How to Whisper in Minecraft?

Updated · Apr 28, 2022

In Minecraft, players can communicate with each other by typing messages into the chatbox.

However, sometimes you may want to talk to someone without disturbing others or attracting attention to yourself.

In these cases, you can send a Minecraft whisper only to the player specified rather than broadcasting it to everyone in the game.

Chat Commands in Minecraft

Chat commands are incredibly useful, as you can do anything from changing the game mode to spawning mobs and items.

They also allow players to interact, express emotions, trade, and much more.

If you want to send a private message on Minecraft, there are several ways to do that. Keep in mind that the syntax varies a bit depending on the edition.

How to Whisper in Minecraft?

To talk to people, you have to open the chatbox, use the appropriate whisper command in Minecraft, and add the name of the player you want to address.

You'll need to type "/tell", "/msg", and "/w", depending on the server, to send private messages. You can also add a target selector to text:

"@a" — all present players

"@p" — the closest player

"@r" — a random player

"@s" — yourself

In contrast, your texts can be seen by everyone in the world with the "/say" command. 

Let's see how to do it in the different Minecraft editions.

To Whisper in Minecraft Bedrock and Java

  • Open the chatbox by pressing "T" 
  • Type the command:  "/tell", "/msg", or "/w" [player] [message]
  • Press "Enter" to send

Don't forget to replace [player] with the name of the person you want to contact and [message] with whatever you want to tell them.

For example, if you want to whisper "I need some Redstone" to Nick, you should type: "/w Nick I need some Redstone."

Nick will receive: "Your Player Name" whispers to you: I need some Redstone.

To Send a Minecraft Whisper on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

  • Press D-pad (right) on the controller to open chat in Minecraft Xbox and PS4 or the arrow button for Nintendo Switch
  • Press "X"
  • Type the command:  "/tell", "/msg", or "/w" <player name/target> <message>
  • Press "X" to send

Like with PC and Mac editions, if you want to ask Nick for some Redstone, just type "/w Nick I need some Redstone," and he'll be sure to get your request.

To Whisper in Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Press the chat icon
  • Type "/tell", "/msg", or "/w" <player name/target> <message>
  • Press the button with the arrow to send

Similar to the other devices, your whisper would look like "/w Nick I need some Redstone."

To Privately Chat in Minecraft Education Edition

  • Open the chatbox by pressing "T" 
  • Type the command:  "/tell", "/msg", or "/w" <player name/target> <message>
  • Press "Enter" to send

The message to your friend would be: "/w Nick I need some Redstone."

To Wrap Up

Now you know how to whisper in Minecraft and can send out all the secret messages you want.

Remember that the commands may vary slightly depending on the server and edition, but the general idea is always the same.

Try it out next time you're in a game!

Marina Stanisheva
Marina Stanisheva

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