How to Make a Chest in Minecraft?

Updated · Apr 15, 2022

In Minecraft, chests offer the most convenient way to store and organize your items. So, learning how to make them will open up a lot of space in your inventory.

Chests are also essential for keeping your resources and tools safe while you're out exploring. Plus, they're easy to craft.

Below, we'll show you, step by step, how to create different chest types and use them effectively.

What Can You Do With a Minecraft Chest?

The regular wooden chest in Minecraft can contain up to 27 stacks of items. You can use it to store food, weapons, armor, and other important things. It's a great way to organize all resources and tools you gathered or crafted.

For example, you can keep your raw materials in one chest, weapons in another, and tools in a third. That will help you find the items you need quickly and easily.

Additionally, valuables like gold ingots, diamonds, and emeralds will be protected from mobs. A chest in Minecraft can also be used to decorate your home when placed next to beds, in living rooms, or in libraries.

Another perk is that if you decide to move, chests can be used for the transportation of your possessions.

How to Make a Chest in Minecraft?

Now that you know the benefits of these storage boxes, let's see how to make them following the straightforward Minecraft chest recipe:

1. Gather Wood

Any type of wood you have around you will do the job — oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, etc. You can get wood blocks by breaking trees with your hand or, more efficiently, using an ax.

2. Make Wood Planks

The next step is to turn the wood blocks into planks using your crafting grid or table. You'll get four planks out of one block, so keep going until you have eight.

3. Use the Chest Crafting Recipe

Place the eight planks on the crafting table in a square shape leaving the center slot empty. That's it — you've just made your first Minecraft chest!

How to Make a Minecraft Double Chest?

You can upgrade a regular chest to provide more space if you want to. To do that, place two single chests side by side on the ground. They’ll combine into a large chest that can store up to 54 stacks of items.

What Is the Trapped Chest Minecraft Recipe?

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your valuables, you can make a trapped chest. It emits a weak Redstone signal that increases over time when a thief opens it. It can be used to trigger different contraptions that may kill the intruder.

To make a trapped chest in Minecraft, place a regular chest and a tripwire hook next to each other on the crafting table.

How to Craft an Ender Chest?

Ender chests are made with obsidian, which is the strongest block in the game. They’re especially convenient as the items in one Ender chest can be accessed from another one in a different location.

You’ll need eight obsidian blocks and one Eye of Ender to make an Ender chest.  Place the obsidian on the crafting table in the same pattern as the wood for a regular chest and add the Eye in the middle slot.

How to Move an MC Chest?

Once your chest is placed where you want it and filled with items, it can't be moved. If you break it, the contents will spill on the ground. However, you can give your tamed mule, donkey, or llama a chest to carry.

To do that, right-click on the animal while having the chest in your hand. Then you can ride it and use the extra storage space on the go.

Keep in mind that the Minecraft chest capacity depends on the strength of the llama, while for donkeys and mules is 15 slots. Also, the only way to get the chest back is to kill the animal carrying it.

Alternatively, you may craft a Minecart with a chest that holds up to 27 stacks of items. However, in order for it to move, you'll need to construct a railway.

What Can You Craft With a Chest in Minecraft?

There are a few other things you can make using chests as ingredients: 

  • A hopper is a block that can collect or transfer items in and out of a container.
  • A shulker box is a portable chest that can store up to 27 stacks of items.
  • A boat with a chest offers a fast way to travel across water bodies with your belongings.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, knowing how to make a chest in Minecraft is handy for storage, transportation, and sometimes, even decoration.

With a few ingredients, you can make different types of chests to suit your needs. 

So get crafting and make the most out of that storage space.

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