27+ Reddit Statistics You Need To Know in 2023

Updated · May 20, 2023

AWhen you hear Reddit, what comes to your mind? Forums, discussions, videos, memes—basically the whole nine yards of social networking, right?

This social sharing site is very different from Facebook, Twitter, and other traditional social media giants, as you will see from our collection of Reddit statistics.

Whether you’re a marketer or a curious reader, you will find plenty of useful and interesting Reddit traffic stats. We will take a look at some general data about the platform’s recent evolution; then, we’ll tackle user demographics.

Finally, we at Hosting Tribunal will present to you the most recent Reddit trends to help you design your marketing strategy for the upcoming years.

Let’s look deeper into these Reddit interesting facts, shall we?

Fascinating Facts

  • 430 million users are active monthly on Reddit.
  • More than 150 million different pages on Reddit are viewed every day.
  • Reddit is the 9th most visited website in the US.
  • External links are the cornerstone of its content.
  • There are over 2 million subreddits—also known as “communities.”
  • Among those, the number of active communities reaches 130,000.
  • 22% of Reddit users are young adults aged 18-29.
  • Nearly 50% of its users are from the US.
  • 82% of the Gen-Z users trust Reddit when learning about new products.
  • More males than females use the platform.

Reddit Statistics 2022—Traffic, Content, Subreddits

Reddit is a user-driven platform with an emphasis on community engagement, discussions, and user-generated content rather than advertising. Then why should you still keep an eye on this website as a marketer? The answer lies in the Reddit stats that follow.

1. 430 million worldwide users are active on Reddit monthly.

(Source: Oberlo)

How many users does Reddit have? Data from 2019 shows that 430 million people worldwide enter Reddit every month. This represents a 30% increase from the previous year when the mark of 330 million users was hit.

2. Reddit became the 9th most used website in the US.

(Source: Ahrefs)

Moving on through our collection of Reddit fun facts, we learn that the website has earned its spot among the ten most popular websites in the US. However, on the global scene, it drops down to 20th place.

3. There are over 2 million different subreddits.

(Source: Oberlo)

How many subreddits are there in 2022? Their number is growing rapidly and it’s hard to predict what it will be at the end of the year. But Reddit Metrics from 2020 shows that it is roughly 2.2 million.

4. From the total number of subreddits, 130,000 are active.

(Source: Oberlo)

An active community is considered one that receives more than five comments per day. That said, it comes as no surprise that only 130,000 from the 2.2 million are in that count.

If you, as a marketer, want to leverage the active user base, the best way is to engage genuinely with the community. Make sure your Reddit posts do not come across as too “promotional”—the community won’t tolerate that.

(Source: FoundationInc)

The ideal range is somewhere in the middle. The length of the titles of the topmost upvoted posts on Reddit is between 60 and 80 characters.

6. Reddit is visited more than 21 billion times a month!

(Source: HubSpot)

The site receives around 21 billion screen views per month. If you are paying attention to our awesome list of Reddit statistics, you’ll know how to capitalize on that.

Now it’s time to pay more attention to content-related stats.

(Source: FoundationInc)

Reddit statistics show that users want to explore new websites and content appealing to their interests. For that reason, posts containing external links receive over 16,000 more upvotes than those with text only.

8. Out of all adults who are online, 6% use Reddit!

(Source: Pew Research Center)

Picture it that way—6 out of every 100 adults staring at their phones or laptops on the subway are browsing through Reddit.

What is even more remarkable is the percentage of young adult users in the US. But we’ll talk more about Reddit user stats later.

9. Reddit has almost 21 billion page views per month.

(Source: DMR)

That’s right, you’ve read it correctly—21 billion. And if that doesn’t sound impressive, it’s time for a Reddit history lesson. In 2008, the same website had below 2 million users. Now that’s what we call fast growth.

10. Reddit receives over 150 million page views per day.

(Source: QuickSprout)

If you didn’t have a clear idea about the immensity of this site until now, you should be convinced of its potential by now (and of the utility of our all-important Reddit stats).

11. 70% of all video views on Reddit come from mobile devices.

(Source: Variety)

The majority of video consumers on Reddit prefer watching their favorite content on the smartphone—70% of them, to be precise.

Reddit statistics show that people watching videos on the platform also spend twice as much time on the site as other users. It sounds like video content might be a safe horse to bet on, don’t you think?

12. Mondays and weekends are the best times to post on Reddit.

(Source: Xcart)

If you are a morning person, then you are in luck—Reddit’s stats show that users prefer to browse their favorite platform in the morning.

The most popular times are Mondays between 6:00 am and 8:00 am, Saturdays between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, and Sundays until noon. You know the saying: The early mole digs the deepest hole!

Reddit User Demographics

Before diving deeper into the Reddit demographics, it’s important to know that Reddit is most popular among Millennials and Gen Zers. They often use the platform to learn about new products.

If you market your brand correctly, you can easily turn this interest into profit. Let’s see what we can learn from the following Reddit user statistics:

13. 22% of Reddit users are in the 18-29 age group.

(Source: TechJunkie)

As anticipated, the majority of users on this platform consist of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29. Moreover, 14% of users aged 30 to 49 were also regularly navigating Reddit. So it's safe to assume the majority of the platform’s user base is on the younger side.

