How to Get Flint in Minecraft?

Updated · Mar 04, 2023

In Minecraft, certain materials will help you progress with more ease. Flint is one of them.

It has many applications, from crafting arrows to lighting fires, so you'll see that it can be quite valuable.

Below, we'll explain everything you should know about flint and how to obtain it and craft with it.

What Is Flint in Minecraft?

Flint is a relatively common mineral found in the Overworld.

Its only use is as a crafting component for several essential items.

Flint isn't hard to come by, but it requires patience and luck to gather much of it.

Let's see the possible ways to obtain this material.

How to Get Flint in Minecraft?

You may opt for any of the three available options to acquire the resource.

1. Mining Gravel

Gravel spawns naturally in beaches, rivers, windswept gravelly hills, and some underwater biomes.

Every block has a 10% possibility of containing flint, and while that's not particularly efficient, it's the only way to mine it.

So, even though it might take a while, you should keep grinding in Minecraft until you gather as much flint as you need.

You can increase your chances by enchanting your tool with Fortune; the higher level enchantment you apply, the better the odds are.

In fact, with Fortune III, you'll certainly get flint from every gravel block.

2. Trading With Villagers

Perhaps the fastest way to get flint in Minecraft is purchasing it from novice-level fletcher villagers.

  • In Java, there's about a 66% chance to exchange ten blocks of gravel and an emerald for ten pieces of flint.
  • In Bedrock, the odds are at 50%.

3. Exploring the Open World

Finally, you have a varying chance to find naturally-generated flint in Minecraft in chests in a couple of places.

You can gather your friends before heading out, as the Overworld could be pretty hostile and dangerous. 

  • Ruined portal — 46.4%
  • Fletcher's chests in villages — 55.8%

What Can You Make With Flint in Minecraft?

Now that we've covered how to obtain flint let's take a look at some of the things that you'll be able to craft with it.


To craft a Minecraft arrow, you'll need to collect flint, sticks, and feathers. 

Once you do, open your crafting table and arrange the materials in the following pattern:

  • Flint in the middle of the first row
  • Stick in the middle of the second row
  • Feather in the middle of the third row

Flint and Steel

This tool is quite useful as it can light up fires.

As the name gives away, its recipe calls for only two materials.

  • Iron ingot in the first slot of the second row
  • Flint in the middle of the second row

Fletching Table

Another one of the flint uses in Minecraft is to make a fletcher's job site block. It doesn't have any other function but to give a profession to an unoccupied villager.

To craft it, place in the crafting grid:

  • Flint in the first and second slots of the first row
  • Wooden plank in the first and second slots of the second and third rows

To Wrap Up

As you see, knowing how to get flint in Minecraft can prove helpful in your adventures.

That way, you'll be able to craft arrows and other tools to make your survival easier.

With its help, you'll also be able to give one of your villagers a valuable profession.

Marina Stanisheva
Marina Stanisheva

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