source: TheVerge)

More than half of all American children aged 16 or under are playing it.

Before the pandemic, about a third did. Guess it’s a great way to keep in touch when you can’t actually go out and play.

Fun fact: Roblox is clearly targeting the young age demographic, but it does have older fans, too. Those aged over 25 make up 14% of the Roblox player count.

15. Users spend an average of $15 on Robux monthly.

(Source: Backlinko)

Robux (the virtual currency players use in-game) can be purchased for real money.

The company made $1.24 billion from virtual spending in 2020. In 2021, Robux generated $1.31 billion just in the first half of the year.

16. Players based in the US and Canada bought the most Robux in 2020.

(Source: Roblox)

Even though they make up less than a third of the playerbase, American and Canadian players generated two-thirds of all Robux sales in 2020.

Players from the remaining ~180 countries represented in the game were responsible for just 32% of all in-game spending.

Wrap Up

Well, this brings our Roblox fun facts article to a close.

As you’ve likely noticed, many online games have gotten significantly bigger since the start of the pandemic, and no wonder—they are a natural way to stay in touch with friends.

So is Roblox still going to be popular in 2022? With lockdowns reappearing throughout the world—most probably, yes.

Much more than a game, in a way, it’s even a metaverse—a pretty hot word right now. So you can bet it’s only going up in the near future.

That said, what words we use to describe it doesn’t matter too much—what does matter is that we have fun. And while Roblox player count statistics might be fun to read, playing is much better.

So get back in there and experience another of its millions of… experiences!

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