(Source: Marketing Charts)

The demographics of Reddit show that nearly 25% of adults between the ages of 25 and 29 in the US use this platform. This is a huge percentage in comparison to the 6% of users over 50, for instance.

15. Almost half of Reddit users come from the US.

(Source: Statista)

More precisely, 49.69%—according to desktop traffic data from September 2020.

Next on the list are Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany, in this order. English-speaking countries are clearly dominant on the platform. Reddit account stats are proof of that.

16. 51% of Gen Zers are fans of the user-driven approach of Reddit.

(Source: RedditBlog)

What makes the platform special, according to Gen Z users, is the opportunity to create authentic content, share what you like with other Redditors, engage with them and comment on various matters. 

17. 82% of Gen Z Redditors trust the platform when exploring new products.

(Source: HubSpot)

Reddit traffic statistics show that the overwhelming majority of Gen Z users trust this platform when researching new products. This number surpasses social media platforms by a lot. It’s outperformed only by Google (85%) and Amazon (86%).

18. Almost half of Reddit users have completed their higher education.

(Source: Pew Research Center)

If you decide to enter Reddit’s marketing game, you’ll be dealing with highly educated individuals—42% of them have a college degree. Other interesting facts about Reddit show that 40% of users have at least started their college education and 18% have finished high school.

19. There are 2.1 million atheists on Reddit.

(Source: TechJunkie)

If you know how many people are on Reddit, you can grasp the significance of this number—2.1 million of them are subscribed to the main subreddit dedicated to atheist content.

Despite having many Christian users, Reddit gains a lot of activity from the atheist side. At least, this is what the subreddit traffic stats are telling us.

20. 70% of Reddit users are white non-Hispanic.

(Source: TechJunkie)

White non-Hispanic adults are the predominant majority on Reddit, followed by Hispanics with 12% and African Americans with 7%.

21. 35% of Redditors earn at least $75,000/year.

(Source: Pew Research Center)

Apart from having generally high education, a significant part of users on Reddit is also relatively wealthy. This might affect your marketing approach quite a bit.

22. 15% of males are US Reddit users.

(Source: Statista)

Reddit traffic statistics from 2019 show that 15% of men from a sample of US residents use Reddit. As a comparison, only 8% of females stated that they browse the site.

Marketing on Reddit is likely to be a tricky (but lucrative) adventure. One of the challenges is that Reddit users often report promotional content focused on sales, flagging it as spam.

So is it worth investing your time and money in this platform? We will now present some Reddit stats that show the future trends on the platform:

23. Some of the fastest-growing communities are based on memes.

(Source: FrontPageMetrics)

Even though the future of your brand is not a joke, you can make it look like one. As we can see from the latest Reddit mind-blowing facts, the “meme industry” was on the top of its game in 2020—more than 16,000 new users subscribed to the /r/memes subreddit. Now’s the time to step up your humor-based marketing strategies.

(Source: RedditBlog)

Reddit stats show that by the end of 2018, technology communities on Reddit experienced a YoY increase of 24% in total engagement. They had considerably more comments, posts, and votes. This was only the beginning—so use this knowledge wisely!

25. Health and fitness become cooler by the year on Reddit.

(Source: RedditBlog)

Subreddit activity stats show that the interest in health-related topics grew by 43% between 2017 and 2018. The communities continue to grow in number and size. This may attract your attention if your business is fitness-related.

26. Reddit dropped from 3rd to 6th place in the US in two years.

(Source: Alexa)

Not all predictions are optimistic. For example, between 2018 and 2020, the platform dropped three places from the top most visited websites in the US. And this trend continues—Reddit was in the 7th position in 2021, coming in after giants like Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

But let’s get into the Reddit weird facts—it actually depends on how you measure its popularity. Alexa ranks the sites based on a combination of daily visits and pageviews over the past month. But if you judge Reddit’s popularity by the average monthly organic traffic, it drops to 9th place.

27. The platform’s ad revenue is growing surely and steadily.

(Source: Backlinco)

The history of Reddit shows that the platform reached $119 million in ad revenue in 2019. The site is predicted to nearly double its revenue by 2022—arriving at the $212.5 million figure.

28. Engagement is growing at fast rates on Reddit!

(Source: SocialMediaToday)

According to recent Reddit post stats, monthly comments had a 37% increase YoY between 2018 and 2019. We can expect these rates to be even higher as the site develops and the user base is growing.

29. Interest in subreddits about beauty and style has also gone up.

(Source: SocialMediaToday)

And more on subreddit activity stats—during the same time span (2018-2019), the number of beauty and style subscribers has grown by 63% and 52%  YoY, respectively. If your business is somehow related to these domains, you can take advantage of the continuous growth of such communities.

(Source: SocialMediaToday)

Food is another popular topic on Reddit, with a solid 35% YoY increase in subscribers across the top 50 food communities on the site. The last few Reddit facts show these are continuous trends. So keep that in mind—it might be useful if you market products in any of these industries.


So there you have it: 30 of the most interesting Reddit statistics that will help you build your marketing strategy. Although users on Reddit are by no means an easy target—as you could see from these facts—you still take advantage of one of the fastest-growing sites on the Internet right now.

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